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Current Residence: Tehran, Iran

I'm just an ordinary girl. My field is computer-related. I like to search on the Internet and go to different sites.

Favorite quote at the moment (2018-06-04):

“It is better to be unhappy and know the worst, than to be happy in a fool's paradise.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

I absolutely agree with this quote! Unfortunately or not, I'm pessimistic and I usually like to consider the worst-case scenario in every situation. Better be safe than sorry.


"Religion is the opium of the masses. I detest all religions."

-Karl Marx

I just believe in
this. To hell with everything else; especially those opportunists who have always fooled gullible people. ;) And will continue to do so. Only a sharp person will get my drift. ;)

NOTE: Special thanks to people who give me llamas. I may not thank you separately, but I definitely like to return the favor.

DeviantID: Hetalia France and Joan of Arc (or maybe that girl is Lisa, the reincarnation of her). Now while I'm at it, I have to say I'm not particularly fond of the pairing of France X Joan of Arc. I understand people who like to ship them and I don't dislike it myself, but I'm not a big fan either. My reason is quite simple. It is because she was a real person, and I only ship fictional characters. If I want to find a similar ship for France, I will ship him with the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, Lisa. It is really interesting to me that the writer chose Joan of Arc of all great people in history to reincarnate. To be honest, I was pleased. Well, that is according to the anime. I don't know whether he has reincarnated anyone else in his webcomics. Anyway, those two episodes of 'the Beautiful world' (the saddest and most serious episodes of that season, 5 and 15), show that France, despite his flaws, is such a gentle soul; I have to say it has existed from the beginning, but it was much more subtle. I think I will write a journal about the things I really don't like about the fandom of Hetalia, and I'll try to be as polite as possible. Anyway, I love this photo. I found it on Pinterest. ;) By the way, as a Persian speaker I'm much more used to "Jeanne d'Arc" than 'Joan of Arc'!

(Update: 2018-09-03)

I wrote the latest journal on a whim. I will check it for my possible mistakes later as I've already read it many times and just looking at that thing makes me sick. As a non core member, I reached the maximum length for a journal and I had to delete some things.

(Update: 2018-05-13)

The following sentences were mostly written in the last quarter of 2015, when I was 27. More and less. I didn't update this part that much after I wrote it, because this part is huge and I don't have the time to update it. Besides it's not that important.

(Update: 2018-05-13)

(Update: 2018-05-14)

Nearly 6 years after I was introduced to MBTI, I have just recently found that I'm an INTJ-A aka lazy INTJ! I came up with that unoriginal title myself. ;) That's actually my way of referring to INTJ-A. After I read the description of INTJ-A, I just thought it described me so well. Here's an interesting read: INTJ-T vs INTJ-AMy older sister is definitely an INTJ-T. 'A' stands for 'Assertive' and 'T' for 'Turbulent'. Maybe that explains why some people tell me I am wasting my intelligence and I don't appreciate myself. Don't get it wrong. It doesn't mean I'm that clever. It just means I'm too damn lazy.

(Update: 2018-05-14)

