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3 Years to 3 Days

By NasikaSakura
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I am so proud that 3 years after my car accident, I am finally able to walk the 3 days of Sacanime without my cane! It's the first time in 3 years that I've been able to do it! I'm so so proud. I'll add some photos of me in this real outfit to my monthly Patreon blog.
Character: Nasika Sakura © NasikaSakura (myself)
Dress: To Alice Doll Paradise OP
Dimensions: a few inches squared
Surface: Piccadilly 44 lb (120 gsm) acid-free sketch paper
Materials: Ink, colored pencil, gel pen.
Do NOT steal, use, reproduce, edit, change, trace, make a base of, re-post, re-upload, move, etc. ANY of my works without my exclusive permission and credit to me. It may however be re-blogged by direct link to this page (ie using the share buttons to the right of the image, or Thumb code onsite) and with all its original presentation (including watermarks or signatures) intact, for this is considered a credited 'feature' and not a copyright nor intellectual property infringement.
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© 2019 - 2021 NasikaSakura
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Dallyvanters's avatar
Love the details on the dress >w<
And that really is great, good work and I'm so happy for you <3
NasikaSakura's avatar
It's based on a real dress design. :meow: You can look it up with the information in the description. It's my cheapest Japanese lolita "dolly" fashion dress, but it's my favorite pattern. :love: Thank you again, love. :heart: Your comments always make me smile! 
Dallyvanters's avatar
Ohhh <3  That's cool.

Aww, you know your art is awesome and I really wish I could become your patron but I'm literally like...
Broke af xD
But you deserve at least the support I can give you in comments ):
NasikaSakura's avatar
Never fret! Money is important to sustain yourself, but it's not everything, let along the only support. I absolutely love comments. I value your input so much! 
firstfear's avatar
yay! :D that must feel so good. My bf walks with a cane sometimes still but i know it was so freeing for him when he could finally go at least sometimes without it. He broke his leg pretty bad several years ago. He's got a metal rod in there now haha.

and this is so cute! love the pattern on her dress :D 
NasikaSakura's avatar
I think I remember you mentioning that once before such a long time ago. I felt just the same!

At first I was in shock and kept walking around just fine. It wasn't until the morning after my accident that I couldn't walk any more because the pain was excruciating. My ankles had been caught on something and by body was jerked with each impact as our car became totaled, so I had plenty of soft tissue damage. My ankles became incredibly weak and when I would walk on them, they would roll and strain all the time. The physical therapists checked my muscle strength by having me point and flex my feet, and I had lost almost all control in my right ankle, and had very little on the left. They're still sub-par now, but they are stronger than they were for certain! I went from not being able to walk at all, to walking with a cane, to walking with a cane a few days out of the week, to only using the cane when on my feet too long (which caused me to have to change my lifestyle), and now to using my cane almost none at all! I am so happy! I was still in a lot of pain during the convention, but I did not use the cane nor braces and I could still walk.

That is so incredibly amazing to me after spending 3 years with no straight answers from doctors as to if I would get any better! I spent so many nights crying my eyes out thinking I'd never be able to do so many things because of my ankles, like running after my future children, walking my dogs, going on family day trips, working so many jobs that require me to be on my feet for extended hours, driving, dancing, etc. Now I'm very slowly working on my driver's permit, I'm making plans to go out ballroom dancing with my girlfriends, and I even went on an actual walk downtown on a date a couple weeks back. And no doctor could tell me that this would have been possible. They would not even give me a straight answer as to what was wrong with me, and kept making it wound like they thought my injury was fake! I was even the one refusing hard-core painkillers, and insisted nothing more than ibuprofen! Why on earth would I choose to be like this?! I'm not groveling for pity! I was in a 4-car collision and could not walk!! It's a miracle I didn't have anything worse!!!! And they're doubting THAT?!

