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NS Art Summary 2014 by NasikaSakura NS Art Summary 2014 by NasikaSakura
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Yearly synopsis:

Even just barely~

This year, I posted little art due to a rather heavy school load (I took the most units that I've had at once this year), and struggles still learning how to live happy after the things that happened the year before. Many of the art featured in this meme were the only picture that I made the whole month ( January, May, September, November, and December).

In April, I did my first charity drive towards the BrosSavetheChildren charity drive. It felt really good to do, and it pushed me to make more chibis (whcih pleased me).

In May, I uploaded a few pages of Blood & Sugar to comlete the chapter, but not the whole comic. There's still at least one more chapter to go, and I hope to finish it before summer 2015 so that I may sell it at *drum roll please* . . . my first Artist Alley booth!

I did however develop "Baby" and Rem quite a bit. "Baby" even became the mascot of my new group Cute-in-a-Cup in mid July .
Ramble time: I made it to be able to learn how to run a contest and how to host events to better help one of my favorite groups that I admined in since its opening because even though the Founder thought it was a good idea to after I suggested it, none of us knew how, and it would be safer to try in a small group first. The same day I opened Cute-in-a-Cup however, I got kicked out of the other one with a very nasty Note from the founder, and you know what... I think it's better this way. I had a lot of difficulties, stress, and depression spawning from that previous group. I loved it dearly, but I felt like I was the only one working hard and the other admins weren't all too kind, nor professional, were barely ever voting, were corrupt when they did do something, and it hurt me both to receive it and see it happen to other deviants. The Founder even covered up kicking me out to say that they  were "cleaning out inactive admins" and hid my goodbye to the group members in the comments section (that didn't explain anything about how they treated me nor the corruption either) then banned me. And, of coure, after I was gone, the group became dead. So, rather than functioning to help the previous group as an experiment, it became my new beloved cute community. <3

My group hit over 600 members by the end of December (5 months)!
I am very happy and proud!
I also used Photoshop and Illustrator for the first times this year.
I hate the pen tool...
But I made an awesome first professional portfolio, so, yay.

I remembered how much I surprised myself when I finished my Rem picture for October. I really felt that I had improved up to that point, particularly with colors, despite not being able to draw much. It really shocked and pleased me!

I ALSO GOT KISSED BY THE ORIGINAL ENGLISH DUB TUXEDO MASK AND SAILOR MOON! HOLY POOP! I AM SO HAPPY! *READY TO DIE BLISSFULLY NOW* That picture is going to be framed in my living room!!!!!! That is by far the best thing to happen to me all year!!!!!

:star: A pity to leave out: :star:

Sea Melody by NasikaSakura Blood and Sugar pg26 by NasikaSakura Blood and Sugar pg29 To be Continued by NasikaSakura Workouts by NasikaSakura New Group: Cute-in-a-Cup by NasikaSakura

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