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Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 10I do not own Naruto, and One pieceChapter 10: TroubleJade sat on the table with Kakashi, Dagger, Sasuke and Sakura noticing that Naruto is not here."Um, guys where is Naruto?" Jade asked as she got concerned about her friend."He's still training especially if it's night. He could be dead right now from using too much of his Charka." Sakura answered."I hope he's fine." Dagger replied."There's nothing to worry about Naruto's a goofy kid but he's also a full fledged ninja. He can handle himself." Sakura replied."Sakura's is right. Naruto is such a loser. He's probably dead right now." Sasuke replied as Jade was triggered what he said to Naruto."Oh shut up Sasuke. You don't know if Naruto is dead or not!" Jade shouted."Who cares if he's alive or not. He's still a loser." Sasuke replied as Jade gets up from her seat and heads to the door."Hey Jade where are you going?" Sakura asked."Now you excuse me guys. I'm going to find it. Oh Sasuke, Sakura if you two try to stop me you're going to be facing consequences that you will not see." Jade replies as she exits Tazuna's house and slams the door shut."Great, are you happy now Sasuke? You pissed Jade right off?" Dagger asked."What did I do wrong exactly?" Sasuke asked."You just called her friend a loser which triggered her off." Dagger answered."So what." Sasuke replied."You know that Jade is starting to hate you more than Sakura. The more bullying on Naruto, the stronger that Jade is going to hate you more." Dagger replied as Sasuke got up from his seat and walked out towards the door."Sasuke where are you going?" Sakura asked."Just going out on a walk." Sasuke answered as he exits the house.In the forest Jade was looking for Naruto until she finally found him.Naruto was lying unconscious but she sees a girl but she knows that is a boy dressed in a pink kimono. Jade noticed that there was a basket filled with herbs so she approached him."Who are you and what are you doing to my friend?" Jade asked as Haku recognized her which he knows is a magical warrior and noticed that she is wearing her original outfit so he decides not to attack her."Oh sorry about that. I noticed that your friend is sleeping outside so I came to check on him." Haku answers as Jade approaches him while Naruto gets up."Oh Jade. What are you doing outside?" Naruto asked."I was trying to find you but that boy found you first." Jade answered as she and Naruto began to talk to Haku."So why do you have to work so early?" Naruto asked."I like waking up early in the morning because I didn't know that someone was sleeping in the woods." Haku replied."Me and Jade are training." Naruto replied."Are you two ninjas because I noticed you have a headband your wearing and your friend doesn't have one or you're wearing it just in fashion?" Haku asked."Oh me only us cool ninjas get it but Jade doesn't have one because she's a magical warrior." Naruto answered."Oh really I see that is really impressive" Haku replied as Naruto laughed and Jade smiled a little bit."Doesn't it mean you're two are training for something dangerous?" Haku asked."We're just using our skills so both of us can get stronger." Naruto answered."You two are very strong isn't that enough." Haku replied."No, I mean we both need to get stronger and we need to keep practicing." Naruto answered."So why is it important?" Haku asked."So that I can be the best ninja and Jade being the greatest magical warrior." Naruto answered."So you two are actually training for yourself?" Haku asked as he began to laugh a little."What's so funny?" Naruto asked as Haku smiled at him."Is there someone who you like?" Haku asked as Naruto began to blush lightly."Someone I like.. What are you saying. What you mean someone I like." Naruto replied as Jade began to realized he probably like her more than Sakura that he, Sasukr and the girl teamed up to fight Zabuza. Haku remembers his past when he was a child that he was orphan that he was poor and tries to find food. When the dog growls at him. He attacked the dog but when he saw two puppies. Haku went somewhere on a bridge and met Zabuza.The teenage boy looked at the boy and the hybrid."What is she thinking?" Naruto asked."You see when a person has someone to protect then they became strong." Haku answered as Naruto and Jade remembered the story that Tazuna told them about and Kakashi telling him that he, Jade and Dagger will protect his team and Iruka protecting Naruto."Yeah I hear. Me and Jade know what you're saying." Naruto replied as Haku gets up."I'm pretty sure yupu two will get strong. Very strong." Haku replied as Naruto laughed a little."Goodbye. We will meet again someday." Haku replied as he walks away but stopped."Oh by the way. I'm a boy." Haku answered as Naruto was shocked to hear this and Jade was laughing."No way, he's prettier than Sakura!" Naruto shouted.Sasuke was walking and sees Haku walking by him, he stops and sees Haku stilling walking which he turns back and sees both Jade and Naruto."Well I seen much weirder in my life before but this one takes the cake." Naruto replied as Sasuke hits him in the head with his hand."Hey why did you do that to Naruto?" Jade asked."Didn't you two forget about breakfast. You such a loser." Sasuke replied as Jade gets