I think it won't be so bad, if I write a little bit about myself here. Some of my traits are:
4-I expect others not to invade my personal space.
5-I don't like nosy people.
6-I do whatever I want to.
7-There's no way I'll do something I don't want to.
8-If I'm interested in the stuff I do, I'll spend a lot of time and effort on it; quite the contrary, if I don't like it, I'll be unbelievably lazy. For example I didn't like my field at university very much (thankfully I like it now), so I didn't study very hard. In fact my sister said once she didn't remember that she had seen me study at all (an exaggeration but still it's not far from the truth; not at all); naturally the result was a low GPA, but I loved my final project. I tried my best and in result I had a job offer. ;)
9-I do things because I want to enjoy doing them not because I want to be appreciated. Well, I wanted to be appreciated in the past but now I don't care very much. I just want to enjoy doing them and of course to get desirable end results.
10- I don't care very much what people of think of me
11-I don't sympathize with others so much especially when they are in trouble and brought it on themselves. Why would I be upset for them anyway? It shows they don't care for themselves all that much; why should I care? Because if I do so, I'll be beyond stupid. Though I have to say sometimes I'm beyond stupid because some of them are very special to me.:| UPDATE: one of my close friends after reading this list said she wouldn't agree with this one very much. She says I'm cold but I have a kind nature. :shrug:
12-I usually hate stupid people but I like selfless idiots who always put others before themselves. They're just too good for this world.
13-I'm weird in the eyes of most of the people who know me even some of my friends (like I care).
14-I hate disgusting opportunists especially when they are arrogant as hell.
16-Sometimes I hurt other people feelings without knowing it myself; in other words I can be insensitive.
17-I'm more logical than emotional. I tend to make decisions based on logic rather than emotions but sometimes I don't.
18-I like to be fair in everything but sometimes I'm not.
19-I prefer to be honest instead of being polite.
20-I'm not very complimentary.
21-I interact with select few like close friends and family.
22-I like to be alone most of the time.
23-I hate crowded places
24-I ignore people I'm not fond of to the point as if they don't exist, though it doesn't mean everyone I don't respond to is one of those.
25-I like mind games and sometimes I mess with poor minds of others. Isn't that nice? :)
26-I hate small talk
27-I don't like things that don't make sense to me.
28-My actions and behavior may mislead some people. Frankly it's not my fault they jump to some conclusions that are not in fact true; it's their own fault. The funny thing is that some of them blame it on me. I'm not easy to read. Quite the opposite, I may be so difficult to read. You know some of their conclusions have the potential to amuse me for the rest of my life; if they don't piss me off first.
29-I don't like affectionate gestures very much.
30-I believe actions speak louder than words.
31-I almost don't take anything for granted.
32-I have no problem with rules only if they make sense and have use. I don't accept so-called rules that make absolutely no sense. To be perfectly honest, I've found so many rules meaningless.
33- And finally according to some of my friends, I'm wasting my intelligence.

This is just a friendly advice. Don't upset me or piss me off; in other words don't get on my bad side, because I never forget such things. You may slip away, but I assure you that I'll return the favor without any hesitation if I am able to. Call me cruel or anything you like, but I think it's quite fair. I'm not a forgiving person. Quite the contrary, I'm more on unforgiving side. Don't worry; it'll only happen if I become truly angry. I do get frustrated a lot but not really angry. Though to some people I always look angry. Anyway, I have become really angry only twice in my entire life. It's probably the third side talked about in one the posts I have shared on FB (The link is in the double quotation. Here: "…"). I argue with my friends and older sister a lot too, but of course I don't consider them. :)

If my personality doesn't sound very pleasant to you, sorry (not really). BTW, I'm an INTJ. The title for this personality type from MBTI is 'the Scientist'. This is the most misunderstood type from MBTI. Probably because an INTJ lives most of their life inside their head. Other people say stuff like these about INTJs: cruel, arrogant bastards, unemotional robots, socially awkward geeks, narcissists or sometimes mad scientists, etc. This type is strongly male meaning women of this type are really rare. To be honest, before taking this test I had difficulties understanding almost every girl I came across and I didn't know why but now I know why; though I still have difficulties understanding them. The only exceptions were my sister and one of my university friends because they are INTJs as well. Side Note: My sister first got INFJ, but we were surprised. We are very different in some aspects, but I knew she wasn't a very emotional person. Later we found she didn't understand some questions perfectly and some wrong answers led to a wrong result. When she corrected those answers, she got INTJ.

If you haven't heard of MBTI, search it on the Internet. It may help you to understand your personality better. It was really helpful for me and I didn't believe in personality tests before.