The doctors at this hospital are so afraid of saying anything in case they could be sued and fried, that they don't take care of patients properly anymore, and it's so incredibly frustrating! And I get so tired of being profiled for being on state benefits as someone just trying to get high off prescription medications. I literally had a doctor in an ER put her scope in my ear so I could not move and proceed to reach into my purse, snatch out my prescription bottle, read the label, and then begin asking me questions about it and belittle the reason I came in to the ER, saying she didn't believe me when I told her I had tonsil stones that I pushed out because they were too painful. THERE ARE LITERALLY PERMANENT HOLES IN MY TONSILS WHERE THE STONES FILL UP, ONE OF WHICH WAS BLEEDING. ANYONE LOOKING IN MY THROAT WOULD SEE THAT. And that prescription? It was an anti-viral, of all things, for a condition I've been diagnosed with since 2013. That was a complete abuse of power as she was profiling me of making excuses to get prescription pain killers- WHICH IS IN MY FILE THAT I REFUSE TO ACCEPT. It turned out that I had strep throat and an infection, yet she dismissed me from the ER saying there was nothing wrong with me. When I asked my mother about it later about it, she was furious and had me go report what she had done. 
firstfear's avatar
Awww I'm so glad things have turned out for the better with your ankles! Not being mobile on your own can be so stress inducing. I've thankfully never broken anything but I'm asthmatic and that definitely hinders me which is frustrating.

I know exactly what you go through with your doctors not being willing to diagnose or be specific. They're very much the same here. One of my siblings has a neurological condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia (also called the suicide disease bc of the shear amount of pain involved). The very first ER doctor who saw her wrote down trigeminal neuralgia as a possibility and then NO ONE would actually diagnose her so she could get real help. They kept trying to just send her to pain clinics where they teach you to just deal with it rather than giving her stronger pain meds. My Brother also has issues with stones in his throat and the doctors wont listen. He gets infection after infection and they just give him antibiotics when what he needs is tonsil surgery.
NasikaSakura's avatar
I've never broken anything either. :) Though as a child I did think that wheelchairs were cool and wanted one so bad, haha. Go figure. 

EXACTLY! I've never had an official diagnosis for the skin condition I had either- the one that landed me in the ICU on IVs after months of it progressively getting worse. An autoimmune disease where I'm allergic to my own skin and hair is also still just listed as a possibility, and despite sending me to an allergist, he refuses to do any allergy testing on me and keeps telling me to rely on antihistamines that my insurance won't cover. I was referred to him specifically for a panel test of specific substances that could be culprit, and he flat refuses them. I know I should change my doctor but it gives me so much anxiety that I don't deal with it. My psychiatric counselor also kept telling me I was never diagnosed with PTSD, despite me telling her who did the test, when it happened, how it happened, etc. until finally I requested to have a different one, and THEN she looked into it and saw that I did have the test YEARS PRIOR and it was just improperly documented, and then had me schedule the tests over again. All that time of being told I was a liar, and no one even LOOKED in my case notes to see that the whole time I was telling the truth. And they wonder why I almost never go in!! Who wants to go to a counselor who told them for years that they were a liar and did not take their complaints seriously?! The tester was astonished that anyone would even question that I had it after the tests were done because my scores for the symptoms were so high. It's no wonder that in all these years of psychiatric care, my depression has never improved, even when I regularly attended! They were sending me to courses intended for people with average levels of depression while mine was moderate to severe, and the courses just did not work for me like they had everyone else. And this is the same medical institution as well. The sad part is that this institution has given me the best medical care of my life, despite all the annoyances.  It's so frustrating. 
firstfear's avatar
oh wow I'm so sorry :( I've been lucky for the most part with psychiatric help once I got my current doctor and current psych, but before them NO ONE would listen. It was always just 'oh you just have depression'. It took an admission to lock down in the Hospital to get them to put my on anti-psychotics in my early 20s and i'm 33 now and have only known about my bipolar for a year. Everyone was focused on the fact that I had an abusive father so i must just be depressed rather than looking further in to it.

I just wish people would listen.

You must have been sooo frustrated being told you were wrong about the test you took. My last councelor tried telling me I dont have OCD when she was sitting RIGHT THERE when my psych said I do :/
NasikaSakura's avatar
I'm terrified of being in a situation where I have no control over my psychiatric care, particularly over medications. Yeah, it was so frustrating. Like, I know I need help, but I don't think I'm going to get it from this counselor, if at all this institution, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do while staying afloat with general life things. 
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NasikaSakura's avatar
Thank you very much! ^^ Is there something particular about it that caught your attention, so that I may use that to inform my future artwork? 
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