Kaiju Crush Demo Now Available!

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After more than a year of work (largely in secret) the demo of my visual novel Kaiju Crush is now available! You can download the demo (for free) here:


A visual novel is a type of game similar to a choose your own adventure story. As you follow the story, your choices in certain scenarios affect the story. Sometimes it means you'll get to see a different scene or cause something new to happen, others can affect the game's outcome.

Kaiju Crush is about a melancholy office worker who gets to be a hero after running into an old friend from their small country village after a giant monster attacks the city. It's intended to riff on many tropes in romantic visual novels and is meant to be silly, light-hearted fun. I hope you check out the demo and will want to check out the entire finished game once it's available.

As I get more and more of the game done, expect to see more art based off the game as well as returning to my comics projects

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