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Sailor Star or Moon Butterfly?

Fanart Friday for my youtube series. Here's the video:…

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Usagi Punish Icon SHE IS THE ONE NAMED SAILOR STAR!GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Dance

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OMG! This is a cute art style indeed 
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You know, she was originally heavily based on Usagi, so this is very fitting! uvu
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The comparison was inevitable.
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"I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you Ludo!"
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Cute! I'm making a drawing like that too! Star looks really accurate! 
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Butterfly Prism Power!
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This is my new wallpaper
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well I am for moon butterfly bec there are the ther sailor starlights
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I see a law suit on Disney cause that is basically what the show is. A really badly done, low quality american version of Sailor Moon.
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Come to think of it, you're right. Except a lot more annoyingly girly, and without the big harsh parts that made Sailor Moon more engaging.
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Very beautiful! Love the background, and how you drew Star in Sailor Moon's clothing...just completely beautiful.
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