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Glass Circle Bullet (Orange) by Gasara :iconloknnica: Comissions: CLICK
Mistletoe by loknnica Have you ever really loved a woman by loknnica It never rains in Suna. by loknnica

Glass Circle Bullet (Orange) by Gasara :iconmysimpleme14: Comissions: CLICK
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  • 1. D O N A T E :points:
    Send a donation of 50 points to our donations account NarutoGroupDonations (not annonimously)
  • 2. N O T E :note:  
    Send a note to itz-Cindyrella so i know bout your donation including:
    - Comissions: short link of the info + 3 thumbs [?]
    - Contests: Short link of the contest info
  • 3. P R O M O T E :thumbsup:
    I'll add you to this section for 1 month update it constantly next to a permanent announcement in our main profile so everyone can see you!

  • N O T E S
    - We only promote member of this group.
    - We are not responsible about the information and manage of each contest or comission.
    -Any promotion about comissions, contests, events or groups in the main page or any other section of the group will be hidden.
    - We won't take any promotion outside deviatart.
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I have, Paypal fees and commissions points, would promote both commissions?
itz-Cindyrella's avatar
yeah in the comissions
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I will be creating a contest in the future (perhaps in a month or so?) and I'd love to take advantage of this when the time comes ^^
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We will love it too  dear ^^ I'll wait for your note c:
itz-Cindyrella's avatar
follow the instructions please
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this is useful information, Maybe I'll create contest too, and I'm member of this nice group :)
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we're glad you like this section and sure let us know c:
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oh and plz add this:
"Contest promoted at :devnarutogroup:"

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Can I advertise my contest here ?
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is you are a member sure but send a note
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so basically all we gotta do is donate 20 pnts ?
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u..did you personally get additional commissions from advertizing here? coz i'm kinda of a sceptical person :blush:
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i have a 12 months sub and like 600 extra poins ffrom my comissions... this is for the group, you can see other donation pool i have ~MexicoArtDonations all points are there
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