These are some characters I like from the shows I have seen so far:
1-Bleach: Byakuya, Ukitake, Renji, Shutara, Urahara, Kira, Yoruichi, Unohana, Ishida
2-InuYasha: Kikyo, Sango. Sesshomaru was OK, but I think he is overrated. Unfortunately many fangirls love his beautiful feminine face. Seriously I once mistook him for his mother. Anyway, he is a good character. In my opinion he is the most similar character to Byakuya among all the characters anime fans claimed they are similar to him. I'm mostly positive towards him, but I can't say I'm one of his die-hard fans; I like him though. Kikyo is an interesting character. For a 18 year old girl she acts very wisely. I don't know why a lot of InuYasha fans (or people who watched it) hate on her. Many of them say she gets in the way of InuYahsaXKagome. I think it's a very bad reason; just like what many of IchiHime and IchiRuki fans say. About Sango, who doesn't love a very kind older sister? :) My favorite character from Inuyasha is Kikyo.
3-Blood+: Hagi
4-Naruto:Jiraiya, Kakashi (he was cool too, but I like pervy sage more and no offense to people who absolutely love him but I think he's overrated. haha, well not much like some other characters to be honest; he deserves his popularity), Neji, Sai, Itachi (he was such a tragic character. He was very devoted to his homeland), Konan, Tsunade. My favorite character from Naruto is Jiraiya.
5-Attack On Titan: None
6-Code Geass: None
7-Death Note: Near
8-Devil May Cry: Dante
9-Soul Eater: Death the kid, Stein. I can't decide which one I like better.
10-Brave10: None
11-Black Butler: None
12-D.Gray-Man: Allen is by far my most favorite character in DGM, because I love Jesus-like characters. Well, if you ignore it when he is in the gambling mood; when he is a heartless cheater. I know he has a mask and he is hiding his real personality, but I think it's OK. In fact, it makes him more interesting. Lavi is my second favorite character. You think he is stupid, but in fact he is the smartest among the main trio. He's smarter than Lenalee, I guess. UPDATE: I was wrong! According to the writer Lenalee is smarter than Lavi. Though I have to admit she doesn't seem so at some points. I love Lenalee, but sometimes she does act really irrational and like a crybaby. That's OK. She's just 16/17 and she's been through a lot. She's really lucky that she has an older brother like Komui. :) The other characters I like: Komui (a genius and a mad scientist with a sister complex worse than Byakuya's; he's funny and likable and he sacrificed his future for the sake of his sister), Krory (too kind), Cross (a complex and mysterious character; despite being an asshole to Allen sometimes, he cares about his idiot apprentice or he did care in case he's actually dead :( ) , Reever (he's a good man and he's funny especially when he yells at Komui :D for example, episode 18; his Japanese voice actor is Byakuya's Japanese voice actor. It's very interesting to me that his voice was so calm and emotionless when he was talking as Byakuya, while he was yelling when he was talking for Reever :D ), Tyki and Road (I never liked villains before; that's surprising). I want Timcanpy as my pet.
13- Hetalia: Russia, China, I'm starting to like France; he is such a gay. :rofl: He scared China with his shameless suggestion. I don't blame him though. China looks like a girl and for that matter a pretty one :heart:. If I want to ship any pairings from Hetalia, it is my OTP: RussiaXChina. I know they are just some countries, but still... I'm just that weird. :D Side note: Komui Lee's English voice actor is really talented. His performance for France is brilliant; so are his performances for Komui and Sebastian. My sister hasn't watched D.Gray-man that much but she likes the 18th episode, thanks to his great voice acting as Komui lee (Komui was overprotective of Lenalee wanting to kill her so-called date with his robots and bombs. :rofl: He was ready to sacrifice the town for her safety :D ).Todd Haberkorn is talented too. His performances for Italy, Allen Walker and Death the Kid were amazing; especially Italy. It seems he tends to speak for main characters. I love Britain's English voice actor, Scott Freeman. He's talented. Too bad he won't voice Britain anymore. :( I don't know why but I don't feel disgusted by what he did; I feel sorry for him instead. :)
14-Full Metal Alchemist: Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Roy Mustang (his English voice actor is Kanda's English voice actor), Riza Hawkeye, Armstrong, Izumi Curtis. I can't decide who is my favorite character from FMA.

I don't like these characters because they are hot, sexy, handsome, good-looking, beautiful, have red, orange, black, white and golden hair or something like that. Actually, I don't like red and white for hair color very much. I like black for hair color the most, but that is irrelevant.

