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Grab My Thong

Wanted to do one more ;P so addictive these~
But this is serious
Never once have i gone to america without them having them doing a double take when i mention thongs. I mean, there shoes here in australia, i mean watcha call 'em u Americans? flip-flops? slip-ons? >.>
Well every time i say 'I am gonna grab my thongs' they look at me as if i just said 'i am gonna grab my playboy mini dress'
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Australia - Thongs
America/England (Excluding Hawaii) - Flip-flops
New Zealand - Jandals
Hawaii - Chapels
India - Hawaiian Chapels (I think)

Why can't we just call them one thing lawl XD
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Lol, this very funny XD I'm American and I usually just call them " Sandals ", but I think I used to say " thongs ".

Geeze, this one time I had to read aloud some section of a story in class, and there was a character in that section named Dick. And of course I got some idiots laughing in the class when I read that part. It was kinda funny, but I was more irritated thinking about how ridiculous they were. But anyways, this was so funny :lol:
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looooooooool it's so funny x)
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LOL i'm american, and my dad says that they used to call flip flops "thongs" when he was younger (he's american as well) dunno WHEN that changed XD
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srsly I think the topic could start a war between americans and australians XD
that's so weird that ur dad called them thongs i wonder what happened? XD don have any aussies in the family do u? :D
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lol nah XD, my dad was from michigan, so he practically lived right across the river from canada, he didn't live there for that long, but it gets SUPER hot in michigan during the summer, and i can imagine canadians calling them thongs too, for whatever reason XD
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I love it!! I'm in Australia at the moment and we constantly have this arguement. I'm a kiwi so we call flip-flops 'jandals'.. but a thong is def 100% a thong, underwear, a g string, whatever but you DO NOT wear one on your foot!!!
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haha nice, all i can say it welcome to australia (thou we are having a series of storms at the mo so it may not be as nice as it usually is XD) haha a jandal eh? XD Such a funny name! but i can argue with u there thongs a feet wear and always will be! XD Dang, who started this anyway? Whose idea was it to call a piece of underwear AND a footwear a bloody thong? XD this issue can srsly start a WAR XD
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Lol, The great thong war!! Love it

You know how aussies always get kiwis to say 'six' and 'fish and chips'? My workmates here get me to say 'tiny teddy's'... -something to try next time you meet a kiwi!! See if you can hear it lol
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haha that's right, i forgot u say those words differently XD thou i can't talk, since half the time i speak like an american XD (my mom's canadian and her accent really rubbed off on me) Well since i have a kiwi in my running group tofay, i may just ask her to say those things XD
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My grandma and mom calls them that, but i still have to be like 'What?!', i don't know why america would name a shoe the same name as underwear, i think sometime we just do it for the hell of confusing people...
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same thing with roads... i just sometimes don't get it, :stare:
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Oh, lord. Aussies in thongs unite!
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*omnomnoms random cookie* :iconcookiemonsterplz:
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*hugs cookie monster*
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i saw nothing, nothing at all
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Hey, when'd you do this one?
It's so true!
Not just in America that people stare at you funny.
Apparently in New Zealand too... ^^"
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i did it on firday but forgot to post it ^^"
but u should have seen my cousins when i first said it XD
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