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Ask OCs #4

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Maggie: "So there I was with a bat load of paperwork my lousy boss wanted me to finish by the end of the day while he was preparing for a meeting. And then, when he entered my office to ask me to make him a cup of coffee, I thought it would be the perfect chance to cure my boredom! So I snuck into the medical supplies cupboard, located a bottle of laxative tablets, and crushed some and put them in the coffee I prepared for William.
Hahaha! You should have seen him during the meeting! He was having so much trouble  trying to control his flatulence! His coworkers were so grossed out! XD It was hilarious!"

This question was asked by :iconthe-timerunner:

I am on a roll right now with these questions! And I am feeling very satisfied with how my drawing skills are coming along!
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((Oh good god X'D Poor Willu!
I gather he was not all that impressed after such an experience, eh? XD))
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((Nope. And you can definetely assume that Maggie got demoted from personal assistant that day.))
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((Ah so I assumed correctly? XD Very good sir))
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((Yes you did. Jolly good sir XD))
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