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Speed up your Workflow + VIDEO

Video is Online =>
This video was a little tricky because of the many text overlays OTL Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
The tutorial goes best with the video so i recommend to take a look to
get an idea of the whole process :la:

Have fun with the vid :heart:
:star:If you haven't yet you can join our Learn Manga Base here on Deviantart. Everbody is welcome ;) :iconlearnmanga:



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Awesome content!! I'm going to follow you in other social networks.

I Just stumbled into your tutorials and I think they are great! Thanks for the tips!

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While these techniques ARE helpful, i think it would be best to instead of a puppet made of "Lines and circles" focus on drawing using simple "Basic Shapes" I mean if you were to buy a cheap wooden Artist mannequins and look at it closely, you would see the head is a circle or oval, the chest and hips are boxes, the arms and legs are rectangles, and the hands and midsection are circles. Heck even in the puppet thing you provide you can clearly see basic shapes being used. 

The main difference between using shapes and just doing a puppet built around lines and circles is building a solid foundation you can use to draw ANYTHING. So let's say you use your technique and learn to draw simple basic proportioned humans very well. That's awesome, but what if you want to draw a puppy or kitty as their pet interacting with them, or draw a background, or maybe their first car after your character get's his or her license? Well sadly the "Human Puppet" technique doesn't really carry over well to these subjects (It partially does with animals, but their anatomy is still different and will require a much different puppet)  so you are going to have to go back all the way to the beginning and find another way to draw these things from the ground up while remembering the human puppet technique at the same time. Where as with drawing using basic shapes, the foundation applies to ALL things you might want to draw from humans, backgrounds, animals, vehicles, props, weapons, ect. So the basic foundation remains the same giving you an easier time adding something new you have never drawing before into your art, as you already know the basics. 

Other then that studying Perspective, Form, Shading, Lighting, and possibly Color Theory (In less you just want to draw Black and White comics, in that case fuck color theory.) is also important, but it's best to study one at a time and not get lost trying to master them all at once. I'd recommend starting with learning the shapes as it's easier, and again the most basic foundation. 

Source- Animation Student (In before "NO ONE CARES!!!!")
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THANKS! This makes it quite easy to draw persons <3 How can I thank you for all your great tutorials?
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Can you make a male version of this please?
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I like this tutorial however it results in some really still artwork. Im working to fix this by drawing more gestures and studying line of action
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i thought so to , it looks a bit flat and its hard to understand the pose
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exactly, its better to learn the line of action
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If you bound all your stuff up into a printed book, I would *totally* buy it. and add recommendations as to what kind of physical drawing medium to use!
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This is so helpful, thank you so much!!
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Thank you SO much! I learned how to make mangas now! ^^ Thank you again!
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this helped me so much in so many ways thank yoou!!!
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Your muh hero!!!!
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I just found your tutorials through a friend.
... I'm now going to yell at my friend for not telling me sooner. xD
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thank you its very helpful!!:)
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that was great! very helpful, thank you so much~!
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This is great! Thank you for making this.
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This helps so much!! Could you do one for males??
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I'm always looking for ways to draw figures simply, yet accurately.  It helps me to remember a simple way to construct them without thinking so much about it; yours is great.  I've been playing around with the shapes you use before.  They remind me of fashion model poses - thanks for this!  I'll be sure to follow you on IS :)
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This is probably the easiest way for me to do that!
Ahh :love:
I :heart: it so much, Ty :huggle:
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I really love this tutorial, its amazing. Was wondering if you were going to do a tutorial on how to draw hair as the way you draw hair intrigues me and i would love to learn off you. 

Your videos are really amazing and helpful. Keep up the amazing work :) :)
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