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Haha, skinless journal entry.

Hello everyone! I've got something really important to tell you all here, for those who many not have been aware of DeviantArt's future. But before I get into that, I'll first talk about myself here and what's been happening.

It's been a long time since I've written something on this website. I've been trying to at least upload my works on here but I feel as if for the past few years, the community has been going really stale. I think it's an incredibly tragic thing to happen as there's no other proper art social media website, and everyone's just hanging around on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. I've often considered simply leaving dA altogether, my only reason staying being because I wanted to give those who still want their profile customised a chance in the future.

Now, even that is changing. And that's what I'm going to talk about.

The death of  profile customisation

Software customisation has always been a huge part of my life. My laptop runs Rainmeter amongst other stuff. My phone has widgets and custom icons and my primary reason of owning an Oneplus phone is due to customisation. And the main reason why I enjoy website development so much is because it feels like I'm customising someone's online appearance. This is why I loved Deviantart. Few platforms allow you to write your own HTML elements. However, in these past few years platforms are slowly getting rid of customisation in favour of design consistency.

With DeviantArt Eclipse launching within a few months, this place is about to do the same.

All beta testers should be able to preview Eclipse. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of the site. I've previewed it myself before losing my core membership. Personally, I think it looks really good. DeviantArt has been testing design changes for the past few years and Eclipse is a very good final conclusion. Sadly I don't think this will revive the community, but who knows.

More importantly, as far as I can see they are getting rid of custom widgets, and the ability to customise using HTML in general. Profiles are about to lose their uniqueness and personality. Instead, you'll be getting your good ol widgets (now called sections) and DeviantID (now called about tab), completely redesigned. Oh, and a header.

I've had numerous people personally contacting me about my coding commissions, so I want to warn you in advance: If you still plan to commission me, keep in mind that you're only gonna be able to keep that profile for a few months until Eclipse launches.

I'm still exploring the possibilities of what could possibly be my future role for the DeviantArt community. I already have some ideas in mind, the next question will be whether I'll be willing to take my time on it and undercharge myself as usual. I'm in the middle of preparing a huge project that'd probably provide me more money than DeviantArt ever will. Once I have launched that and I see it's going well, I may just leave DeviantArt. I know that sounds pretty harsh, but I hope some of you understand why.

I guess we'll just see.

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I forgot I had to renew my core membership. Oh well I think I'm kinda done with dA's core since they seem to be planning to get rid of most of the profile customisation so I'll be waiting until they new site is out.

For now I'm keeping my profile as is (with some additional links I gotta squeeze in somewhere without needing to edit the current widgets) and just post as usual. I hope you guys don't mind my slightly more barebones profile and journal skin. :^D

Also *shameless self-promotion* if you want a site from me please contact me either here, on any of my social media, or and we'll work it out. I'm looking for stuff to work on.
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Thank you for the love guys. :heart:
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Very important update.

For those who don't check out my journals, I urge you to read this:
<da:thumb id="760148582"/>
I really hate asking for money, but I'm completely at a loss at to what else to do. Please take a moment to read this, thank you.
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I'm sorry for my lack of art. I've been focusing on numerous fields to earn money. I'll become a freelance webdesigner and front-end developer and also look for a job or so. Once I'm done with the preparation I hope to draw again. I've missed it so much. :(

I've also been selling anime figures, so if you're interested in those please look into my new Twitter account that's focused entirely on selling figures: AwesomePiku_fig
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