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Aaaaaaaand, taking what I learned from everything else, I’d managed to make a totem just for myself. I notice that while I had originally intended for them to be relatively simple, they have gradually increased in detail. Partially because on this one, I messed up a LOT on It and had to fudge it. I’m pretty happy with fat lil me… oh, and the fluff on its head? Yeah, I cut a lock of my hair for that. All of these Totems are supposed to be hung, either from a wall or whatnot.
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Wow, you're VERY talented! =D

-checks submission date-
o.o Three years ago.... Do you still make these? I saw another in your gallery that was submitted even before this... ._.
They're really good.
I love the painting, and the Brother Bear-ish look, and the way you did the legs/paws and wings. ^^

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Thank you so much! Sadly, I no longer have access to the proper facilities to make these, so save for one I never finished, that's all of them unless I luck out.
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Aw, that sucks. =( You're very talented in making them. You could easily make a lot of money making them, I think. Like for gift shops or something.
Maybe sometime in the future, eh? xD
And you're very welcome. ^^
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Is your totem the wolf too?
I took some test and they said that my totem was the wolf
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You could say they are. I'm very fond of them and think that they have a lot of interesting qualities that fall in line with my personal values.
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Wow, you did a great job on that!!

Guess what?? You are now portable to be carried anywhere you wish!! :wink:
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Very cool. Beautimus wing.
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Hee, thank you. I loved making the wings.
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now thats SWEET...gawd, i WANT one :faint: !!!!!!!!!!!
VERY nicely done :nod:
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::Blushes:: Thank you so much! Do you have access to sculpey or another sort of clay you can cure at home? Perhaps you can give it a shot at making one for yourself?
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nope, not really :(
but i DO have access to a LOT of paper tho :laughing: :lmao:
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so simple yet adorable- I love the paint job on the wings, very north american
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Oh, wow, thank you!
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it looks like a good necklace design!
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I love your wings. These are great, Nash. :D

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::Blush:: Thank you hon!
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Aww, very nice, love the detail in the wings :)
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Thanks... I loved painting the tilly little spots on those wings.
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