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LearnManga The Male Neck

The male neck is a tricky part so here are some studies of mine to check some regular head positions and angles.
I hope it helps you a bit while drawing :D

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This looks useful for any style, not just manga.

I mean, my own neck is a bit different (neck surgery ended up snipping one of those two tendons that make that V shape in the center)
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Cool! I'm glad she's showing up, I'm quite lonely...

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Shut up, you stupid kid.
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PERFECT! I want to draw a comic in the future and want to learn how to draw a more or less realistic person. And things like this are just perfect for me.
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I love these tutorials/guides they are by far some of my favourites :) .
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wow I didn't know female necks have a different anatomy
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They don't really, though males tend to have a larger adams apple. This study shows the subjects to be a bit more muscular as well, but if a female were to build a little more muscle or go into bodybuilding, they would look very similar. 
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oh shit you didn't get that it's sarcasm. It's ok. ^ ^
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lol thats my point
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ah, yeah, I see it now... I'm really bad at picking up on stuff like that lol ^^ Sorry bout that
do you have a reference sheet for noses from different angles
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Naschi please tell me where I can get that back ground please please please :la:

I really need that back ground I want to draw some old maps and I can't find any better back ground compared to that one 0.0
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Omg, you're a life saver do you you have any more drawing stuff. 
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I've always enjoyed drawing necks...
Thanks for the tip! Very helpful! :)
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Thanks for the tip!
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