From this list my first favorite character is Byakuya Kuchiki. I love this arrogant, mysterious, complex and misunderstood character who despite acting icy has very deep feelings very much. I guess the second is Allen Walker. Pretty funny. They have nothing in common. Well, both have silver eyes, fair complexion and they suck at drawing. Wait! There's another thing. They can't forget the loved one they have lost. I mean more than it's normal. Hisana for Byakuya and for Allen his foster father Mana. Sometimes I want to strangle Mana for causing Allen to suffer this much. I prefer to say nothing about Hisana. Frankly, I understand Byakuya haters, but it's a little difficult for me to understand how someone can hate a well-mannered generous character like Allen who is a gentleman. I know some people don't like characters who are too nice, but it doesn't mean I'll understand it.

I can relate to Byakuya more than the other characters from this list, but maybe it's not even 50%. I think if he were a real person, he would be a better person than I am. According to people who know me (friends), I'm not arrogant at all, but I have anger issues (I'm not that bad :D ). His character is like Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. They are both noble, wealthy, calculating, good-looking and despite acting very cold they are really good men (their wives are lucky ;) ). Mr. Darcy is my favorite character from Pride and Prejudice. Though I didn't like him at first (like Byakuya).

I love Allen Walker because he reminds me of the protagonists from 'The Idiot' and 'The Brothers Karamazov'. When I was a child this type was my first type for favorite characters (I love the youngest brother from 'The Brothers Karamazov', but I do act more like his older brother, Ivan. ;) When I read that book for the first time I didn't like him; I was an 11-year-old kid for god's sake, but now I'm grown up I see what an intriguing character he is; more intriguing than Byakuya and Severus Snape. I expected nothing less of one of the titans in Literature. :) I think My personality is more similar to Byakuya's than Ivan's. I'm not that intriguing). I thought I wouldn't like such characters anymore but after watching D.Gray-Man I realized I was wrong. I think that's why I never hated Orihime, because she is somehow one of those characters (Why should I hate her anyway? Because she says 'Kurosaki-kun' way too much? or she gets in the way of IchiRuki? Or she is busty? :disbelief: She is just too kind; that's her problem. She is an idiot like Allen). While I can't say I'm her fan, I always preferred her to Rukia. Sometimes I think Allen is the male version of Orihime. :D Plus, Allen is a decent main character (so is Edward Elric from FMA). In my opinion, he is better written than Ichigo and Naruto. All credit goes to Katsura Hoshino. She and Hiromu Arakawa (the writer of Full Metal Alchemist) have proven women can be better writers than some men. I really didn't think a woman wrote D.Gray-Man. The story is really dark and full of tragedies and romantic scenes almost don't exist. The probability of the main character's death is very high (Great, one of the few main characters I like is about to die :noes:).

