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Learn Manga Basics: Pleated Skirts

By Naschi
:star: My Tutorial FOolder
I thought about an easy technique for drawing pleated skirts. ^____^'

Nashi :heart:
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Hey, thank you so much!! Just what I needed ^^

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thank you this helped a bunch! ^^
NamasCray's avatar
Thank you, this has helped a lot <33
Hi-Hikari-Byouga's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! I've been using it for years. No matter how clear your tutorial is though, I always end up confusing myself because my lineart is always so messy in the sketching phase ^^'
RiversReverie's avatar
Thank you for making this, it really helped me out with this drawing:
Teleport by RiversReverie
Thank you!
miki-dia2199's avatar
This was very helpful
SheepyAries's avatar
Arigatou!!!Thanks u a lots for your helpful tutorials~I luv them~
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Thank you for help
Fefur's avatar
thank u for helping us <3
BebleyArt's avatar
So helpful! Thanks!!! :-)
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Wow this is really helpful!
Lots of my character designs include pleated skirts and I had no idea had to draw them-
Thanks dude!
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:heartjump: Thanks these are super helpful
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Helpful!  I occasionally draw cheerleaders and this is the help I've been needing for a long time.

Only this shows the skirt in motion.  What if she's standing, or sitting, or unable to move?
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This helps me SO MUCH thank you! <3
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This is super helpful, thanks for sharing!!
Kisou-chan's avatar
thank you, it's very helpful <3
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Lovely refs! These are quite useful! :)
Pachumaster's avatar
hahaha, now I am one step closer to becoming a pantyshot overlord! FEAR ME
ShadowCross777's avatar
These are very helpful.
SilveraSparke's avatar
Ugh, I decide I want to draw manga and the first thing I do is research how to draw skirts. I'm such a pervert :p
blueyboy2's avatar
Which is why you will fail! How can you draw skirts without searching for butts and legs first??
ralkon's avatar
this is very helpful
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