mad at him. Naruto laughs but Sasuke glares at the two.Somewhere in the woods Kakashi, Sakura and Dagger were linking for Jade and Naruto"Knowing Naruto. He can be anywhere, Jade went somewhere and Sasuke hasn't come back either. Wonder they are?" Sakura asked as a kunais was thrown at a tree which the three see Naruto and Jade now in her magical outfit on each tree which the two giggled."Wow Naruto and Jade can climb that high with his charka and her magical powers. That's great." Sakura replied as Kakashi was impressed by the two."So what do think that I made it up. I mean it's a long way down." Naruto replied as he gets up but fell. "Naruto!" Sakura shouted as Naruto fell off the tree causing Sakura to scream but still latched on the tree with his Charka."You guys really really fell for it." Naruto teased as he laughed."We were worried about Naruto!" Sakura shouted."Wonder I think it is going to end badly." Kakashi replied."Same thing." Dagger added as the charka couldn't hold anymore that Naruto fell off the tree but Jade catches him in time."You really are a total loser Naruto." Sasuke replied."Sasuke shut up or else." Jade threatened as Naruto sees her."Jade." Naruto replied."Well I guess will still have some time for training." Kakashi replied.In Tazuna's house Inari was sitting in a window in his room and looking at the picture of Kai."Naruto Uzumaki and Nico Jade." Inari replied.Meanwhile in Zabuza's hideout Zabuza was sitting on his chair and Haku was next to him."You're recovering quickly." Haku replied."Just a little longer Haku." Zabuza replied."Yes." Haku replied.At night where the moon shined Sasuke, Jade, and Naruto were standing on each tree."Let's go back." Sasuke replied."Alright." Naruto replied as they began training more.At Tazuna's house Kakashi, Sakura, Tazuna, Dagger and Inari were sitting in the dinning room while Tsunami served dinner for them."Now the three are late. I wouldn't expect that from Sasuke." Sakura replied as the door opens they sees Jade carrying Naruto while Sasuke was following them."Where have you guys been? You guys look like you got into a fight or something?" Dagger asked as Naruto laughs a little."The three of us made it. We climb all of way up to the top." Naruto answered."Good. Now we moved on. Starting tomorrow you three are bodyguards for Tazuna." Kakashi announced as Naruto cheered and Jade smiled."You're such a loser!" Sasuke shouted as the others laughed.Jade, Naruto and Sasuke ate dinner with the others."In a few more days. The bridge will be finished, have you to thank that." Tazuna replied."You still got to be careful." Tsunami warned."All I need you to ask this but I hadn't have a chance to tell you this now. Why did you stay here and protect me even through after you guys find out that I lied to you to bring me here?" Tazuna asked."Those who stray in the path of justice has no courage but under the wing of a strong leader. Coward ness can't not survive." Kakashi explained as Tsunami was confused."That was a quote from the first Homage." Kakashi answered as Inari looks at both Jade and Naruto. Remember the incident that Kai was a brave hero that he crossed through the bridge and was killed by Gato."Why?" Inari cried as Jade and Naruto looked at him."What did you say something?" Naruto asked."All this stupid training is just a waste of time. Gato has an entire army. He will find you and destroy you. These things that you guys say they don't mean anything, no matter what you do. The strong always win and the weak always lose." Inari replied."Just speak for yourself. It won't be like that for me. You got that." Naruto argued."Why don't you be quiet. Just looking at you two makes me sick. You don't know anything about this country. You're just budding in always laughing and playing around. You don't know what is like to be treated like dirt." Inari replied."Listen to yourself, whining and completing like some sorry little victim. You can whimper all day for I care. You're nothing but a coward." Naruto argued back as Inari was crying."Naruto you went to far!" Sakura shouted as Naruto gets up from his chair and went somewhere in the house."Naruto wait up." Jade replied as she follows Naruto while Sasuke, Sakura and Dagger looks at them. Kakashi sees Inari crying.At night Inari was sitting on the docks outside which Kakashi went to see him."Can I talk to you for a minute?" Kakashi asked as Inari didn't say anything."Naruto can be a little harsh, Jade on the other hand, sometimes loses her temper too. But the two doesn't hate you, your grandfather told us what happened to you father. You probably notice but Naruto also grew up with out a father and Jade doesn't even know her real family. In fact two never knew their parents. They didn't have a single friend in their village. Still I never seen the two cry, complain, or even give up. They are always eager to jump in. That is why Jade and Naruto wanted to respected. That is their dream, the two always put their life on the line in a heartbeat. My guess is the two got tired of crying and did something about it." Kakashi explained as Inari began listern to him."Even if the two are young, they are still learning, you know it all means to be strong. What your father did. I think he knows any better than anyone of us. What you're going through what Naruto told you earlier