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The Making of...

Aheh... I tried. :D (Not dial up friendly).
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Wow. Thank you so much. I've always wanted to do shadows so I'll keep this close by :D
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Interesting to see how people work...thanks for this! Nice details.
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what programs do you use?

this is amazing, by the way lol
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that's gonna help a lot!!! thanx!!! :D
Quick-Step's avatar
That is a cool picture!
Artistic-Defiance's avatar
This helps more than you know. @_@ Now, if only I had CS2. << I wonder if 6.0 works as well. o_o
aingealliath's avatar
hey, beautiful tut.... very generous of ya :D
I am pretty much a photoshop pro, but I am getting started in Painter so every bit of info helps.
You're right there can be no step-by-step tut for art... most of it is going by the feel, but every now and again I pick up something I didn't think of in tuts like this! Thanks for taking the time to do this
The-Lovely-Artist's avatar
Your tutorials are so much help! They make me actually want to work with my tablet! Keep up the great work!
mistressofnightmares's avatar
This is really neat. Such a perfectionist! I love it. Thanks for making this.
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Lovely tutorial! It's nice to see the process of your work xD :+favlove:
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Thanks for sharing your painting process! Inspires me to paint more. ^^;
lilsakura's avatar
aw.. the grass looks really nice.. ^^
DigitalCrow's avatar
I love it when a deviant shares thier knowlage. These tutorials are appreciated :XD:
LordOfPandemia's avatar
This is THE most comprehensive and useful little gems I have EVER found. I'm glad you have a thing about clarity.
serpentoche's avatar
wow!!very usefull!!!
Alquicira's avatar

I'm at your service... :worship:
IceyArticuno's avatar
Might be helpful, thank you!
elflling's avatar
Great Tutorial. Absolutely helpful.
The-GrassHopper's avatar
Awesome Stuff, i wish i was half as good as u...

can u tell me if you learned somewhere how to paint? and how old are you??
Nyko-Illusion's avatar
Wooow, it takes an artist to make a painting, but a master to tell ya how she did it....Deep quote!! *flashing lights!! Wee-oo!* I loved the picture to death and I love the tutorial just as much. ^^ I just pray that one day, once of us can achieve your sweet greatness....*_* Heehee
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Thank you very much! It's always facsinating to look into another artist's process and try and find tips and tricks to extract and apply to one's own art!
umber's avatar
Oh whoa, cool. I completely suck with Painter, and have to rely on Photoshop because I cannot figure out Painter's tools. Which is annoying, because while Photoshop definately has it's advantages, I've seen such lovely effects come out of Painter. I've got Painter IX, but I'm sure this will help me actually get something decent out of the program. Thank you!
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you use a lot of the same techniques i do, yay xD
looking at this made me realize your immense talent with colors. i always thought the colors in your pictures were beautiful but this shows your thinking process as well; it really comes naturally to you, i think. kudos!
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