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A-Z me o3o
A- Age: 16 bruh
B- Biggest Fear: dunno xD things jumping out at me in the dark I guess
C- Current Time: 6:30pm
D- Drink you last had: grape soda
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: jesus
F- Favorite Song: ummmm I dunno... I like demons by imagine dragons a lot currently
G- Ghosts, are they real: I dunno... never encountered one lol
H- Hometown: somewhere in the world
I- In love with: my fridge... we're a happy couple even though theres quite a distance between us ;u;
J- Jealous of: ur grandma because shes so hawt
K- Killed Someone?: nope o3o
L- Last time you cried?: don't remember lol
M- Middle Name: I dunno take a guess... unless I told you.. you'll never guess what it is x3
N- Number of Siblings: 2 plus the other one who isn't actually related to me by blood but I consider him a brother
O- One Wish: to be close to the love of my life
P- Person who you last called: don't remember.. probably my cousin..
:iconhetalian422:hetalian422 1 0
Pokemon Clair Cosplay by MJDIllusion Pokemon Clair Cosplay :iconmjdillusion:MJDIllusion 8 4 Chibi living form of Aiko by PsychoNarutolover Chibi living form of Aiko :iconpsychonarutolover:PsychoNarutolover 1 2 Spongebob turns Yandere by nekotheyaoi Spongebob turns Yandere :iconnekotheyaoi:nekotheyaoi 211 136
Strawberry-Bacon Cheesecake
Just another stupidly lame house party. My name is Delia, I have long brown hair, it’s darker up top and gets lighter as it goes down, I have light brown eyes and I have pale skin. I was sitting in a corner on a decently comfy couch, I only socialized when people sat down from exhaustion and needed a break. I honestly don’t know why I come to these parties, probably just something to do. I could see people “dancing”, they were pretty much just jumping up and down. Suddenly in the corner of my eye I see a shadow sit down next to me, I thought it was just another exhausted dancer, until he started talking to me.
“Hi,” I didn’t recognize his voice, although he had a slight Mexican accent, “I’m new here, my friend, Diana invited me to come to this party. I don’t really know anyone, my name is Anthony.” He said.
I knew Diana, Never really spoke to her, she was a Mexican transfer student, she came here in the beginning of our
:iconhetalian422:hetalian422 3 0
Creation of orochimaru by PsychoNarutolover Creation of orochimaru :iconpsychonarutolover:PsychoNarutolover 5 0 sasuke uchiha casual by yugiohlover911 sasuke uchiha casual :iconyugiohlover911:yugiohlover911 1 0
moving on i guess...
so ive been thinking of how dramatic ive been over mexican guy.... and ive thought about it all day, and its super difficult for me... and im probably gonna give it another week..... but i think its about time i move on with life and stop caring so about it, obviously im gonna see him again one day.... maybe... and if i dont then i might forget about his existence... but thats our problem to deal with, ive been so stressed out about it, i keep getting constant headaches because i keep thinking of him in class.... and its become a huge distraction in my life... and im actually failing math because of that... its so hard for me to pay attention and i get distracted so easily... so hopefully i can find someone else who can make me as happy as he did... maybe find someone else who will be a new ray of sunshine in the darkness of my night sky... and someone who make me smile my real smile.... and that person might even be standing right before me and i wont even notice.... so yeah.... this
:iconhetalian422:hetalian422 2 2
shit bruh...
it never occured to me the my birthday was so soon... i mean cool im getting a cotton candy machine and a new book... thats great and im really happy about that... and im porbably getting other things that i dont know about... and i appreciate it a lot... but for some reason i feel like a birthday is just an excuse for me to beg my parents for stuff i already beg for and never really care about... i kinda just want it to be a day to spend with my family and nothing more...... before i used to think it was boring when thats all my parents wanted and i always questioned why they never wanted any parties or anything but now i understand.... its just a maturing thing where you just want a small celebrations... :T im probably also less excited because last year out of most of my online friends *except on devi because of the notification thing in the messages areas* mexican guy was the only one to actually remember my birthday and even though he was a couple days late he  still said hap
:iconhetalian422:hetalian422 1 0
just a dumb story...
Once apon a time, there was a lonely girl, well, she had friends, but it never felt like they really supported her like real friends should have, one day she went to a party, she just kind of sat alone in a corner, until a group of people were having an interesting conversation that intrigued her. The lonely girl decided to join in on this conversation, she met a couple of people, but there was this one boy who stood out to her the most, she became close friends with this boy.
days went on and on, she and this boy were still talking and hanging out, they had become closer friends than she had been with her other friends. they told funny stories about their lives, told random jokes, and talked about absolutely nothing, well nothing that meant anything to anyone else, except for them. As the conversations grew to be more and more personal, the lonely girl realized she had made a friend who she had never thought would care this much about her, and support her like he did. She began to not
:iconhetalian422:hetalian422 2 1



i cant beleve it....i will be a sophmore next year....time flies fast. at least in sophomore year they r offerin trips to Nihon (japan) so imma go if I can.... i hope next year can find a boyfrien or somethin...... but he would be gay since i am a narutokin.....anyways, I am sleepy so im gona go to bed. Check out my new fanfic chap guys....…

ok sayanara....
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Hatsune Naruto
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I've been a naruto fan since day 1 " someday i hope to write a naruto book that gets published. for now, please keep up with my sh*ty drawings xD

btw, my birthdat is actually in 1999 i just wrote it wrong~~hehe
facts about me _

1. im not geneticly asian, but my soul is a hafu o_O

2. my great grandma was a cherokee princess XD

3. i draw naruto, sasuke and my OCs all over my schoolwork - -"

4. im kinda short, like 5'7

5. my friends say i act and look like a anime girl ///

6. my favorite foods are pocky and ramune

7. i can make kawaii food, like onigiri :3

8. did i mention i saw kawaii a lot XD

9. im kinda a tsundere, but yandere sometimes *eveil grin*

10. i looveee yaoiiii...i even ship boys at my school \\\"

11. i ware glasses. does that make me megane? haha :33

12. i have a kitty named paizuri chanXD idk what it means but i herd it in a anime

13. my favorite anime is naruto (of course!) peach girl, kuroshitsji and ouran >u

14. my favorite band is jpop

15. my favortie movies are hayow miyazeki

16. im not like other girls my age XP bcuz i dont do drugs and sex XD

17. i like music that isnt from this generation " all we have is myli cyrus and justin beiber. why cant we go back to montly crew!!! except for jpop -_- i like that

18. ive never had a boyfriend cuz im not a whore :3

19. saving myself for a naruto look alike >\\\

20. i dont like to talk about myself much, which is why my description is short _'' gomen!



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