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Learn Manga Basics Female Hair styles V2

:star: My Tutorial Folder
Today i have some new hair styles for you. They are very basic though.
i hope it helps a bit finding the right hair style for your characters :D

Nashi :heart:
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Learn Manga: Female Hair Styles by NaschiLearn Manga: How to draw the female head front by NaschiLearn Manga Basics Cat Ears by Naschi


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I myself at one time suffered for a long time because I could not find a good stylist for a long time. It was not as easy as I expected but still I was very lucky and I was able to find the guys I needed. They can make two block haircut They are real pros who are well versed in fashion and know how to make a good haircut. It helped me a lot and of course it also helped me to change my image, and this has had the best effect on my personal life. So I recommend these guys to you.

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Wait this is BASIC, I’m trash. Thanks for this, this will definitely help
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Can i trace or copy hair from this image? Like base.

Arigato gosaimasu naschi for your manga tutorials, now I was able to make my manga art.

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Seems like every anime girl in existence has one of these styles.
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I put your link on one of my drawings for the hairstyles and your artwork as well. Thank you for helping me
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I love this!! It helped a lot!!
genial, sabes dibujar muy bien
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Soooo helpful lol
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thanks for making thanks, will you be making a male hair style too?
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Thanks, it helped me improve myself :D
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Thanks for your great work , love it.
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This is the only good manga hair reference ive found in five years thank youu
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I wanted to make a comic for S.A.O so this helps a ton i wont use them for a girl character tho. More likely a guy character. Thanks.
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very good for those who are beginning to do or have in mind to do a comic xD
Really great reference, thx so much!
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thanks for this reference sheet, now I will be able to draw better than before...........La la la la 
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Thanks for making this!
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Awesome thanks you
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Really good reference, plus it gives ideas for other styles by modifying and/or mixing them :)
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Nice Hair styles. Love them!
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using it :D really perfect art amazing :clap: 
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