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Welcome to the universe of all great Naruto Oc's!

We support all amazing and well thought Original Characters and their Creators from the Naruto Universe.

I am sick of all the hate around Oc´s here on Deviantart. Thats why I made a group for all amazing Oc Creators out there. We have the same interests, we love the same things. Let´s stop this hate, let´s stop this Ship War. Our Oc´s are our Babys, right? Hate, Anti and Bash hurts. Let´s make a step together to stop this!

♥We are always open for Members♥

Tiny Heart Bullet by RedHoozukiRules Tiny Heart Bullet by RedHoozuki

We accept +

Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Of course, you must support Original Characters.
Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara No matter if you draw by yourself or it´s a Comission, Oc is Oc! ♥
Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara We love realistic and well thought Oc´s.
Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara If you use Bases, please give credit to it in the Description.
Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara If you're drawing someone else's Oc, do not forget to always give credit the Oc Creator in the description.
Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara OCs under the LGBT+ are very welcome! ♥
Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Accept other Oc´s and Pairings. That´s a basic requirement here.
Flashing Square Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Only pictures of Oc's concerning the Naruto Universe.
We don´t accept -

Flashing Square Bullet (Pink) by Gasara We don´t tolerate art thief, Oc thief, copy or Tracing of any kind.
Flashing Square Bullet (Pink) by Gasara This is a peaceful group. Ship War, Oc War or Anti Art will not be tolerated. Personal conflicts have to be clarified privately.
Flashing Square Bullet (Pink) by Gasara No racism and no homophobia. Offenders are immediately removed from the group. Here mutual acceptance prevails.
Flashing Square Bullet (Pink) by Gasara No Pictures like "Thanks for x Watchers" or "Thanks for the fave"
Flashing Square Bullet (Pink) by Gasara No Ship and Canon War. Any Single Oc in this Group is amazing in his/her own way and deserves a chance, no matter who the pair is. Please accept that. Otherwise you should stay away from this group.

Please DON´T COPY these rules. At least you should ask me.

Unsure about something? You can ask me anything if you have questions. Feel free to note me.

The selected roles don't have any members!


