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Cigarette Head

Either way you'll run out of tobacco at some point.

And so I continue not making line art at all and go on with one-layering.
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This is awesome!

I understand. I do all my art in one layer. Makes everything easier
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Whoa, thank you so much! I never expected you to check out my art, let alone favourite-comment it. :'')

I enjoy one-layering much more, it also gives your drawing a more natural look.
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oooohh why me? D:
it looks really nice, but you can't do some things you can do with several layers ..
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While following someone for 4 years it's nice to be noticed.

Of course you can't, which is why I merely paint on one layer, and put additional effects on another layer.
Most people abuse layers with line art, paint strokes for each part and so on. I was once one of them.
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I know you from flipnote! but I thought we had already spoken...didn't we?

yessssss me too, I was used to create layers for anything. it was crazy
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I recall our first conversation being about what's considered copying characters in your opinion, as I was concerned about my own. After that I might have commented on both Hatena and dA a few times. However you commenting on my art is new and I highly appreciate it!

I know right? It was insane. I remember having to use at least 70 layers for pointless reasons. Oh the horror. 8''(
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My memory is too short, sorry if I couldn't remember )':
Anyway, it's nice to re-meet people xd
(sorry for the late comment)
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Nah it's okay, you used to get flooded by comments there anyway.
Nice to remeet you too! Let's get along well together and become partners in crime! /o/
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Like I said, I love the concept, The coloring also nice, you improved~ ; w ;
what I love the most here is the background.
It gave a strong impression for me.
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1. Sketch.
2. Put the base colours and merge the two layers.
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!!

Thank you so much Elle! And the background huh... I wanted to contrast it with the character itself, being almost in a falling trance or something, so I went for something chaotic. I'm so happy you mentioned the background.
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Damn, that's a really cool mess.

I like one-layering, it feeds my soul. 
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Thank you!

And to me it's more like my soul feeds one-layering.
I love it.
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Feeding one-layering with your soul, that should give interesting results.

You're welcome!
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Oh wait, I forgot! You need a soul before you can feed your art with it.
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(What feeds your soul? Analyzing Adachi?)
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If you mean "getting in touch with your true inner self" by that, then yes, analysing (or reading analyses of) Adachi is part of it.
But doing the same thing to music and society is as effective. I like fueling my view to the world.
I also love coming up with new art ideas and thinking why that'd work. Then it ends up belonging to my long list of ideas if I remember it long enough.

I guess those are the major things.
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Yeah it could mean that

Knowledge is one thing that really fuels my being
Music, society...People
I also like analyzing things, anything, somewhere there's a hole in my being that new ideas can fill up

The true inner self can get lonely sometimes

I am downloading the first episode of the season two of Mushishi, just to test the series out. I guess it can' t be too bad if I'm not starting from the start, judging from the anime's episodic nature? I'm downloading season two because the season one is no longer available for seeding in the torrent site I'm using...I'll do this until I have enough time to watch the first season online.
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People as a whole, or individually? Because as a whole that's what society means. And individually... I can't do that. I don't even like doing that unless I can relate to the person.

"The true inner self can get lonely sometimes."
Please elaborate.

Mushishi has three seasons and indeed, you can start anywhere. Do you use kissanime? It's good for downloading episodes. They're not even torrents which I highly prefer.
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Interesting concept.
And once again a pretty nice one layer.
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All on one layer??
That must have been difficult
But this came out wonderfully! 0':
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It's my fourth time doing one-layering. It's challenging, but really fun. :D
Thank you!
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This is all done on one layer? Dayum son that's impressive :0
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