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June 9, 2010
Suggester's words: CG Session 01: Skin by *Nashya features a dark to light coloring method which may be easier for people who have issues with shading to consider.
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CG Session 01: Skin

Hey, hey :D~

All ready to get started? Okay. Just grab the lineart here [link] , and the tutorial and get to it! I left the lines very open and they aren't very detailed so you can be creative. Please save all fine tuning for the final touches. Any questions regarding this step please post here. A journal will be added on Friday for you to post a link of your progress.

A few rules:

- The light source direction is SET. Please do not alter this. The directional light is coming from her RIGHT (our left). That's all ya gotta stick to :D.

- Do not skip ahead. Take your time on each part and really think about texture as you color.

- Do not alter the lines yet. Any personal touches will come later.

- Do not consider this a race. You have a week.

- Please DO NOT remove my signature for the lines. DO add yours. Those colors will be all you babe~

Some tips:


- You have hands, use them to feel your own curves to get an idea of how shadows and light should fall.

- Don't get discouraged if you don't get this at first. It all comes in due time.

- Try not to use too many layers or undo too often. Paint over any mess ups instead.

- To avoid ruining the lines, keep as top layer and set to Multiply mode on your layers menu. Keep all color layers below the lines.
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Nice - I'm gonna try this :)
xMasqueradexJadex's avatar
I will definitely give this a shot :D
Toxic-dolls's avatar
Thanks for the Tut!
looks wonderful!
dalfireasha's avatar
Love this tutorial! Just got finished using it and the skin looks great! I'll post a link as soon as the whole thing is finished. Would love to see a tutorial from you.
SyrahFairBairn's avatar
It would be so awesome if you finished this.
Great tutorial!
0Reke0's avatar
Lancerey's avatar
Not my style, but an awesome tutorial all the same. I'm going to give the techniques here a go. Well done with the DD.
DJ-RaBBit's avatar
really helpful ^o^ nice work
lelouch9-28's avatar
thank you for the great tutorial. i have not yet had the chance to apply the tecniques, but i definitley will. i have been working on a piece that i really want to turn out well, and this tecnique, i know, will help me so much.

thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge:hug:
Arukado's avatar
Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing~
shatterglass1's avatar
whoa. that's a big difference...
DaSub's avatar
Interesting, I wondered if there was a quicker way to do skin.
Nice tute.
perrodetindalo's avatar
i'm trying this definitely. Thanks!
live-inspired's avatar
Very nice tutorial, it was easy to follow and it makes me want to try shading from dark to light. :+fav:
Brainmatters's avatar
What program did you use for the shading? O:
clippys's avatar
awesome stuff
Cardinal4's avatar
for me I have to use layers. it's easy to colour correct specific tones later if necessary.
bronte91's avatar
i love love love this !!! One of the best tutorials ever !!
AnnyKi's avatar
Yay! You sure deserve this DD! I read this an year ago, and honestly, I think it gave me a serious boost with my art. ;)
Although my process is chaotic right now, it can still relate to the steps shown here. :giggle:

Congratulations and THANK YOU! :D
Buuya's avatar
Oh wow, amazing to see that this has a DD! I first saw it back in 2006, and it was a HUGE, huge help! Seriously, it's still on my computer. Great method, and congrats :D
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