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Fanfictions, One Shots, Storys
FANFIC-Soulmates {MadaSaku and OCxOC} Chapter 4CHAPTER 4: SAKURA HARUNO Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own Naruto"Who do you think you are? With that ugly forehead and that strange hair you are a freak! You'll never be a ninja! You're just a joke!" sadly, Haruno Sakura was used to hear that. She was a 6 year old girl who just wanted to become a shinobi, nothing more. She was picked on at the academy every day since she started going.Boy she hated her forehead! She let her bangs grow just to hide it.One day her three personal bullies intercepted her near the playground. "You use such big bangs to cover your forehead because you already know you're ugly" a freckled fat boy shouted and started pulling her hair. "Hey guys, wanna check if it's like cotton candy?" continued as he pulled harder."What are you doing?" a voice came from the trees near the swings.__________________________________________________________________Hikari was coming back from a mission and used her shortcut through the park to intercept Naruto on his way back home. She was thinking on buying him Ramen because they weren't seeing each other as much as she wanted and he needed, when she felt someone flare a bit of chakra, and some kids shouting. When she saw the scene just wanted to kick those kids' asses, sure she was a kid too, but also a 10 year old Chuunin, and a proud ninja of the Leaf, so she couldn't allow this bullying to happen."What are you doing?" she said from the trees near the swings.The kids were taken aback by her shinobi vest, but they underestimated her. "NOT YOUR BUSSINESS PAL" the freckled boy shouted."It is my business because this little girl is crying, you're pulling her hair and you're being a bully… and guess what?" she asked. "What?" the boy said a bit nervous."I don't like bullies" dead serious, she faced the three boys with her sharingan activated, sending a killing aura.She jumped and landed between the pink haired girl and them. The boys wanted to run but she caught them in a genjutsu. It was a harmless one, to show them what it would be like to be bullied. She knew it wasn't right to cast genjutsu on some six year's old, but they needed a lesson and it was only a minute of torture. They awoke from the bulling fantasy crying hard, and she threw three shurinken that landed next to their feet."Are you still going to bully this kid?" she asked to test them. They froze and couldn't answer. "You know, to bully says more about you than the person you mistreat. It says that you are an insecure person, that has more hate than love in your heart and also that you are unworthy to be a shinobi because you don't have any honor".The kids sobbed harder, and mumbling a pathetic 'sorry' they run away.Hikari was satisfied with this reaction, and turn to see the girl who was with her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open too looking at her. She offered a hand to help her get up."Th-thank you" she said sweetly "they were being really mean, I'm used to that, but today I was feeling sad so I couldn't handle it" continued swallowing hard."What happened that you were sad?" the elder girl asked walking with Sakura to the swings to seat."Mom and dad left on a mission and tomorrow it's my birthday" a small tear came down through her right cheek. Mebuki and Hizashi Haruno were Chuunin of Konoha that were off duty right now, but as they were born in a merchant household, the still did some missions to help them not to get robbed. "My parents have to be bodyguards of the daimyō's favorite merchant, that's why they couldn't say no""I understand, it's sad to be alone on your birthday" Hikari said with melancholy, she hadn't had a birthday with her parents since six years ago. She missed them badly. But she had Naruto, her beloved cousin. She was not alone, but then again he didn't have parents. It was almost like they were alone together. The little girl watched with curiosity. "I'm Hikari Takishima, what's your name kid?""Sakura Haruno" at least she didn't stutter now, and wasn't crying. "Where you alone on your birthday too?""Very perceptive Sakura-chan! Sadly yes, I was. I haven't seen my parents since I was younger than you. They have to leave the village for their and mine safety. Did your parents tell you the story about what happened in Konoha when you were a baby?""Yes, they told me that a tailed beast attacked and the Yondaime died protecting the Village" She said proudly, thinking of the fourth head on the Hokage mount, his daddy used to tell her shinobi stories before going to bed."Well, that's not everything that happened. My Clan, Takishima, was entirely wiped out by some Uchiha extremists. That happened the same day the Kyuubi attacked. That's why I was left alone, well actually I was left with my uncles, but they died during the attack, and that same night my cousin Naruto was born" She wasn't lying, she was only telling the truth without saying who her uncle was. There was this hateful order of not telling Naruto anything, not even his heritage! She hated herself so much for going along with that, but orders were orders."Your Clan was murdered!?" Sakura jumped trying to reason why anybody would do that. "I'm so sorry! And here I am whining about my parents being on a mission, but you have suffered more""Hey! Don't worry about that, I have Naruto and I'm a Kunoichi. That suffering made me what I am today. I was bullied too you know?" Hikari Stated. Sakura couldn't believe her, so she told her more: "when I was at the academy, I was very bright and I became friends with Uchiha Itachi. The girls hated me because both things and started a rumor that I was a person that brought bad luck to everybody close to me, that's why my parents left me, the clan was massacred and my baby cousin was parentless. They were harsh, and I cried a lot. But my friends Itachi and Shisui talked to me and told me that they were just jealous. I believed them, though it was hard for me, and continued training really hard. And that's why I'm a Chuunin at 10 years old. I want to be strong to help my cousin, my parents and protect this village so there won't be any more parentless children."Sakura looked at her with pride; she could overcome the bulling and became a fine kunoichi. She felt something ignite in her, she was bright too, if she could surpass this feeling of being ugly and useless maybe someday…"Oh, the sun is setting! Naruto