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Eldritch: Journeys 001

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Chapter Five Lineage: [link]

Well, folks, this happened this past week: (You can see more photos here: [link] )

Good thing too. It kind fo knocked me out of the art-funk I've been in. On to the next page!


If you read this comic, you understand and agree to the following conditions and warnings:

Discretion is advised. Eldritch is for mature audiences, and will contain violence, gore, and mild nudity, along with adult situations, themes, and language. Some pages will be marked as such on sites such as Deviantart and may be unavailable to minors. The author takes no responsibility for anything unsavory anyone, may think, do or say should a parent or guardian let them read this comic.

The author (SMG Nashoba Hostina ) has everything planned out, and if something does not immediately make sense, it will later. If there are questions about what will happen, answers will not be given until the issues come up in the natural course of the plot. Furthermore, if something is “Wrong” it is often because some mistakes are intentional, to allow the pages of the webcomic and the eventually published version of the comic to be easily distinguished.

In addition, the author has done a lot of work and research and has a lot scripted and planned. This means that ‘requested storylines’ and suggestions have no place in this comic whatsoever. It is the author’s policy to decline all such submissions. This policy is intended to prevent any misunderstandings regarding intellectual property rights.

In short, do NOT send requests, share ideas with, or make suggestions to the author at any time, in print or otherwise.

However, in the event that you ignore what is written above and insist on making requests, suggestions or sharing ideas in any way whatsoever regarding this comic: be aware that in doing so you are giving the artist this idea, along with non-exclusive, royalty and compensation-free rights to utilize, reproduce, sell, disclose, and distribute the suggested content in any form and at any time she sees fit, in the comic or otherwise.

Although, the Author generally tries to avoid being exposed to such unsolicited suggestions, and once a note, conversation, or other means of communication swings that way, she makes all attempts to remove herself from the situation. Please do not be offended should the author not read your letter in its entirety because of this. However, should the author’s content in any way resemble that of a suggestion or other form of content, unless it is credited in the artist’s comments, the similarities are purely coincidental.

Eldritch and all of its specifics are © Nashoba Hostina, and is not in any way Public Domain. Thus, Eldritch is not an “Open Source” world any more so than Star Trek or Lord of the Rings is. However, regarding fanart, fanfiction, and such: The author is always flattered when folks take the time to draw a picture of one of her characters for her. However, if you choose to do fanart, please, make it clear that the characters, world, etcetera are Nashoba Hostina’s creation, and kindly link back here, or to the comic’s blog. Then, whenever you post Fanart of Eldritch, please let the artist know! Under no circumstances should any content derived from or inspired by Eldritch be used for financial or material gain of any sort, or to spread messages of hate in any way. No fan-made work is ever to be considered canon.

Eldritch, in part or in whole is not to be distributed without the author’s permission. Should permission be granted for the redistribution of any part of her comic, the use of her work is never to be used for financial or material gain of any sort, or to spread messages of hate in any way. The author reserves the right to insert additional requirements that must be adhered to at any time, both before and after the posting of any such content, and may withdraw permission to use her content at any time. The only places where this comic will be found in its entirety will be its blog: [link] or here on the author’s deviantart page.

As a courtesy to your fellow readers, please do not make predictions about what will happen in the comments section of these pages. Saying that you think you know what may happen is fine, but actually stating what you think will happen is not. If you happen to be right, that means you’re spoiling the other readers, and no one likes That Spoiler Guy. In a similar vein… be nice to one another, okay guys? Please?

This comic is free for anyone to view, so the author must have a day job to support herself. It takes supplies and LOTS of time to make Eldritch, so she cannot afford to do art all the time. Thus, Eldritch is done on the author’s free time, which means page quality will vary. In addition, updates may be missed if the author has a busy week or becomes ill. Should an update be missed, it will be at least a full week before more content will be posted. The author apologizes for the inconvenience.

The Author is not liable to you, nor to any party claiming through you for any aggrievance real or perceived that you may experience as a result of reading the comic, or these terms and conditions.

The author apologizes for the length of this dreadfully boring disclaimer/ terms of readership. However, making a comic is hazardous and downright scary, and she is just trying to protect herself.

This disclaimer and all prior forms of it are subject to retroactive change.

And, finally… If you don’t like the comic, don’t read it! No one’s forcing you to look at this :3 Go outside and play or something!

Thank you for reading!

Are you not quite Human? That's okay, that means you're a lot like the rest of us. So, if you're one of the Eldritch Folk, here's a stamp for you to use with the thumbnail feature:
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Zire9's avatar
i really love your comic, and enjoy it each time i read it.

i should mention tho, that the link from the cover to this page is broken O.o it takes you to your main page in deviant art =3, ill keep reading now, great job =3
Nashoba-Hostina's avatar
Thank you so much; I'm flattered!

It seems that a lot of the links have been broken lately, which is odd, because I know they all worked at one point.  Thanks for letting me know.
Grassy-Aggron's avatar
I sense fabulousness.  ...Yes, new word.

Also, how neat to play with wolves <3
XenoFrobe's avatar
Lower the glamour?

AlexDaftWolf's avatar
Talon-Draco's avatar
I'm imagining a big beautiful boat for some strange reason ...

Can't wait to see what comes next :-)
Nashoba-Hostina's avatar
I hope you like what happens XD
Talon-Draco's avatar
Was definitely not disappointed :-)
somerandomplayer's avatar
The Eldritch folk go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah
The Eldritch folk go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah
The Eldritch folk go marching one by one
The spirit goes off to announce Faith's safe
And they all go marching down, to the beach
To get away from the cult. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
Nashoba-Hostina's avatar
*applauds quietly*
wolfking7's avatar
WOW! JUST! WOW! How do you do it? How do you spread your light and make everyone so happy Nashoba! Are you sure your not like our favorite crow!
Nashoba-Hostina's avatar
Awwww, thank you! I like to think I'm like Maggie in some wayus, though Maggie's a super-extrovert and I'm definately more of an introvert.
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
Faith: "Lower the glamour? What?"
Maggie: "Oh yeah, you were never really taken from the US."
Faith: "What is going on here?!"
(Cue the "Inception" title screen)
Freelancer521's avatar
Looks awesome! Now I've got to search through 5 chapters to find if we've met Ty before
Nashoba-Hostina's avatar
Freelancer521's avatar
VicPin's avatar
Whoaaa!!! Ry, where are you going?!!! Get baaaack!
Wolfsjal's avatar
Heh, I am amused by the idea of Dylan still having a normal day despite rescuing werewolves in other countries.
Nashoba-Hostina's avatar
*Laughs* Yep! His form of oddness is awful convienient for him XD
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