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My Hair...

By NasikaSakura
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Vent art.

I want a magic potion to make my hair grow back right now! TT_____TT
(I had to get rid of the split ends so it would grow again, but that was half my hair...)
I hate having short hair...

I tried making the reason for the unhappiness understandable from the image alone.

Do NOT steal, use, redproduce, edit, change, trace, make a base of, repost, reupload, move, etc. ANY of my works wihtout my exclusive permission and credit to me.
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RibbonFemale's avatar
That's why I cut my hair by myself. Same thing happened to me last year and since i don't trust hairdressers anymore xD
Lord-Leif's avatar
How short was it?
NasikaSakura's avatar
That's how short they cut it. It was originally down my shoulder blades and chest.
Lord-Leif's avatar
It looks nice that short. :P
NasikaSakura's avatar
Thanks... I'm getting a little used to it, but I can't wait for it to be long again. I don't feel right with short hair.
Lord-Leif's avatar
I have short hair, but I got it cut a while back, and it was to short for me,..then it oddly grew really quick in like a week to where I wanted it
NasikaSakura's avatar
Lucky! QAQ My hair is baby-fine and grows really slow.
Lord-Leif's avatar
Pshh guuurrl yo hair is fantastic :iconmhmmplz:
NasikaSakura's avatar
You have no idea how much that made me laugh. XD
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Carolina22's avatar
Love the colors!
Xia-Kyandy's avatar
mm, i dont like mi hair cut too :(
kuroiMarzipan's avatar
don't worry, it should grow back eventually. just make sure to get regular trims so that you don't get any split ends again.

(I remember when I used to have my hair to my waist, but I ended up with so many split ends that I had to get it cut to my shoulders... my head felt so much lighter, hahah!!)
NasikaSakura's avatar
I KNOW!! QAQ My neck was FREEZING after getting it cut!
They said to come back to get a half inch off every three months since I don't use a straightener or anything like that.
RachelLevitte's avatar
*Le gasp* OMG WHY DID YOU DO THAT? I honestly cry when i get my hair cut. I bet you look pretty but oneself feels the hair ghost like if you hat got an arm cut and the arm ghost was there Q.Q
NasikaSakura's avatar
I know... ;____; My intention wasn't to have it cut short... my intention was to have the split ends cut enough so that my hair can grow healthily again, btu unfortunately, that's what it entitled. OTL
amyY3's avatar
No worries hair grows long as you eat enough protein, I've been trying to grow my hair and found taking daily vitamins are useful. Besides short hair is still cute! And this drawing is cute.
NasikaSakura's avatar
Thanks, amy, but I still prefer my long hair...
Dug through the giant vitamin containers that my rich aunt dumps on us when she gets too many, and there's one in there that's supposed to be good for yor hair, nials, and skin, so Imma try start taking that. We don't eat well here since my mom doesn't know how to cook nor about nutrician. ^^; I've tried teaching her some, but she's still the one in charge of what foods are bought and eaten.
anotwastedmind's avatar
I like the way yoy draw...very much.
Specially how you coloured it.
But something I´ve noticed is the proportions you take to draw noses...some times they look kind of big to me, but this one is just...perfect.

Hi! :3
NasikaSakura's avatar
lol Thank you! :D
Eh, noses are odd to me. XD
Anime is meant to have distortions to proportion, but I never thought much about the nose.
I guess I might be drawing them larger because of the very large eyes, but since the eyes are narrower this time, perhaps that is the reason.
Thank you for giving me something to think on that I haden't seen before! :D It's fascinating.
anotwastedmind's avatar
:iconohstopityouplz:... You´re welcome! :)
dodoman1er's avatar
*cuddles from behind and applies Rogain on your head*
NasikaSakura's avatar
What is Rogain? o.o
dodoman1er's avatar
something men use to grow back hair when they go bald 83
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