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Tribal Brush Set 5

So, i have finally made a new tribal brush set. This one's my favourite. There are 63 awesome tribal tattoo brushes. This set is made on CS2, so it won't work on 7 or CS like the previous sets.
Feel free to use them however you want, credits are not required, but i would really appreciate if you fave them :)

Other Tribal Brush Sets:
Tribal Brush Set - [link] (24 brushes)
Tribal Brush Set 2 - [link] (50 brushes)
Tribal Brush Set 3 - [link] (50 brushes)
Tribal Brush Set 4 - [link] (58 brushes)

Now you can download a TRIBAL BRUSH MEGAPACK which contains all of these Tribal Brush Sets - almoast 250 great tribal tattoo designs in one pack!

Tribal Brush Megapack - [link]
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Hi, I used the brushes for the metal ornaments here:  Orc Huntress by marinaawin  Thank you.
Hello, I downloaded these brushes, not sure if, or how I might use them.
None the less, thank you for making them available. Should I use them in a project,
I will certainly credit you and also post the work that I used them in. Thanks again.
All the best,
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O___O AWESOME....... Cannot believe it! 
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Struck speechless, a total delight!
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epic designs X3
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You're amazing! :) thanks a lot.
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Hello there. :D I used your tool in this work: [link]
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I used your brushes here [link] , thanks
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Nice bundle - thanks for making them available....
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Thanks for all the brushes :3 i´m download all the packs :3
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Hi there. I used this stunning stock here [link]
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Thanks for the great Brushes :), will fave if used :)
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Thanks for all brushes!
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Thanks again for the brushes! Used them here: [link]
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This might sound dumb...maybe it is...but are .rar files the same as the .abr files in Photoshop? I have CS3, but every time I download a .rar file, it doesn't come up as a compatible brush set. Help???? Because these brushes are KILLER!!!!!! Would love to put them to good use.

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The brush file is stored in the .rar file, you have to unrar it first.
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Thank you ^.^!!
I just looking for nice tribal.

( ^3^ )
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it looks awesome
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when i download it and try to use it in photoshop, it says it is the wrong file type?
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You have to unrar that file with a program such as WinRAR or WinZip.
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