that sound cruel as it sounded. He's probably told himself about it a thousand times." Kakashi replied.On that day Jade was pissed at Kakashi and her team for leaving Naruto."Okay I'm leaving Naruto in your hands. He pushed his body to the limit he probably over do it as usual so he may able to move today at all." Kakashi replied."What about you and Jade are still recovering?" Tsunami ask."Me and Jade are fine now." Kakashi replied."Come on let's go." Tazuna replied as he, team 7 and the two magical warriors left his home.Meanwhile at a unknown place Gato was talking to some one."Still wasting time healing your wounds. I'm ordering you to finish the job you know!" Gato shouted."Are you listening to me. Zabuza?" Gato asked as Zabuza breaks the phone.On a ocean Zabuza and Haku are on the boat."Haku you ready?" Zabuza asked."Yes." Haku answered as they see the unfinished bridge.In Tazuna's house Naruto wakes up and realized he overslept."We didn't someone wake me up?!" Naruto shouted as he gets up and sees Tsunami doing the dishes."Where is everybody?" Naruto asked."They said they want you to rest. You got the day off." Tsunami answered as Naruto gets dressed quickly."I knew it they ditched me." Naruto replied as he exits the house.At the unfinished bridge Team 7 and the two magical warriors went with Tazuna but the bridge maker sees something."Hold on what the heck is this?" Tazuna asked as he seel all the construction workers wounded and beat up."What happened someone was here?" Tazuna asked as Jade felt a strange presence that she recognized."They're here." Jade replied."Who is that?" Sakura asked.Back at Tazuna's house Tsunami was calling her son."Inari would you give me a hand?" Tsunami asked as two bandits came towards the house.Mist appears on the bridge which Kakashi noticed nothing."Sasuke, Jade, Sakura. Get ready." Kakashi replied as they were to fight."Kakashi is it Zabuza and his hidden mist jutsu?" Sakura asked."Sorry I kept you waiting. Kakashi. I still see you got the brats, the Xenomorph and the hybrid." Zabuza replied as he sees Sasuke scared."That one is trembling. Pitiful." Zabuza replied as he appears with his water clones."I'm trembling with excitement." Sasuke replied."Go on Sasuke." Kakashi replied as Zabuza uses his sword to slice Sasuke but he ended up getting sliced by the Uchiha."I can see it." Sasuke replied."So you can see through my water clones. Brats are improving. It looks like you got someone to fight." Zabuza replied as he and Haku appears."So it seems." Haku replied as he is ready to fight Sasuke.
Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 9I do not own Naruto, and One piece,Chapter 9: The land where a Hero livedOn the bridge all the constructing the bridge. While Sakura was with Tazuna."So where is the blond runt with the attitude along the emo and the two magical warriors?" Tazuna asked."They're training that they're climbing trees. Well Jade got better and now she and Dagger are training too." Sakura answered."Too tough for you." Tazuna replied."No. Infact I'm the best. Kakashi had sent me to guard you." Sakura replied."You're joking." Tazuna replied as Sakura gets mad. A bridge worker named Giichi approaches him."Tazuna. I need to talk to you for a moment." Giichi replied as Tazuna looks at him."What it is about?" Tazuna asked."Well it is. I'm been thinking about the bridge and I decided to push my luck far enough. If I want out." Giichi answered."So you're going to quit just like that. You're kidding." Tazuna replied."You know I stayed long because of my friendship but I'm putting my life on the line everyday that I stay here. Gato and the others will get here eventually. When they do, they will kill you and the bridge will never be finished. It's just a lost cause Tazuna. Why don't we stop now so we can still get out of this alive." Giichi replied."No chance. This is our bridge, our island is poor and it will stay that way until the bridge is connected to the main land. Commons, trades and hope. That is what we're building." Tazuna replied."That is not gonna be hope if we're all dead." Giichi replied."It's already noon. Break time starts." Tazuna replied."Tazuna. Let's not ended like this." Giichi replied."Save your breath. Oh and Giichi don't bother coming back after lunch." Tazuna replied as Sakura looks at him.At sunset Naruto and Sasuke are still training while Dagger and Jade are training too.Back at the village Tazuna and Sakura were walking in town."Where are we going?" Sakura asked."You want to eat tonight don't you. I got a pick up things for dinner." Tazuna answered as they continues to walk and Sakura looks all the people."What's wrong with these people." Sakura replied as they headed to a store."Well. We're here." Tazuna replied as they entered in there. The two sees less food in the store which Sakura was confused.Suddenly a random man sees her bag and grabs it causes Sakura to be shocked that she was groped. She kicked him in the face."YOU PERVERT!" Sakura shouted."No I was." The man replied as he crashed into something."Wow. You really surprised me that there. Girls around here don't fight like that." Tazuna replied as he and Sakura exits out of the store with the food that they brought."They should something seriously wrong here." Sakura replied as someone touched her which makes her mad."Again hey