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Dragonball xenoverse Head Full Game

Dragonball xenoverse Head from full game ;)
sorry for quality i have made screenshot with youtube video :D (Big Grin)
i don't have game for the moment :no:
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i might use these to make mlp models in xenoverse as drawings too thanks
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no problem :) if that help that cool :nod:
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this is great reference for drawing 
you sir deserve a cookie
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super montage
j ai aussi acheter le jeu , mais sur pc
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ah tu vas pouvoir tamuser :) et ajouter des mods (meme si y en a pas temps que cela)
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Overall, they did a good job, even giving us some fanservice such as Neko Majin's ears, Kurieza's head, and Bra and Videl's EOZ hair.

My only gripe is that the Saiyan/Human males need a few more options. Port some from Ultimate Tenkaichi or something.
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i agree that a good work made by developpers :nod:

i dont see that you want from ultimate tenkaichi :? on the precedent only this has be possible >…
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Can't wait to play it! 
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