is waiting for me! I have to go Sakura-chan, please take care and be brave. Want me to walk you home?" Hikari asked"It's ok, I live one block from here" Sakura answered "Thank you very much for your help Hikari-chan, I hope I can see you soon" and with a waving hand to the elder girl she run to her house.The next day her bullies didn't attack her, but she still heard some girls calling her ugly. She sat on the swings with her bangs covering her puffy eyes. What an awfulbirthday, she was in high spirits in the morning and then they blew up everything."Hey there, why are you crying pinkie?" she heard another girl asking. She looked so cool, blond with blue pupil-less eyes and a casual attitude."I'm ugly" she simply answered"Oh, and that's why you hide your face with all that hair?" the blonde continued. Sakura shook her head in an affirmative way. "I'm Ino by the way, and you shouldn't be crying, all the flowers have to blossom someday, but before that they are tiny saplings. It's like in the Ugly duckling story. Here."Sakura raised her head and saw that the girl was giving her a red ribbon. "Put this and uncover that face of yours" Ino said. Sakura tried to complain "But my forehead is so big…", "Bite me" Ino interrupted "your beautiful hair and eyes compensate that, you're just an exotic beautiful flower, now don't be rude and tell me your name""It's Sakura" she answered while putting the ribbon and uncovering her face."Ok Sakura, I gotta go to my mum's shop. See you tomorrow at the academy, you must use the ribbon or I'll get mad with you. We can have lunch together and talk about lifting that selfsteem, that's what friends are for" Ino chuckled and left a disoriented Sakura… "Friend" she thought."Hey Sakura Chan!" a familiar voice greeted her. Hikari was coming with Naruto, her classmate. "Wanna go grab some ramen? Bet you're hungry! Ahh, this is Naruto my cute little cousin" she grinned"Hikari-nee stop embarrassing me! I know her, she's my classmate" Naruto said while his cheeks got a lovely shade of pink."Hi Naruto, Hikari-chan! I'd love to go" Sakura said while she giggled. They walked to Ichiraku while talking about the academy and the shinobi life. This was the first time she actually spoke with Naruto, he was sort of an outcast and punk at school because he had something inside him that he didn't know and the kids didn't want to be near him. Her father had told her that he had the tailed beast sealed inside him, but they couldn't tell him. That's why everybody hated him, and he didn't know. She felt sorry for him, and realized that he didn't deserve that, but she still didn't talk to him at school. Now she saw he was so happy next to his cousin and shouting that he was going to be a Hokage that she felt proud of him too. "He's suffered so much too, but still smiles. Guess that's a family treat. I'm so stupid, I shouldn't care what other thinks, and I'm gonna be his friend like Ino-Chan is with me" she thought.They arrived to Ichiraku and ate two bowls of ramen each, and then…"Happy Birthday Sakura!" Naruto and Hikari greeted while throwing some serpentines to her. The owner brought a cake with a candle in it and started to sing the happy birthday song with them.She didn't realize she was crying, until Naruto hugged her. "Don't cry please, you're not alone" he said. Sakura looked at him and then at Hikari. She must have told him her story."I'm Okay Naruto chan, I'm not sad, these are tears of joy" and he released her so she could blow the candle."That's a lovely red ribbon you have there" Hikari said"Oh yes, my friend Ino gave it to me. I met her today and she cheered me up. She offered to help me with my selfsteem because I feel ugly" Sakura said"You're not ugly" Naruto whisper barely audible and looked to the other side embarrassed. Hikari heard him –though Sakura didn't- and continued the conversation "It's good to know you made another friend today, you can count on us too you know?" Sakura beamed with joy.They spent the rest of the evening talking cheerfully, and then Naruto and Hikari walked her home. In her living room her parents were expecting her. "We just came to the Village and saw you with some friends at Ichiraku, Oh Sakura; we were so sad we couldn't be here that the Daimyō realized that and asked us what happened. He sent us back to be here with you, we'll go back to him tomorrow, because part of the mission is done -deliver the merchant safely to him-. You don't know how happy it made us to see you have friends!" Her mother said."You looked so happy that we couldn't interrupt you, so we expected you here. Bet you're not hungry but we bought you a gift" his father said handling her two packages, the first one was the best dango in the Fire Nation, and the other one was her first kunai. She started to cry again, feeling so loved by her parents of course, and by her new friends.She will overcome everything because she had love in her heart, not like her bullies. This was the best birthday ever!______________________________________________________________________Academy continued and she kept her friendship with Ino and Naruto, though the two of them didn't stand each other. It was fun seeing both arguing about who'll spend time with her. She started to develop more guts and she defended herself so good that the bullies never acted upon her anymore.One day she said to Ino that she liked Sasuke-kun, and that's when her friendship changed. She treated her bad, because she liked him too. But this time Sakura did not hesitate and fought her back and that was when everything got screwed. They called each other names, Ino said to Sakura "Forehead" and Sakura said to Ino "Pig". Naruto was happy though, because he got to spend more time with her.Sasuke-kun was a bit cocky and very proud of his Uchiha heritage. He always fought with Naruto, and barely notice Sakura because to him she was clan less. She felt sad about it, but still thought she will be worthy of him someday.They were nine when Sasuke-kun became the only Uchiha left in Konoha. His clan was massacred by his big brother, Uchiha Itachi. He became colder and nobody could get close to him.Sakura saw Hikari days after and she was utterly sad. She couldn't speak much about what happened, she was really close to Itachi and wouldn't understand why he did that, she looked heartbroken. She said she had found Sasuke who had passed out at the gates of the Uchiha compound and there was so much blood. She tried to cheer her up, and invited to grab