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Hey all, because I don't have internet at home and covid is a right bastard, I haven't been able to get online much without taking a lot of risks. The good news is I'll be able to use my friend's place again so I'll be able to start posting new pages again next week. I'll also have more info on my game, Kaiju Crush which will be coming out in April

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Hey all! If you've been waiting to purchase Midnight Menagerie until it was cheaper, Comixology has issue #1 on sale for $.99!

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Hey all! Midnight Menagerie is back. The newest chapter, Beast of the 17th Green is live, that is IF you are a patron on my Patreon account:

For just 2 bucks a month you can start reading the newest chapter and new pages as they are added over the next few months. The pages will eventually be offered for free...but not for a while as my guest comic, Kaiju is ongoing for a few more weeks. Being a patron has other benefits as well as I release exclusive sketches, artwork, videos and behind the scenes info on all my projects, from Midnight Menagerie, Sorcerer's Apprentice and my upcoming game, Kaiju Crush

I hope you guys can contribute!

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After more than a year of work (largely in secret) the demo of my visual novel Kaiju Crush is now available! You can download the demo (for free) here:

A visual novel is a type of game similar to a choose your own adventure story. As you follow the story, your choices in certain scenarios affect the story. Sometimes it means you'll get to see a different scene or cause something new to happen, others can affect the game's outcome.

Kaiju Crush is about a melancholy office worker who gets to be a hero after running into an old friend from their small country village after a giant monster attacks the city. It's intended to riff on many tropes in romantic visual novels and is meant to be silly, light-hearted fun. I hope you check out the demo and will want to check out the entire finished game once it's available.

As I get more and more of the game done, expect to see more art based off the game as well as returning to my comics projects

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Hello darlings! No, this isn't an illusion, I am actually posting news.

So what's going on and why haven't I posted any new damn comic pages? Okay, fair enough. For the past year and a half I have been dealing with a lot of shenanigans involving some petty moves from my local municipality. I complained about some actions they did to the Federal government, they responded by digging through their codes to fine me for the most ludicrous reasons possible. Those fines were slowly killing me and I didn't have the cash or resources to fight back. During all this time I was incredibly frustrated and depressed, and it resulted in me not wanting to work because what was the point since it wasn't actually paying my bills.

On top of that, I had to buckle down and in spite of my very, very bad health, my mom and I had to do a lot of physical work in order to get up to code, shut the county up and get them off our backs and stop fining us. Did that, but not without even less motivation to work. Also, part of this work completely blocked off my office, where my scanner, and only access to importing drawn Midnight Menagerie pages to digital exists.

So what's been happening now?

I'm still working on Midnight Menagerie, and neither it nor Sorcerer's Apprentice are dead, just on an indefinite hiatus until I can access my office again. The good news is a few scripts are being written and sketches being done, so as soon as Tab A goes into Slot B, new pages will appear.

But in the meantime!

I'm working on a new project!


It's called Kaiju Crush, and it will be a visual novel where you, the player, get to know and romance one of four giant monster girls in order to stop the destruction of the world! The beta will be out sometime soon as I wait for my composer to finish one final track for the demo. This has been eating about 90% of my creative time, with the rest of my creative resources doing the odd drawing here and there. Also I've been working towards freeing my office, but the weather hasn't been super cooperative, so it's been slow going.

That's for continuing to watch and support me, and I hope you'll check out Kaiju Crush and all my other projects as soon as they're updated.

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