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Whatcha Doin' On The Other Side

I'm drinking chai latte and watching X-Files lol. i hope Mulda and Scully will rock in the upcoming miniseries!!!!
They have to!!! XD Gambate Mulda and Scully YuuuUSH :D
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Haha... Cute. ^•^ I love the lighting! What type of utensils do you use for your work?
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Forgive me
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What equipment did you use for this? watercolour?
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i love your Artwork Naschi-Senpai <3
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It seems the paper shit is lightning ! Wow ! (OwO;)
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The galactic background... It's so majestic. o.o

I can't really say more about how good the artwork is. I am greatly below your level. XD It's a great job as always. :)
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Love how you made her tongue stick out. X3
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Pumpkin is so cute
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she look so awosme :)
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How is it so good!? Undertale chat icon: Flowey What? 
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my word this is most impressive^^ excellent work~
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so cute and pretty ;//v//; <3333 
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Thanks a lot :hug:
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I adore how you use colours. In a lot of places where others might use shades of the same colour, you're not afraid to mix it up, and it works so well. The green tint in the orange eyes, for instance. I wish I could do nearly as well ^^
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Hey I love your art work, you're like a role model to me and I was wondering was art materials you use to color
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PUMPKIN (👍≖‿‿≖)👍 👍(≖‿‿≖👍) WITCH is (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ 
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I heard x-files is so creepy and also true... how do you live with that
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This is really cool i love it (it would be more epic  if it was PURPLE instead of orange but still amazing)
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