some ramen. The kunoichi smiled sadly at her, but accepted anyway. She didn't ask her anything, they kept each other company while eating, and then Hikari walked Sakura Home."Thank you Sakura, you're a good friend" this time Hikari's smile was not a sad one."That's what friends are for!" she beamed, and then felt a pang in her heart remembering Ino."Did something happen?" Hikari asked her, she notice the change in the Pink hair's mood."I fought with Ino, we both like Sasuke Kun. We're not friends anymore" she stated."Hey! Don't worry, that's only girl's fight, my schoolmates used to do that often. You'll see that soon you'll overcome this together. You just have to be patience" she ruffled Sakura's hair. Sakura moved away feigning indignation, and then laughed. "Thank you Hikari-chan, see you soon"._________________________________________________Graduation day came and Sakura passed with great grades. She felt so good! And then the teams were settled, she was on team seven with her best friend Naruto and her love Sasuke-kun. They had this weird teacher, Hatake Kakashi, who underestimated them. They started going on missions with him and he always favored the boys, leaving her sometimes in the 'damsel in distress' role. She felt so useless again, Naruto was always saying he'll protect her, and Sasuke called her annoying.One day she saw Hikari-chan (who was a Jonin now) and told her what was going on. She offered to spar with her so she could catch up. She gave her some tips, like being aware of her surroundings, and how to place explosive tags without noticing, a bit of taijutsu –some of what she had learnt while sparring with Rock Lee and Neji- and helped her with her chakra control through meditation. She was going to hide this progress to shine on the Chuunin exams in a few months. Some weeks later Hikari said that that was going to be their last spar for some time because she was leaving Konoha to train. She will send letters to her, and wanted to know how she was progressing._______________________________________________________________During the Chuunin exams she blossomed, Sasuke-kun and Naruto were knocked out, the first one being marked by this Orochimaru thing/person. She was alone facing three Sound nin, when Rock Lee showed up, but couldn't do anything. She felt like a scared kitten. What could she do? She looked to her teammates "I'll always protect you Dattebayo" Narutos phrase echoed in her head. "Annoying" Sasuke's word hit her in her memory."CHAAAAAAAAA" a voice came in her head, Inner, her mind the real Sakura shouted. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING WHILE TRAINING SECRETLY YOU MORON" the voice shouted. She got up and felt a fire ignite inside her. She faced the Ninja, and launched herself to them. They all dodged, but she'd learnt from Hikari that you sometimes had to aim for other things than the target, and so she did. Jumped back and when the ninja landed where they were just minutes ago, explosive tags activated creating a huge crater and hurting them a little. Two of them ataked her with taijutsu, and she managed to dodge some punches but they were a lot stronger than her. She ended with a huge bruise on her forehead and a beaten eye. That's when one of them grabbed her from her hair. It hurt, but what hurt most were the words she said. "Sooo pretty hair, if you had spent more time training than fixin it you wouldn't be a nuisance now girl". Useless, again. She felt useless. "COME ON, DON'T GIVE UP" inner said. "Shut up, let me concentrate" Sakura answered. She pulled herself together and meditate for a bit. Controlling her chakra enough and figuring how much time it wil give her, she grabed a Kunai and cut her hair, making the ninja to lost her stability, and then Sakura landed an uppercut through her jaw breaking it. She hit her so hard that she felt her knuckles made a painful sound. Then she felt them, reinforcement. And Sasuke that had awoken. "Who did this to you Sakura" The madness, he was blind with rage and almost killed everybody. She hugged him from behind and calmed him down. She had fought bravely, using all her knowledge gained with her training with Hikari-chan, she had endured until help came, and then she still felt useless. She wasn't aware that Ino was watching her with pride.During the last part of the exams she fought Ino, and it was a tie. They ended it in pretty bad shape, but the fixed her relationship. Their friendship was more important than a boy, and also Ino said to her that 'she didn't want Sasuke-kun anymore because he was scary'. She wrote everything to Hikari, who was glad of all her progress.Then Sasuke-kun left, she confessed to him and he rejected her. He called her annoying again and knocked her out with a thank you.With the Hokage killed at the end of the Chuunin exams, Naruto and Jiraiya came with Tsunade-sama, her apprentice Shizune, and Hikari-chan too. But in some weeks Naruto and Hikari went away again to train. The day before leaving Hikari-chan approached her and she spoke about Sasuke."This hurt will eventually fade you know? The heartbreaks mend but they leave a scar that makes you stronger. You have and need to focus on yourself, to find your Nindo. You found your selfsteem, and mend the bond with Ino. That's a great start Sakura" the Jonin said."But what do I do now? How do I find my Nindo? I don't know where to start". The kunoichi said."You'll find your Shishou and she will give you the strength you think you lack" Hikari simple answered."She?" Sakura asked again"Hn, you should go to speak with Lady Tsunade, maybe she'll take you as her apprentice" was the answer, and with that, Hikari left the Village.*** Authors note***Sakura's story will be two chapters long. As a review said, they feel like summaries, and they kind of are. The big story starts with the time travel.I've put more of the feelings this time, and you learn about how Hikari felt with some things while she speaks to Sakura.I've been thinking to do an Omake with some things about the story that maybe you would like to know, or a Fanfiction only about Hikari's background. You tell me.I know some people doesn't like OCs that's why I explained everything on the first chapters.
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Kasumi Mitou Sprite by KusaNin
Naruto OC Clan Meme by ranpatsu
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Tsunade by britanyX
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Cover - Shion Gaiden by Antodonatella


