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My Deidara Meme comic!!!

My Deidara Meme comic!!! hope you like it

Part 2: [link]
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oh deidara, you're fucking dead
Niqua10023's avatar
Something i would do to him. Lol. 
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Thank god you can buy this as a print
Ill take 20
OniHelix's avatar
Damn! She is persuasive!
AnikiOtaku's avatar
Oh poor Deidara fell into that one XD
Evadne98's avatar
Lol!  That's so goofy!
rin226622's avatar
omfg! XDD *falls on floor dieing of laughter*
XryugafangirlX's avatar
I don't even know why the fuck I was laughing so hard for like 10 mins about this. :XD:
CaptainTimeRunner's avatar
ahhaaahahahha lol i am going to tell everyone the good news lololol
mantinkin's avatar
kitty2face2's avatar
OMG deidara's face in the third panel is SO CUTE!!!
sasodeilover0310's avatar
CrimsonShea's avatar
His face in the third panel
xKonanxPainx's avatar
Good Idea xD I'm gonna try it at Pain .___.
KumogakureKarui's avatar
Oh crap!!! He's mine, uh.. um.. Girl...! I will just call her girl...
rin037's avatar
HOLY SHET LOLOLOLOL!!! :iconomgcryplz:
TheBlueEyedVampire's avatar
LOL! That's so funny X3 ....Where do you make this stuff anyway?Just curious >.<
thepowerfulgaara's avatar
yes i shall do that when the akatsuki becomes real! because it will!
Girlsrule98's avatar
oHmy, such a good idea, but i´ll need a camera
GaaraLeeSandNinja's avatar
rofl!! poor dei-kun lol.
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