Sorry for possibly hurting the feelings of some people who bother themselves to read this far; but these are some characters I hate/dislike from those series:
1-Sasuke Uchiha(Naruto): My least favorite character of all time. I always wondered why he is so hated, but after watching at least 500 episodes of Naruto (I have had plenty of time recently), I can understand why. I don't dislike him because he's arrogant or cold, if so I should hate Byakuya too. Seriously when I was watching those episodes of Naruto, when he hadn't left Konohana, I thought to myself he was not bad at all and why he has a lot of haters, but after that he was only thinking of revenge and his actions weren't acceptable at all. He just decided based on his emotions (his negative emotions; if they were the other way, I'd probably like him instead). Besides, he's a genius; he should use his intelligence. For me not using your intelligence when you're a clever one is unforgivable. I haven't finished Naruto yet (it bored me to death), but if I finish it (I'll finish it because I don't like to leave things unfinished unless there is an acceptable reason), my opinion may change, and I may remove him from this list.
2-Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass): He is a hypocrite.
3-Light Yagami/Kira (Death Note): I hate him because for his goal he was ready to do anything; even killing his own sister (I disliked Byakuya during Soul Society arc, despite the fact I liked him when he first appeared and Rukia has never been my favorite character). I don't hate Light because he killed L. I think I'm the only who wasn't upset by L's death. I wasn't his fan. Thanks to L, a lot of fans hate on poor Near for lame reasons. I find it ridiculous a lot of fans say Death Note was only good when L was in the story and after that, it sucked. To me, in terms of quality those parts were the same.
4-Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto): An idiot who only likes to copy Orochimaru.
5-Orochimaru (Naruto): Do I really need to give a reason? He should have died instead of Jiraiya (I was upset by his death :cries: ).
6-Kagome (InuYasha): A really annoying girl who can't accept Inuyasha loves Kikyo more than her and takes her anger out on Inuyasha. I don't blame him. Kikyo is much more pretty even though they look like each other and she is wiser. Why on earth has she been paired with every guy in other stories?
7-Claude (Black Bulter): What he did to Alois Trancy was unforgivable. I wasn't a fan of Alois, but he didn't deserve that. I'm glad Sebastian killed him, but thanks to him, poor Sebastian couldn't devour Ciel's soul.
8-Medusa (Soul Eater): She is a sorry excuse for a mother. She uses her own child and tortures him mentally.
9-Misa Amane (Death Note): One of the most stupid characters in the Anime/Manga history.
10-Choaji (D.Gray-Man): He's useless, stupid and ungrateful. To me stupidity is enough to hate some character or someone. There are some exceptions like Allen. People like him are selfless idiots. It's the only kind of idiots I don't hate. I usually like them.
11-Kanda (D.Gray-Man): An idiot who acts first and thinks after that. It's mostly his fault Allen is in this situation. At least he had this decency to go after him. I don't know why a lot of FF writers like to pair these two. I prefer Laven. Usually main characters are stupid, but Kanda is even more stupid than Allen and it's not in a good way like him. I'm surprised some people compare him to Byakuya. The only similarities are that they are cold, arrogant and pretty. That's all. I found it really hilarious when one of Kanda fans called Hoshino silly because she's said Kanda is an idiot. Please, Kanda is her own creation. You think she doesn't know what she has created? Anyway if he used his brain more, he wouldn't be on this list. I don't dislike him as much as the other characters from this list. I have to admit he has grown on me and I don't dislike him as much as I used to. As the story progresses he may even be removed from here. Update: I don't dislike him anymore. I think my dislike for him in the past was because he was being so mean to Allen and he acted without thinking (I just adore Allen so much; he could be Ukitake's son :) ). I had no problem with him being cold and arrogant (if so I should have hated Byakuya too ;) ). Anyway, he isn't like this anymore. :) His past has been revealed which is really sad. :( Now I like him. Side Note: Senbonzakura's hair resembles Kanda's. I think Kanda was created before the human form of Senbonzakura.:)
12-Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Bleach): One of the most non-human characters ever. He sees everyone as test subjects. He is the perfect example of an INTJ who has gotten out of control (Off-topic Urahara is probably an INTP). He gives all scientists a bad name. I can't believe I forgot about him.
13-I usually hate/dislike villains. The only exceptions are Tyki Mikk, Road Kamelot and their boss. I don't know why I don't hate the Millennium Earl. He's so funny (I wonder what his powers are. He has shown nothing). These three are from my current obsession, D.Gray-man. Tyki is somewhat like Aizen, but I like Tyki and I hate Aizen. I really do. :| Tyki has a human side despite being a cold-blooded murderer when he is in his dark side; he has some human friends he cares for. Even in his dark side he doesn't use the other members of the Noah family. On the other hand, Aizen cares about nobody; not even people who are on his side. I really can't stand such characters. He's just plain disgusting.

I have a lot of characters like Ichigo that piss me off, but I don't hate/dislike them for real. In Ichigo's case, I'm not interested in him, but I don't really hate him. I don't have an acceptable reason. I just hate the way Kubo treats him (ok, I'm trying not to hate him, but it's really hard).