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Hey, I was wondering if someone could do me a favor......I only have 54 points but I need someone to draw my Naruto Village headband....I made a group for my village Yamagakure…
It's simple it'll be this single kanji 山 on the head band
EternallyEthereal Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I’ve been off DA for a few years and I’ve noticed a lot of RP groups have gone quiet. Would anyone happen to know of any active Naruto/Boruto world RP groups here? For example, ones that have academies/alternate worlds you apply to and missions/activities to complete involving art submissions?

WitchyNade Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Kakashi x Yumi Stamp by WitchyNade
Oh hi !
Maybe you can add my stamp <3
i'm a member <3

also i have a group, french people can join <3
BlueMoonroseDragon Featured By Owner May 22, 2018  Student General Artist
What's up my fellow Gaara lovers. I'd like to present a YCH featuring our beloved Gaara.
If anyone is interested it's a $5 dollar
Here's the info
   Gaara-YCH Chibi{$5commission} by BlueMoonroseDragon
lKanikaMoril Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Could you put the stamp of my character on here? ^^
My first stamp! :D [Kanika_Mori_stamp]
MaddiKittenXIV Featured By Owner Edited Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you please add Kisara's stamp? I would appreciate it. ^^ There's also my OroKisa stamp if you want to. You can read over her bio and see what you think before you do so.

Kisara Stamp by MaddiKittenXIV OroKisa Stamp by MaddiKittenXIV
MaddiKittenXIV Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!
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