buster." Sakura replied as she turns around and sees a little boy."Please." The boy replied as Sakura gave him candy."Oh thank you." The boy replied as Sakura smiled at him. So the child ran off. This is how it's been since Gato came here. The children suffered and the adults are afraid to stand up to him. They lost all hope and that's why we have finish this bridge. It will bring comers and trades but that bridge is the symbol of courage. We must've restore the spirit of our people. When the bridge is finished people will start to believe again and believe that they can live with dignity. We can't let Gato stop us." Tazuna replied as Sakura looks up at the sky."Sasuke, Jade, Naruto. We to help them." Sakura replied.Back at the fields Naruto and Sasuke are still training along with Jade and Dagger which they had finally climbed on trees. The two magical warriors succeeded using their magical powers. They see contacting on his Charka but gets interrupted by Sasuke. It ended well that Naruto wasn't talking to Sasuke about Sakura."Here we go again." Jade replied.At night in Tazuna's home Jade and the others were eating. Naruto and Sasuke ate up the food but threw up."Don't eat too much if you guys are gonna puke it up!" Sakura shouted as Jade sees a picture that is torn half."Umm why is this picture torn?" Jade asked."It's my husband." Tsunami replied."They used to call him a hero in this land." Tazuna replied as Inari got from the chair."Inari where are you going?" Tsunami asked as Inari leaves with saying a word."Father. You can't him like that in front of Inari. You know that." Tsunami replied as she follows her son."What happened to him?" Sakura asked."Is there a story behind this?" Kakashi added."He wasn't his real father. He came to our family later and he brought us happiness. He and Inari were very close. In those days Inari is still there all the time but then." Tazuna replied as Jade and the others looked at him."All that ended. He never laughs or smiles anymore. Ever since that day everything changed.The word courage is stolen from this island. We were left feeling powerless, and hopeless which made Inari suffered the most. Ever since that day it happened." Tazuna replied."Tell us. What happened to Inari?" Kakashi asked."First you need to know that man. His father. The man who dot us the word courage who was a hero in his land." Tazuna replied."A hero really." Naruto replied."You can decide that for yourself. He came here about three years ago." Tazuna replied as he told Jade and others about a man named Kaiza who had told the kid's parents that the kids almost drowned Inari's puppy and left him to die and saved him from drowning.After meeting making him as part of the family something terrible happened to Kaiza. On a heavy rainstorm on flood was riding on the gate of the bridge which he headed outside along with Inari. He decides to do the the other side so he tied himself on a rope and swam into the water which he made it but Gato found out about it which Kaiza was tortured by him and was killed by execution. Which Tazuna finishes the story."After that Inari behavior began to change including Tsunami and the others as well. We lost our will." Tazuna replied as Jade sees Naruto fall on the ground."What are you doing?" Jade asked."Naruto. I think you need to take a day off. No more training. You use too much Charka. If you push it more harder it can kill you." Kakashi replied."I'm gonna prove it." Naruto replied."Prove what?" Sakura asked as Naruto gets up."I'll prove that it's true that in this world. There are real heroes." Naruto replied as Jade smiled that he says that.
Desert Snow Ch. 1Gaara sat at his desk going through the many documents stacked in front of him. Just earlier that day, he had received a special letter from the feudal lord's secretary, a request to manage and send recent immigration records of Sunagakure to the foreign relations department in the capital. He was initially planning to manage that record throughout the week but suddenly it became a lot more urgent.. and he forgot where he had put it.They weren't on the piles on his desk, though that wasn't really surprising since he usually put already reviewed documents aside. He wasn't sure why he was even going through the stacks, to begin with.Leaving the unread letters and requests on the table, he bent down and opened a drawer which he usually put the more important files into. The immigration record was there, laying on the top of the piled-up papers, as empty as ever.Being in the middle of the desert, Sunagakure didn't get a lot of immigrants, after all. But that wasn't what caught his eye. Rather, it was the edge of what looked like a photograph peeking out from the bottom of the drawer. It wasn't supposed to be there, maybe it just slipped down from the drawers above.Gaara lifted the papers and carefully took out the picture. It was a photo of him and Akira. He vaguely remembered her pressuring him to agree to take the photo while she was visiting three years ago, which annoyed him a little back in the day, so he had put it away. Now he felt kind of glad he kept it, even though it was a less than flattering picture of him. 