Since I have talked about some characters from those anime, I think it won't be bad if I talk about some of these series as well:

Death Note: It's the very first anime I have watched. Before watching it, I hadn't watched any anime seriously. I just liked to make fun of them. It's my favorite series along with D.Gray-man. I can't decide which one I like more.

Bleach: I have said in different occasions I don't like Bleach or something like that. Well, that's not the truth. I have a soft spot for that Manga/Anime. It was the second Manga/Anime I have followed. Kubo's art is one of the best if not the best among Manga that have been created. Kubo is great at creating interesting characters (some people say his characters are shallow which I completely disagree with) and battles scenes. Unfortunately, some flaws have ruined his work. What a shame.

DGM: I really had a bad impression of this series. I downloaded 51 dubbed episodes reluctantly and after that I was hesitant to watch it. After watching 10 episodes I became interested and now I'm a fan. The animation is good, but Hoshino's original art is much better than what has been presented in the anime. I wish they continued the dubbed version. To me it was much better than the original version. I especially like the performances of Todd Haberkorn, J. Michael Tatum and Chuck Huber. Anyway, I really love D.Gray-Man. I think one of the reasons I love DGM so much is the main character himself. :heart:

Hetalia: Unlike what it may appear, it's more than a kiddie show. Unlike the other anime my friends didn't suggest it to me. I found it myself and I was the one who suggested to them. It's my second favorite anime, a very close second one. Even though I love Death Note and D.Gray-Man a little more than Hetalia, I think Hetalia is the best anime I've seen so far. I found it by accident. During that time (summer 2012) whenever I went to anime/manga section in, I saw the amount of Hetalia fan-fictions was rapidly increasing (Once upon a time it wasn't even the fourth, but now it's in the second place), so I became curious. When I checked the characters names, I saw they are the names of countries in the world. I watched only 2 episodes but I found Hetalia very interesting. I remember I read somewhere usually Naruto fans hate Hetalia and vice versa. Seriously Hetalia is much better. Whoever came up with the idea of the story is apparently very creative. I think it wants to teach children the relationships between countries in the world and historical events in a funny and enjoyable way. As an adult I found it worthy to be watched. Even my older sister, who isn't an anime fan at all, likes it. On the other hand, Naruto wasn't really interesting to me. I'm not interested in the idea of tailed beasts or a boy who wants to be a Hokage someday (though I found Naruto's belief in his goal really admirable). Even though Bleach has big flaws, I still prefer it to Naruto. I prefer Zanpakutou to Kunai knives and Kido to Jutsu. The only fight I liked from Naruto was Madara's fight. Kubo's art is better than Kishimoto's art. It may be ridiculous, but one of the reasons I watch anime is their art (I don't compare the art of these series based on their anime; I compare them based on the art of their manga; because usually the original art in manga is better than anime. The only exception is Death Note). Although I must say plot and characters are more important to me. Back to Hetalia, I've just finished watching it recently despite the fact I found it more than three years ago.

Full Metal Alchemist: Very good series. I really enjoyed watching it (I still prefer Death Note and D.Gray-Man though).

Soul Eater: The word in that postcard is indeed an Arabic word, but we have plenty of words with Arabic origins in Persian because they invaded our country and made Iranians Muslim by force and forced their language on Iranians such that Persian was on the brink of extinction. Thanks to Ferdowsi and his epic, it didn't happen; though many of scientistic works like Ibn Sina's books, Razi's books, Jabir ibn Hayyan's books or examples like these, have been written in Arabic instead of Persian; Iranians weren't always this miserable :/. The way that word was written is the way we write it in Persian. That postcard was probably sent from Iran. It is written "شجاعة" in Arabic not "شجاعت". Though I won't be surprised if it's not the intention of the animation maker, because the book I saw Stein had in the anime, was in Arabic not Persian. I'll take the animation maker and the author of the manga don't know the difference between Arabic and Persian in this case (I don't blame them though). Off-topic; I may have forgotten many things, but I still know a little bit Arabic. Once upon a time, my Arabic was much better than my English.

Attack On Titan: I know it's very popular but I wasn't impressed.

