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Flat colors the easy way - 02

I read everyone's comments and tried to reply to them XD. Thank you for all the feedback and tips and extra stuff. I tried to add that along with some information I've picked up while working in this 'industry'. Consider this a "Shove" and yes it is a bit fiesty. Thanks for reading :D.
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"Always check your work. If you aren't sure how your lines will look as they are when printed, go to View > Print Size. You can zoom back in to continue working after. Check regularly."
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I've been struggling with this, and your tutorial helped a lot!!!! :'D
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When you first posted this tutorial, I saved it for the point when I finally got around to figuring out how to color on my computer(an evil and scary place). Now that I'm attempting to expand my media, having great advice from this tutorial, other ones you posted, and the one you put in Mangaka America really helped me start off (even though your technique eludes me... eventually! Mostly I use your advice to help me figure stuff out on my own) So, just thought I'd let you know how much help and inspiration you've been in getting me on my feet! Sooo thanks for being a great artist willing to share your techniques :) And sorry for the long rambly comment ^^;;
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Interesting technique. It probably is a little faster, although I have one that can help deal with "Unclosed" areas.

Rather than making a threshold ink layer for containing the flood fills, I usually use the magic wand to select an area to fill, then enlarge the selection by a pixel or two, and fill the selection (without using all layers) That gets the color under the lines so they show up under the wispy anti-aliased pixels in Multiply. That also lets you select multiple areas that get the same color and hit them all with one bucket. (I also use a lot more layers).

Doing it with a selection also gives you the chance to edit the selection in the Quickmask mode. If you've got an area that when magic-wanded or painbucketed fills everything, instead, wand it, switch to quickmask, and you can just draw a pencil line across the opening and thus edit the selection and control the fill. You can even make a soft transition by using a brush instead of the pencil.
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I can't wait to try this, as flatting to me is the Debbil! But since I only do single illustrations, I'm gonna go with your suggestions to make a copy of my linework, hide my original, and convert the copy for easier flatting... thanks so much for writing this and the other tute, oh and the great skin one! :D
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great tutorial! i hate spending time going to fix white spaces with blurry lineart that just looks like crap when you sharpen it....
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Completely randomly, I was bored last night and looking for something to do, so I gave this method a go and man . . . it literally slice-an-diced into itty-bitty pieces the amount of time it usually takes me to digitally color something! O_O I was shocked! And delighted!

So, I just wanted to say thank you! Very much!
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Just wanted to say thanks for these...I was spending needless hours making selections on my line work... I'm just starting to put my artwork into photoshop and painter, so this was a wonderful help :).
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Hope you will be happy to know that even a year after posted, these tutorials are still serving their purpose. Thanks!
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This is why I work at no less than 600dpi and scan in everything as Line Art, so I can avoid all that anti-aliasing all together. Yeah, the files are big, but I don't lose any detail. And if I need to scale down, everything looks nice and clean.
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Wow.... I've learned many things.... XD You have such awesome works! I'll be keeping many of these in mind... :D
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After some trial and error, I was able to use this method effectively :nod: (Need to point out that the black lines must be merged on a separate white background in order for the threshold to take effect.)

You weren't shittin' me; it WAS done in minutes -- thanks! :w00t:
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Makes heaps of sense! The threshold thing really helps me! I used to spend hours going around small areas, filling it all up. Plus I'm still young so I should get used to that now, seeing as comics is a future idea for moi.

Thank you so much for your brute honesty ^__^
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I am a little confused about how you confine your paint bucketed colors to the places you want them. do you paint bucket on the pixel line layer or other layers and go back later? Maybe I'm just now reading it right. I will try this method tho.
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I found this tutorial a little while ago, discovered that I not only liked the technique but decided to use it regularly. Truly a lifesaver. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. :)
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I love this technique of yours!! I'm so happy to have found your tutorial.

Yeah, it makes laying base colors soooo much more easier and much more fun. Thank you!
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A neat tutorial. It's helpful.
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thanks for the advice. I just started learning photoshop myself( I have a looooooong way to go but i'm loving every minute of it. I think i'll never go back to markers or colored pencils again. by the way, killer art!!!!
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I love this technique. Thanks so much for sharing! :)
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Pretty cool! I'll have to keep this tactic in mind. Also, since I normally work with high DPI and I draw my images pretty large, I can get away with blending the original picture with the color with a light gaussian blur after I flatten the image. I'll soon post an image that came out really good using this tactic!
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Wow this is so smart! Going to try it out tonight!!
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*is peterfied* omg so much work! thank you for the warnings and short cuts every little bit counts! thank you again! =3
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