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Cel shading 03 : Faces

Wow! I'm really glad my little 'walk-thrus' were helpful! I don't really call them tutorials because they're sort of vague aaand I'm not the best teacher either so it's like, "Try it yourself". A lot of this rests on technique and on how much you play around with it. You can do really basic shading or super detailed shading! This was for made for 14 year olds, so it's got very basic shading. I'd give a lecture and demonstration right before showing these, so previous Photoshop know-how will help.

Um... this method is pretty much the way I do bust commissions. Please, feel free to still buy them from me even though you know the tricks I use in creating them XD LOL!

So yeah! Again, these aren't the end all be all steps to cel shading, it's just how I work. Again, sorry for the typos. I literally had to make it the day before the class XD;.
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this is really helpful! thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing!
bushixx's avatar
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I might try use the instructions laid here someday when I draw and color something :)
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Amazing! I might have to try a cel shading technique myself. :D
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.. nice, dis will ganna help me improving my colr skillsssss
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Wow, I had no idea you could do this lol.. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks very much for sharing this! The finished product looks great!
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Woah! I didn't know you could shade like that...
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Hi! Just wanted to thank you for making this! I finally got a tablet and tried out this process, and it's very interesting and useful! It's like shading backwards when I cut out/erase the areas that are supposed to be lit. Curiously enough, I think it helps me to not miss areas that are supposed to be shaded! Thanks! :)
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I will try this now! Thank you so much!!!
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I love how your cel shading looks so dynamic (:
This is way helpful, thanks!
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me has a question
when i try this i can do it but when i try to like...use the paint brush i wont let me paint any were els
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I really like how the colors tie together in the fiished product. ^^
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I love how much life you give your cel style art.
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This is pretty helpful, considering I cell shade alot :)
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Thank you so much! This is really helpful. Making a tutorial take a lot of time and thinking, and although you're modest, I know it does, so thanks again for sharing!
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wow, wish we got photoshop training at 14, think the nearest was pretty vague 'do it like this' type stuff when i went to college
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Thank you very very much for this! :iconohjoyplz:
I always thought that your way of cell-shading was the coolest one I've seen, so I'll give a try to these tutorials for sure :heart: Thanks again for sharing, this will be helpful for sure :hug:
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Thanks for putting these tuts up! From someone starting out with colors, they're very helpful. ^_^
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Damn its fast!; I used your tutorial to do this: [link]

It took me less than 30 min and its my first time with cel shading. thanks for the tut lady
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Handy tricks, thanks!
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:iconlawooplz: This helps a TON! I rarely use photoshop for anything art-related, due to the fact that I don't have a tablet, so I might just try and modify this technique to work with SAI.
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