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Learn Manga: Emotions

By Naschi
:star: My Tutorial FOolder
:star: If you want to learn to draw manga with us join our great place here on DA :iconlearnmanga: :D

Another lesson with a few examples of main expressions for drawing authentic manga characters. :D
Hope you can get the best out of it and don't forget to look at real expressions to understand the
different characteristica.

:star:I'm also preaparing some more emotions and expressions for you so you can take it as a refference
guide while drawing.

More is coming soon ;) ^__^

Learn Manga: How to draw the female head front by Naschi Learn Manga: How to draw the female head side by NaschiLearn Manga: Female Hair Styles by Naschi

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I trying to make a Comic series and I can copy off it if i need help! Thank you so  much! Peridot icon [f2u!] 
Alice-Asylum's avatar
this is beyond helpful!
Kviesgaard's avatar
A tutorial?
I-found-a-carrot's avatar
I feel like the scared face doesn't look very scared
Gargapitics's avatar
FoxyBrush's avatar
Thank you very much >//<
unknownsmilyart1's avatar
I'm good at emotions when it comes to drawing
Hands, feet, eyes, and proportions on the other hand...
Cosaco's avatar
Thanks for this :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
how can i learn this? im new here..i want to improve my self on arts..please help me on this matter
Jwgirl's avatar
Can we download these for offline use?
FantasaicProductions's avatar
Looks like Levy from fairy tail <3
BlackFoxFlower's avatar
This is awesome!! It's really helping out
BlackFoxFlower's avatar
Since I kind of want to be a Cartoonist and Artist
You're amazing you've really helped me!! 🌹💖
0xXInsanityXx0's avatar
I have a question to ask you about expressions...
How would you draw a 'creepy' face?
Luna4s's avatar
I might be able to help with this.
"Scary" is basically anything that humans perceive as potentially dangerous on a base instinct level.
But in this case "Creepy" is more specifically something that at first glance could deceive us in being harmless, but is in fact dangerous too us.
Remember this is a generalisation of subconscious reactions to images, meaning that you shouldn't think of these as rational thoughts.

Anyway, you probably want to make a character look creepy. The easiest way of doing that is make the character look nearly completely normal, and change a few small things to make it look "off".
A crooked smile goes a long way. Humans are also naturally "scared" of people or things showing signs of sickness.
Things relating to disease and suffering can quickly be scary and very unnerving when drawn.

Sorry if this is way to lengthy of a response.. I hope I could've helped you a bit though.
chillydragon's avatar
Aw, I'm just a passer-by, but thank you so much for the information! :noes:
Luna4s's avatar
Your welcome, glad I could help. ^-^
Electra212's avatar
All yor basics are so useful! I often use some of them and the result is pretty good and i thank for your work; also the faces are soo cute.
snowflakesakura199's avatar
Getting helpfull when I angle face refence
niscape97's avatar
I can't figure out the 3D heads. My drawings looks creepy and dead. :(
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