'That was already three years ago, too, wasn't it.' Gaara thought to himself. Time seems to go on so slowly but looking back on the past few years of his life, they passed by so quickly without him even noticing it. Gaara put the photo and immigration document on his desk and sat back down to work.It wouldn't have taken very long to work down the list and send it off to the immigration office but before he even realised, an hour had passed wherein he had only stared back and forth between the document and the photo without actually doing anything. Why was he so distracted? He turned his chair and looked out of the window, yet seeing the town and the vast desert landscape in the distance didn't get him any clarification. Just then, Gaara recalled the last thing Akira had told him before she walked off, unbeknownst to anyone where to: she was 'going home'. No one he asked had seen her since then. It confused him. What did she mean?She had been telling him about it since they first met but never actually explained to him where this 'home' was or anything about what happened, leaving him completely in the dark. He decided to stop thinking about it just when someone knocked on the door.The redhead turned back to face the room and to his surprise saw his sister leaning against the wide-open office door, the impatience being clearly visible in her facial expression."Just how long were you planning to ignore me for?" Temari huffed when her brother had finally turned around. How long had she been knocking? "Temari-" he couldn't find any way to continue. His sister added, "What's distracting you so much, anyway? This isn't the first time, either." She approached him at a quick pace and slammed her hand onto his desk. "There's definitely something bothering you. Tell me." Whether she was concerned or just annoyed was unclear. Gaara wanted to give her an answer but he was cut off before he could even start, as Temari spotted the photograph on the desk.She picked it up and looked at it before Gaara even had the time to react. "So this..." She assumed and held the picture up in front of her brother's face. "Is this what's so distracting to you?" Gaara took the picture out of her hand and put it face-down back onto the tabletop. "Not quite." Temari tilted her head. "Look, Gaara, it's been a year. Why are you still so bothered by it?" - "I'm just a bit concerned, is all." He deliberately avoided eye contact with Temari, who just now seemed to have realised something. Her eyes widened. "Don't tell me-" How did she not notice that earlier? "-you had feelings for her?"Gaara seemed confused when he raised his head again. "What?" Temari shook her head. She must've also forgotten how dense her brother was. The blonde sighed and thoughtfully scratched her cheek with her index finger. "Let's see… how do I best explain this?" The redhead waited for Temari to explain, meanwhile feeling very irritated about what the conversation had turned into."Love." Gaara blinked in surprise. "What do you mean?" - "It's different from the love you share with family or friends." Temari turned the picture around again. "It's when someone who's very important to you keeps coming to mind and you feel a need to be with them." She couldn't help but smile a little. "It's not easy to explain but you'll know when you feel it if you're aware of it." Gaara's eyes moved back to the photograph, which he silently looked at for a few seconds. In that time it was quiet in the room.Then the 18-year-old looked back up. "Thank you. Also-" he paused. "Was there a specific reason why you came to the office?" Temari took a step backwards, remembering what she was actually here for. Her demeanour became more serious again. "Right, of course."She took a neatly folded paper out of a small purse that was attached to her belt. "There are new reports from the anti-terrorism department. Kankuro wanted to bring this back here himself but he got caught up in something. He told me that the caught culprit gave some valuable information on the future plans of their organisation. The details should be in the document." She gave the paper to Gaara, who unfolded it and took a look. He nodded to himself silently and put the document down. "Thank you. I'll check-" Suddenly the door busted open again. "Lord Kazekage, there's an emergency!"The siblings looked up towards the chunin who had rushed in, both equally caught off guard. Gaara raised up from his seat. "What's the issue?" The chunin caught his breath before continuing, "Two of the village guards are going on a rampage! We don't know what suddenly got into them!" - "Where is this happening?" - "It was close to the gateway, but they may have gotten further into the town by now." Just then, an explosion could be heard in the distance, startling everyone in the room just a little."I'm going." Without the need to hear anything else, Gaara left the office.
Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 8I do not own Naruto, One piece, My Hero Academia, One punch man and Mortal KombatAuthor's note: This chapter contains some violence, character deaths, blood and frighting scenes.Chapter 8: Jade's pastIn the village inside Tazuna's house Jade and Kakashi was being in care by Tazuna's daughter Tsunami. Kakashi was resting. "I think me overdone with my powers and Jade lose a lot of blood." Kakashi replied as Tsunami came over to them."You waking up are you alright?" Tsunami asked."I've better so where is Jade?" Kakashi asked as he was about to get up."You should lie back down." Tsunami replied as Kakashi lies back down and sees Jade. She was covered in bandages that covers her chest and stomach.Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Dagger came to see them."Kakashi is awake." Naruto replied as Sakura came over towards him."Listen Kakashi. Your Sharingan along with Jade and Dagger's magical powers is amazing but if that puts more strength on you guys maybe it's worth it." Sakura replied."Sorry." Kakashi apologized."Well he and the two magical warriors did take down on the ninja assassin. We'll be safe for while." Tazuna replied."Right even that boy with the mask. What about him?" Sakura asked."He is from the the tracking unit from Kirigakure. Those masks were worn are only worn by the most elite Shinobi." Kakashi replied as he continues talking about elite shinobis and Sakura looks at Jade."How is Jade?" Sasuke asked."She's fine even through she a lot of blood. I doubt nobody couldn't survive this especially as a magical warrior." Tsunami replied as Sakura looks at Jade who was sleeping. She realized that Sasuke and like the girl even though she is a human phoenix hybrid.Meanwhile in the forest Haku was with Zabuza who was laying on a ground. Haku sets his tool bag down, opening it and grabbing the appliers."First I'll cut bandages and drain the blood." Haku replied as he was about to do it but he stopped when Zabuza woke up and putting the bandages up revealing his mouth."That's enough. I'll do it." Zabuza replied."So awake and came back at anick of time." Haku replied as Zabuza gets up."Damn it. You're brutal." Zabuza replied as he takes the needles out of his throat."You're the one who's brutal. Zabuza. If you keep fooling them like that you really will be finished." Haku replied."How long will you be planning to wear that stupid mask of yours? Take it off right now." Zabuza replied."I have good memories of this mask and it was quite useful for tricking that ninja and the hybrid." Haku replied as he took off the mask."If I hadn't intervene. You're be dead right now. That much is serviced is certain." Haku replied."Putting me in temporary death is fine but not through the pressure points in my neck." Zabuza replied as he pulls the bandages on his face."Cruel as usual. I think you will enjoy it." Zabuza replied."It was the only your way and I wouldn't mark up your flawless body that you complain about that even more. The neck is more vulnerable, there is no layer of muscle so I can go straight into the pressure points." Haku replied as Zabuza tries to move."There's no way to move. You'll be numb for a week. Although if you're stubborn as usual. It will probably be moving in no time." Haku replied."You're so innocent and your clever at the same time. A rare combination, that's why I keep you around." Zabuza replied."I'm still a kid what else do you expect." Haku replied as he looks around the forest that the mist is gone "The mist is gone. Next time will you be alright?" Haku asked."Next time I'll see through both of his Sharingan and her Phoenix magic." Zabuza replied.Back at the village Kakashi got up and looks at Jade who is up."Kakashi what is it?" Naruto asked."Oh yes to finish what I was saying. Tracker ninjas will the body immediately on the spot so there is no room forever." Kakashi informed."Is that real?" Sakura asked."Think about did you remember what he did." Kakashi replied."We don't know what he did. I mean I guess to keep it away somewhere." Sakura replied."Exactly but why. He should of work on Zabuza right then as quickly as possible. Think of a weapon he uses for the takedown. Do you remember they were?" Kakashi asked."The throwing needles that he used on Zabuza." Jade answered."Correct. None of it adds up." Kakashi replied."What are you guys talking about. You three defeated the assassin." Tazuna replied."Here is the truth. Zabuza is still alive." Kakashi answered as everyone was in shocked to hear that."How the hell is that impossible!" Jade shouted."Kakashi. Jade made sure to check on him. She said that his heart stopped." Sakura replied."His heart did stopped but that was just a temporary stat to fake his death." Kakashi replied as he told them about a needles that are called Senbone that can kill a victim in weak point. He informs them about Haku used those needles to take Zabuza down."You guys are over thinking about this." Tazuna replied."The ninja prepares quickly on hesitation leads to disaster. Every shinobi know this including magical warriors as well." Kakashi replied."How can you do that when you're moving?" Sakura asked."I can train you for this." Kakashi replied."Hold on for a minute. Minute training won't make us to fight Zabuza. You, Jade and Dagger can defeat him even with your powers. We had to reasonable about this." Sakura replied as Jade rolls her eyes."Sakura. Why me, Dagger and Jade weren't able to stop Zabuza because you all help me you're grown. Naruto you grown the most." Kakashi replied."Now things are going to get better believe it." Naruto replied."I don't believe it and nothing's going to be good." A voice replied as Team 7 and two magical warriors turns and sees a seven your old boy named Inari."Inari! Where have you been?" Tazuna asked as Inari ran towards his grandfather."Welcome back grandpa!" Inari shouted as he hugs him."Inari. That was very