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Learn Manga Basics Semi Eyes 4 Refference

By Naschi
:star: My Tutorial FOolder
I'm studying eyes from realism and i thought i could share some examples with you .
The eyes are stylized and simplified so i could concentrate more on the flow and the expression itself. :D

Download for bigger version ;)

Nashi :heart:
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You are so talented! I've been looking through your art and I am just amazed. I hope to be as great as you!
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What kind of brush setting did you use for this?

Please reply <3
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I love these eyes, this will be super useful.
I'm trying to replicate some of these eyes with pencils and its very discouraging because it never looks quite like the ones shown here. :(
Now watching :)
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I really like your style :) 
Keep like that. 
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Great refference! Love those different shapes.
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Good. thanks for sharing.
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Wunderschön, ich habe mir ja im Sommer vorgenommen ebenfalls Mangas zeichnen zu lernen, aber dafür eine Schule zu finden hier..., nicht so einfach.^^
Besonders gefallen tun mir die grünen Augen. :3
Hey Naschi, as I see you are totally into eyes. (And other stuff as well) :) What confuses me all the time is what kind of detail makes an eye more beautiful to others. Is it a larger size of the pupil or that the outside part of the lines are always going upwards?! It would be so great to get some hints from you. 

Cheers Björn
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I love learning anime/manga from you :D! Your drawing is PERFECTION :D!
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amazing :D this one is excelent for learning :D 
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i thought these were eyes for males
some of them are but
i mean

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This is what I needed,  thanks 
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