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Gone away
Who knows where you've been
You take all your lies
And wish them all away

I somehow doubt
We'll ever be the same
There's too much poison
And confusion on your face

Take your time
Move yourself to me
Yeah I can take your lies
Until you fall away

You know I'm lost
Hiding in your bed
No I don't think it's wrong
It's just gone to my head

Can you feel it
I didn't mean it
Can I see you
What are we doin'
I think I love you
But I ain't sayin' nothin' you don't know

Hold on dream away
You're my sweet charade

Hey what ya do to me
Would you come back to me
Yeah I can't do another day
I'm not certain of it anyway
I'm not messin' with another life
Can I get on without you
Tell me lies
That you
Know I need
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Submitted on
September 6, 2013


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