rude. These guys helped you're grandfather and brought him safely." Tsunami replied."That's okay. I'm rude to them as well." Tazuna replied as Inari glares at Team 7 and the two magical warriors."Mom don't you see these people are going to die. Gato and his men will come back, finding and wipe them out." Inari replied."What did you say brat. Listen up you wanna know a super ninja is well that is me but a lot better. I'm gonna be Hokage. This Blato or whatever he is called. There is no match for a real ninja like me." Naruto replied."There's no such thing as a hero. You're just full of ideas!" Inari shouted as Naruto was about to attack him."What did you just say!" Naruto shouted as Sakura grabs him."Naruto calm down." Sakura replied."If you want stay alive. You should back where you came from." Inari replied as he walks away, Jade gets dressed into her outfit and was about to teach him a lesson but Dagger stops her."Jade don't. He won't it." Dagger replied."Inari. Where are you going?" Tazuna asked as Inari opens the doors."To look out of the ocean. I want to be alone." Inari answered as he left."Sorry about that." Tazuna replied.After training that Jade and her team 7 did. Jade was sitting on the docks all by herself until Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura found her."There you are. Jade." Naruto replied as they sat down with her."What is it you guys want from me?" Jade replied."Well there is something we want ask you about?" Sakura replied."About what exactly?" Jade asked."How does Zabuza know that you're hybrid and who is Fennikusu?" Naruto asked as Jade sighed that she doesn't like talking about but has no choice."Yes I'm a hybrid of both human and phoenix. I'm Fennikusu's creation even through we share the phoenix blood. He was actually the Dark Phoenix which people called him.Shows Jade's flashback story which Jade narrates her story.Before I was born. Fennikusu used to a a clan of Phoenixes and ally to Earth realm in a Mortal Kombat tournament he was chosen which he had defeated had Goro, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Shao Kahn. After the tournament is over that he won which Earthrealm is safe but Shao Kahn ridged that rules. Fennikusu and the others were about stop him but Sindel tries to kill them but Fennikusu defeats her.When he finally heads to the temple and defeated Shao Kahn for the final time. Which Fennikusu able to has all the elements now that he possessed from the clan that they gifted to him. Fire, Water, ice, earth, psychic, light, thunder, wind and steel.A man named Kotal Kahn took over his throne which he and Fukai made a alliance. In both Outworld and Earthrealm. Fennikusu marrys Shirayuki and had a child.But a man named Marshall D Read who was hired by Shao Kahn murdered his family which caused him to turn him into a demon and a spirit of vengeance. After he was corrupted into darkness, he would murder who gets in his way, and seeks vengeance. When he finally found the man who killed his family, he fought him to the death.After the battle that the that had. Fennikusu had finally killed Read but he lose a lot of blood during the fight. He went to Ohara the place that my real family life bed. My father Tanaka got the the bloody d from Fennikusu even through he wants to me so he grant from permission to use his blood to heal both me and my mom Olvia.After drinking the blood that my mother had. He dies and was reborn into me when I was born. My real family died after the Ohara incident and my sister Robin heads to the Majikkugakure village that she had no choice but to put me there for my safety. Which someone heard me crying thankfully a woman named Fukai took me in.I was adopted by Dragon Fukai of the Mahoukage and Kuai Lang also known as Sub-Zero leader of the Lin Kuei when I was still a baby and adoptive niece of Hanzo Hasashi aka Scorpion Leader of Shirai Ryu and the Magical warrior Kaguya.It took a long time to get use them, they both raised me and trained as their daughter along Dagger as my sister and Takeda as my cousin. They treated me like family but being born as a human and phoenix hybrid. It wasn't easy. I didn't have any friends at school due to that I'm a hybrid. The two mean kids that I hate was a girl named Tatsumaki and a boy named Bakugo.Tatsumaki she acts very sassy to me and Bakugo was an asshole to me since Preschool, and calling me a abomination.At Lunch this happened when I was to sit on a table. Bakugo was eating a cheeseburger until he began to choke on it. Which someone saves him from being chocked to death. He got mad at and when was about to beat me but Takeda threatening him not to go me so he left me alone.A boy named Marshall D Teach who tries to flirt with me even I don't like him.In the Lin Kuei meeting Kuai introduces Aokiji as a new member and arrange a marriage for him and I.Around at the age of twelve Me and Aokiji became more than friends that we finally dating and began to kissed but Teach found out about that.In the house Hanzo and Kuai watches both me and Aokiji at while Fukai and Kaguya are at work.Around or 1 am I think Teach barges in my home which he was completely drunk. He talking crap about me and all sorts of bad words he said. When I talked back at him he was angry and was to attack me. Aokiji protects me from him but he stabbed Aokiji in the chest with