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Learn Manga Basics Cat Ears

:star: My Tutorial FOolder
I'm glad i can work on some new tutorials in the next time. XD
i hope it helps a bit ;)

Nashi :heart:
:star:If you haven't yet you can join our Learn Manga Base here on Deviantart. Everbody is welcome ;) :iconlearnmanga:

Learn Manga: Create your World - CC Proportions by NaschiLearn Manga: How to draw the female head front by NaschiLearn Manga Basics: Pleated Skirts by Naschi
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What do I do if I cannot draw?

Everyone can get good at drawing. From what we’ve seen so far, the three things that help the most are time, practice, and guidance. Over so many years, we never met anyone who couldn’t make it having those three things combined. But if you buy this book and see that you cannot get there, please do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a full refund with no questions asked.

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Neko fake anime screenshot by CooI  used! Thanks ;w;
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Who else saw this and thought 'Now I can draw cute catgirls for totally not weird reasons at all'?

Uh, besides me, I mean.
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Hahaha Same !
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Ah, the internet. Full of kindred spirits.
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And remember not to include human ears when there are cat ears ><
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Just what I needed, thank you for putting this up! Came here via Pinterest. ♥
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ALWAYS appreciate a good tutorial!

Joining your group, thanks for making these available!
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it's very helpful , thanks
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This will help me 💚
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Lel this has been on my start page for a year

and now I finally tried it out and it worked out pretty well I would say.
Thank you :)
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I love these tutorials~ it helps inspire me more =3
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Signed up to tell you that this is awesome. Thank you very much.
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Hmm, I haven't really thinking of drawing ears like that-- like treating them in a 3D environment.
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I'd assume this'll work for fox/wolf ears as well! ^_^
All it takes are a few tweaks, I'd assume.
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i hope it will help ;P thanks!!!
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This is very helpful. Thank you for the tutorial! :)
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OMG YES!!! Thank you I need this ; u ; b
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I can get the left ear perfectly, it's the other one that's giving me trouble. *Frustration intensifies*
There has to be a term for this, where you can draw one of something, but you can't draw it again.
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What I do, is I draw both ears/eyes at the same time, so one of them doesn't look more perfect than the other one :3
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