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No more solo OCs

Hi guys, I've been thinking about this for a long time and I've decided to set OCs Folder only for Original Characters WITH Canon Characters, that means no more solo OCs.

Lately OCs is mostly what we get and I didn't create this group for that, this is to honor the original characters, their story and their legacy besides the amazing work and stories our followers create.

There are other groups exclusive for OCs, this is not the place anymore so feel free to leave if you need to or to follow this rule if you decide to stay.

Thank you in advance. ~ itzcindyrella

Hi everyone, first of all, I hope you had an awesome and warm Christmas and I wish you the best for this upcoming 2018.

This update if to let you all know that due to schedule and other reasons from now on, this group will be dedicated mostly to collect art, that means we'll no longer update reviews, chats or even contests (maybe when something important comes out), but we'll continue recieving and collecting every Naruto artwork in our galleries.

The reasons behind this desition are basically work, family, plans, you know, real life and if may I add, it also affected the ending of the Naruto series and the Boruto saga which I really don't like, so I won't watch or read specially bacause of what I consider the betrayal of our original characters, their effors, background, dreams and goals... anyway, just my point of view, still you sure know I am a fan of this beloved story and as long as I'm able to, I'll be here.

So please, continue sending your Naruto work to the group, we'll be glad to add it to our collections.

Thank you.

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We have it! :iconnarutoassplz:

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Super late to reply to this update!!
I agree with the overall decision. 
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Well thank you for the support!
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I'm interested in what aspect/s you find the originals to be betrayed? Generally just want to know, I read the manga but don't follow the anime so it would be cool to know what made you kinna go "nah I'm done now".
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Well making Naruto look like a bad parent or like everything his generation did is not wothy cause a "bigger enemy" is coming so war never ended, nothing changed, that and the fact that they wanna kill Naruto and make the "new team 7" better... I don't buy it and I don't like it
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yup, if we look at things in a positive aspect, everything happens for a greater cause and ultimately turns out to be...(wait for it)....GOOD :)
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