knife causing him bleed.I was mad that I ended up being consumed by the dark phoenix's rage and possessed by Fennikusu that I kept attacking Teach. He was covered in blood, scratches, and bruises all over him.Kuai and Hanzo came to stop me but I jumped back and what happened was terrifying that everyone was in shock that they heard Fennikusu talking to them while being possessed."You guys think you stop me. I have finally return at last." Fennikusu replied."Fenni. Release the girl now." Sub-Zero replied"Fennikusu. Surrender or else." Scorpion replied as Fennikusu laughs evilly"I would never surrendering the likes of you." Fennikusu as he jumps out of the window and ran off."He's heading to the village. We're have to stop." Scorpion replied as he and Sub-Zero follows him.When they headed to the village they told Fukai about Fennikusu so she told everyone to hide which everyone listens. They got ready and headed out to of the village.Fukai, Kaguya, Erron, Hanzo, Kuai and everyone are ready.They sees Fennikusu now in his demon form flew over the village. When Fennikusu finally took over me. Hanzo and Kuai sense my magical aura. They told them to weaken him.After the battle that they all fight Fennikusu until he was defeated.Scorpion and Sub-Zero looks at Fennikusu as the Dark Phoenix went into unconscious due to weakness of magic and blood loss causing him to crashed on the ground."We finally defeated him." Reptile replied as smoke began appear when Fennikusu was changed back to Jade. Kaguya, Scorpion, Fukai and Sub-Zero ran towards the unconscious Jade."We need to kill him." Scorpion replied."Hanzo no. If we kill him while being in Jade. Fennikusu will return." Sub-Zero answered as Fukai had an idea."Wait there is a solution that we can keep Jade alive." Fukai replied as she grabs the girl."Guys come on. We don't have much before he wakes up." Fukai replied as they followed her.In the empty room with Fennikusu who was fused with me. I is held by chained by magical chains and a magical symbol underneath them. Raiden Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kaguya, and Fukai. "What the hell is the meaning of this!" Fennikusu shouted as they looked at him."Fukai are you it's gonna work and will bring back Jade?" Raiden asked"Yes I can't kill Jade that Fennikusu is still her. That we can't get him out of Jade." Kaguya replied."Ha you think you can get me out of this girl's body. Well you can't since the girl is my creation of mine." Fennikusu replied."Fukai. Be careful." Sub-Zero replied as Fukai and Kaguya came over towards Fennikusu/Jade taking out their magical staffs and putting near the possessed girl.They made a spell that imprisoned him and made me control my temper that I won't go completely berserk on anyone in the village.Fukai held out her magical staff and began speaking magical words to make the Imprison spell. Their magical staff glows that the magic is ready."Magic imprison seal!" Fukai and Kaguya shouted as they cast their spell on Fennikusu."Noooooooooo!" Fennikusu screamed as he was imprisoned by both Fukai and Kaguya's spell and Jade was able be back. The magical chains release her."Jade." Fukai replied as she and Sub-Zero ran over to her. Jade began to cry."Fukai! Kuai!" Jade cried as Fukai and Kuai hugs her."It's okay. You're safe." Fukai replied as she End of flashback story."After that. It went back to normal. we headed to Aokiji's funeral and Teach was no longer in the school and the village anymore but I can still feel him dwelling inside me." Jade replied as she clutches her fist on her chest that the Demon Phoenix is still inside her. Naruto began to realize that Jade suffered more than he had in the past."Why you hate me and Sasuke?" Sakura asked."The reason why I hated you because you two are always mean to Naruto which I hated because it reminds me of the past." Jade answered as she didn't look at Sakura."You two are always mean to Naruto in which me bugs me slot." Jade replied."Sorry about Jade sometimes Naruto can be annoying." Sakura replied as Jade gets up."Where are you going Jade?" Naruto asked."To see Dagger and maybe head back." Jade answered as she walks away.At Zabuza's home Zabuza was resting in bed. Haku hears Gato opening the door along with two bodyguards along with side. Zabuza's home Zabuza was resting in bed. Haku hears Gato opening the door along with two bodyguards along with side."Some Jounin. The unbeatable ninja just got beaten and limping back home like a pathetic weakling. Demon of the Kirigakure. More like coward of the Kirigakure." Gato replied as Haku got up."Hang on for a minute. Alright let hear about this." Gato replied as he approaches to Zabuza and was about to grab him but Haku grabs his arm."Keep your hands off of him." Haku threatened as he was about break Gato's arm. Gato's bodyguards took out their swords to fight him but Haku stops them."One chance that is it. If you fail this time I cut and there will be no one to cover you." Gato replied Ashe and his bodyguards exits out of the house."Haku that wasn't necessary." Zabuza replied."Perhaps. But it's too early to take out Gato. He's still our best cover. Think about it. The murders withdraws attention and they'll be after us again. We need restaint." Haku replied."You're right." Zabuza replied.
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