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Learn Manga: Create your World - CC Proportions

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Published: December 2, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 Naschi
:star: My Tutorial FOolder
This is the next stage of our new project of Learn Manga "Create Your World" :D
The goal for today is to get a fullbody proportions model for our secondary character here.
It will be part of the charactersheet which gets a place on the wall and helps us to
refference while concentrating on the story later on :la:

We are starting with a new project of Learn Manga which shows how to create a whole
new world with its characters a story, backgrounds and more. I hope we can make it easy to
follow for you all so if there are some misunderstandings in the content don't hold back.
We are just human and a helping hand will make it better over time. Let's get started
with "Create Your World" :D


:star:If you haven't yet you can join our Learn Manga Base here on Deviantart. Everbody is welcome ;) :iconlearnmanga:

Learn Manga: Create your World - Charactercreation by NaschiLearn Manga: How to draw the female head front by NaschiLearn Manga: Female Hair Styles by NaschiLearn Manga: How to draw the female head side by Naschi

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EthanTavitasStudent Artist
How old is that girl?
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EthanTavitasStudent Artist
What would be the hight of a 13 year old teen?
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I love it!!!!!!! It´s so creative
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In Fact, I 've retired from drawing over 12 years ago. Time to back to my favorite hobby. Thanks for the lessons!.
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kaiquebluebloodHobbyist General Artist
Wow, perfect! Hey Peoples check My Deviantart.
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how big are the proportion lines?
TimelessSpace's avatar
As big or small as you want, they just need to be equal distance from eachother.

If you want a fairly bigh character, i would say about a inc between each line.
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Spunkey-Monkey111Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I use a technique similar to this (ball and stick, helps with muscle placement a lot, also shows a general representation of arm and leg bones. I trace a basic outline around the frame and then fill in the rest to make a character)
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Thank you, this will help a lot.
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WildWorldArtHobbyist Digital Artist
omg your stuff is sooooo helpful! I'm trying to draw on paper since it will improve my digital skills. I suck at free-hand drawing figures and stuff so this is perfect. Do you mind if I save these and make a tiny notebook for myself, for when I'm on the go?? (I swear Its just for myself!)
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How much would one head be equivalent to? Would you say a head is equivalent to half a foot? I'm referring to the Imperial system of measurement, in case you're confused.
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EpicDotStudent Artist
Whenever I draw female characters...I always make the bodies look like a LITTLE KIDS! T-T #badhabitsdiehard
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chani14Student Artist
Yay this will help me make anime~!^u^
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gamergecko26Hobbyist General Artist
do you have any proportions for the shoulder width? i am horrible at drawing people
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Hend15Student Digital Artist
Thank you thank you !!
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where do you exactly start when your beginning manga ?
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keychainkayHobbyist Traditional Artist
Everyone starts somewhere they feel comfortable with. I used to start with the head, and that got me off to a good start, but that was a long time ago when I was really bad with hands and feet. I've progressed, and recently found it easier for me to work on the shoulders, make the neck, arms, waist, legs, base the hand and make the fingers, then do the feet. I do the head last, because the face is what I'm not good with. I want it to be the last thing I do so that I don't think the entire paper I do is gonna be a complete mess in the end. By the time I get to the head, I actually have faith I'll get it done, and be determined to finish it.
You just need to find YOUR comfort spot and start there. If you're comfortable with it, but like some people (including me a long time ago) are not good at proportions and screw up the size of something compared to the thing you started with, then practice. People say it all the time and you never take it seriously, but it really is true. If you practice, you'll find the kinks and errors of your drawings and try your hardest to make it better in the next one. That's how you improve.
I hope this helped~
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ScrbbleFluffStudent Digital Artist
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ScrbbleFluffStudent Digital Artist
THANKS U help alot ;-; :D D: B)
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I need these because of reasons.
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IcyColdFireStudent General Artist
y thois look like rin from fate stay night?
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AinoMinakoHibiskusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Was ich nicht verstehe...
Muss ich die centimeter von meinem Lineal 6,5 nehmen? oder das was groß nehmen dem Linial steht?

Bei einem 30centimeter Lineal stehen ja 1x die 30cm und auf der anderen Seite noch mal iwas bis 12 zahlen.
Ich hab das iwie nie verstanden wofür die 12 anderen Zahlen gedacht sind...

Sind damit Kopfhöhen gemeint??? weil man kann doch unmöglich eine 6,5cm Figur zeichnen so groß wie deine ist -_-
Die größe passt grad mal für eine Kakao karte ^^"

VIELEN DANK FÜR DAS TUT und bitte um Antwort Heart Heart Heart 
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