Anyway, I like these Manga/Anime more than the rest (Almost in that order):
Death Note, D.Gray-man (current obsession), Hetalia (Another obsession :D ), Full Metal Alchemist, Black Butler, Code Geass

I really hate to say this, but many Byakuya fangirls only love his face, but if I say I don't find him nice to look at, I'll be lying. I remember when I first saw him in the anime I thought he was nice to look at, despite the fact that the initial drawings of Bleach anime seemed somewhat ugly to me (when I checked the manga I saw Kubo's art was much better; even in the beginning and now in the latest chapters his art is not comparable); especially since I watched the anime of Bleach right after Death Note (I think you'll get my point if you have seen that anime). Plus, I liked how he looked calm and serene. Anyway, It seems in Japan the appearance of a character is very important in polls. He was in the 10th place in the second poll which I think was conducted during Soul Society Arc. I was quite surprised because in that arc he was an asshole or at least he seemed so. I really think if he weren’t handsome, he would not be very popular. Anyway, he's probably overrated too but not as much as Sesshomaru, Kakashi and Sebastian (not even close in the last two cases). I might be biased because I love him more than them. Another example is Kanda. He always has more votes than Lavi (and more than Allen in two polls), despite having less screen time than he does (but Lavi hasn't had much screen time for a while; after somewhere between chapters 160 and 170). Since Kanda looks better than him, he always has more votes.

Currently, I mostly go to the DGM section of I don't know why many of fanfics in that section, are about Yullen. It seems it's the most popular DGM pair. I don't like it very much. Laven needs more love. Even the anime supports Laven. LOL. But seriously the most possible pair in the canon is AllenXLenalee (if he doesn't die at the end of course). Not that I mind it. I love both characters. In fact, I hope it'll become official. Though in my opinion, it's semi-official after chapter 205. LaviXLenalee is a cute pair, but unfortunately is a one-sided love from Lavi. I don't think Lenalee loves him romantically (poor guy). It seems to me that Lenalee loves Allen more despite knowing him for a shorter time. On the other hand it seems Lenalee is the only one Allen likes. Some pairs in this fandom don't make sense to me at all. Like:
1- Yullen (KandaXAllen): They hated each other's guts. Yes, in the newest chapters they are on good terms but I think it still doesn't make sense because Kanda loved/loves Alma. he doesn't seem to be a type of person that forgets his love easily.
2- Lucky (LaviXTyki): I truly don't understand where this one is coming from.
3- TykiXKanda: Makes less sense than Lucky.
4- CrossXAllen: Cross has clearly said he is only interested in women. Hoshino has said he thinks of Allen as his son and he thinks he is very cute. You're not alone Cross. There are plenty of people who think the same, me included (even Google suggested 'cute' when I searched his photos).
5- I don't say Poker Pair (TykiXAllen) makes much sense but it makes more sense than Lucky and TykiXKanda.
6-Timcanpy pairings: He is just a golem for God's sake!
7-The most hilarious pairings besides Timpcanpy pairings, are the ones involving their Innocence and in Tyki's case, his Tease/Teeze. It seems some of fans think Innocence is something like Zanpakutou, but it's clearly not.
NOTE: For people who have read this far; please don't get offended if you see one of your favorite pairings (or more) in this list. Don't forget we just have different opinions and tastes. After all, people are different. If we all had the same taste and opinions in everything, it would be absolutely boring; don't you think? ;) BTW, even though these pairs don't make sense to me that much, sometimes I read fan-fictions about them. I'm just that weird. It's somewhat off-topic, but my OTP from Bleach is, in fact, one of the pairs that don't make sense at all (to me; don't know about others), but I've read a lot of fan-fictions about it.

One of the dear deviants here has mentioned that Allen has been pair with everyone or everything that is true. I even came across a fanfic with more than 100 chapters devoted to the pairings involving him.
By the way, this is an interesting story about DGM fanfics:
It is inspired by a Bleach fan-fiction with almost the same title. Replace 'DGM' with 'Bleach'.

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