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Group dedicated to collect the best art about the manga and anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.

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Rule 01. Only art 100% Naruto related (no OCs allowed).

Rule 02. No art thieves.

Rule 03. Be polite with the staff and members of this group.

Rule 04. This group won't tolerate offensive language or rudeness.

Rule 05. Submit your work into the right folder and add only a piece a day.

Rule 06. No spam, tags or links in the main page or any other section.

Rule 07. Quality: Only good-high quality images with sharpness and optimal contrast will be accepted. Blurred, dark or noisy pieces will not be accepted.

Rule 08. Presentation: Images must be presented in a frontal way, without borders or spirals, avoiding showing notebooks, pencils, other materials or the person holding them. Similarly, images on lined or squared sheets will not be accepted.

Rule 09. Technique: Photos edited with app filters or other similar media, as well as photos without concept or technique, will not be accepted.

Rule 10. The following topics are not allowed: sexism, sexual assaults, violence, vulgarity, discrimination, homophobia, racism, bestiality, religion, extremism, political propaganda, pseudo-science, controversial issues, among others for the administration's consideration.

Rule 11. The following works will not be accepted: gruesome, vulgar or denigrating portrait of the characters, promotions of any kind, commissions, contests, give away, sketches, journals, scribbles, unfinished works (WIPs), bases, traces, adoptables, motivational posters, memes, wallpapers or screen shots, unrelated Naruto images.

Rule 12. Follow the deviantart policies about Etiquette, Privacy & Copyright

Rule 13. Because Naruto and the Naruto universe is not of your own creation you must add credits to the original creator Masashi Kishimoto, especially for manga colorings.

Doubts? Check the section Why was my work declined?

I come here today to tell you that the cycle of this group has come to an end after 13 years.
I created this group not only because I love the story and characters of Naruto, but also because I needed to feel part of something, which I did, I created and was part of something wonderful, I thank you all for that.
I've come through a lot lately so now I need to focus on myself and those around me, but not before extending my thanks to all those who have been part of this group during all these years, I wish you all the best of luck.
Love, Cindy aka @itz-Cindyrella
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Group dedicated to collect the best art about the manga and anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.
Founded 13 Years ago
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