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Kakomiki Base Edit by Kakomiki and Nashie-C DL! by Nashie-C Kakomiki Base Edit by Kakomiki and Nashie-C DL! by Nashie-C

Disabling comments to reduce the DL spam. Sorry! D:

I fixed the "ki" I missed off the end of their name. X ^ x I think I've typed that at least 50 times in the same 15 mins...

If you're interested in the original, you can find it here

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You must credit Nashie-C and かみみ/Kakomiki.
Redistribution is ok if the model data is edited, the readme file is kept, and correct credit is used.
Follow かみみ/Kakomiki rules (Listed in other readme's)
R18 is ok.
Keep the copyright (c)かみみ2015 within the model.

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かみみ/Kakomiki and Nashie-C

Don't hesitate to show me what you do with her by commenting below!

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Before you comment with a question check here to get it answered: F.Q.A
Please DO NOT claim this picture as your own. 
You may use it anywhere apart from reuploading it onto DevinatArt as long as you credit me by at least one of the following:
Bullet; Black Linking back to this page: 
Bullet; Black Including withing the description "Nashie-C".

If you have any questions regarding crediting please note me.Note 

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December 3, 2016
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