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The Demon Princess's Demon Knight Ch 2Disclaimer: I do not own DC, JJBA, Naruto, Mortal Kombat, Alien vs predator, One Piece, Bleach, Inuyasha, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Punch Man and DC comics. I only own my ocsExtra warning: This chapter may contain some fanservice.Chapter Two: Jade's PastAs the three days went by, Demon princess Jade began interacting with the four demon knights and two human knights as well even though it was very difficult for her, yet she interacted with her pet xenomorph Six more. She began to gain Kars's trust and started being friends with the demon knights except Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli who are trying to get to know her and ask uncertain questions about her life but she gets very uncomfortable around them when they try to flirt with her on break or after finishing training. Kars gets mad and drags the two away from Jade to make sure that she doesn't feel uncomfortable. He punishes the two by hitting the two in the head with his hands for that.Yet after he punishes the two young knights, he and his three demon knights and two young knights go back to training while Jade and Six watch them train until they have finished the same as usual. The Demon Princess and her pet warrior xenomorph were watching Kars yelling at both Joseph and Caesar for flirting with her after they finished their training.Suddenly Suzy Q came over to her friend.“Princess, your bath is waiting for you.” Suzy Q replied as Jade got up from sitting on the large water fountain.“Oh thank you Suzy Q for that.” Jade replied as she got up from the water fountain. Joseph gets distracted when he sees the Demon Princess leaving with the handmaiden. Kars was too busy yelling at Caesar, he decides to sneak away from the Demon Knight so he can follow the Demon Princess and her handmaiden, but Kars grabs him by the collar of his blouse with hand.“And where do you think you're going Jojo?” Kars asked as Joseph got nervous since Kars knew about his plan.“Umm…just want to see what the Demon Princess and her handmaiden are up to.” Joseph answered as Kars can tell that he is lying due how his behavior is now.“Yeah right, You just want to follow the Demon Princess and her handmaiden so you can try to peep on her.” Kars replied as Caesar Zeppeli got mad at the brunette.“Jojo, Are you serious ?!” Caesar shouted.“Caesar, Stay out of this. That goes for you too, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana.” Kars replied as he pulled one of Joseph's ears with his hand.“Ow…ow….ow…Okay…Okay…I’m sorry Kars.” Joseph apologized as Kars let go of him while the young knight winced in pain due to how painful Kars pulled his ear.“Jojo. If I catch you trying to invade the Demon Princesses privacy. I’ll punish you even worse than this.” Kars warned.Suddenly Advisor Lisa Lisa enters the garden.“Sir Kars, Your Majesties wants to talk to you in his office immediately.” Lisa Lisa announced as Kars looked at his three Demon knights and two young knights.“You guys stay here until I get back from my meeting with the Demon King. You got it.” Kars replied.“Yes, Kars.” The group replied.“Wamuu, Esidisi, Santana, Please keep on Caesar, especially Joseph.” Kars replied.“Yes Kars. We’ll keep an eye on Sir Joseph and Sir Caesar.” Esidisi replied as Kars followed Lisa Lisa which they entered inside the castle. The Advisor and the Demon Knight stopped at Demon King Marcellus’s office. They heard Demon King Marcellus and Demon Queen Silvana talking to someone in the office.Lisa Lisa knocked at the office door which caught both of the Demon King and Demon Queen.“Yes, who is it?” King Marcellus asked.“Your Majesty, it's Lisa Lisa I have Kars with me.” Lisa Lisa answered.“Ahh..yes you may enter.” King Marcellus replied.Lisa Lisa opens the door which she and Kars entered in the office.The office looked very big and fancy due to how elegant the curtains as well as the large office table and some chairs, especially with shelves filled with different books that Kars never saw. The Advisor and the Demon Knight sees the Demon King Marcellus and Demon Queen Silvana and the blonde long haired man with a scar on his face who wears a fancy robe outfit similar to Lisa Lisa, is a noble named Robert E Speedwagon.“Finally you two have finally arrived during our meeting. Come sit down with us.” King Marcellus replied as Both Lisa Lisa and Kars sat down on the chairs of the office table with the Demon King and Demon Queen, especially the human noble.“Noble Robert E Speedwagon this is one of my new knights and Jade's personal bodyguard Sir Kars. Sir Kars, this is Noble Sir Robert E Speedwagon.” King Marcellus replied.“So you're one of the Demon knights that the Majesty has hired you and your knights. Very pleased to meet you.” Speedwagon replied.“Thank you for that. Very pleased to meet you too as well.” Kars replied.“So, your Majesty, what is it that you want to talk about since Kars is here with us?” Lisa Lisa asked.“Well…I actually want to talk to Kars about the Demon Princess since I noticed she started to trust him ever since he defended her from girls who bullied her in the past.” King Marcellus replied as Kars was quite surprised that Jade’s parents knew about that days ago.“Honey, are you sure that you want to tell Kars about our Daughter’s past?” Queen Silvana asked as she got concerned about Kars's reaction towards Jade's past.“Kars, if I tell you about my daughter’s past, promise yourself not to tell anyone about her past?” King Marcellus asked.“Yes, your Majesty, I will not tell anyone about you even though my past is kind of similar to mine. I can actually understand what she is going through but I will tell you about it in the future.” Kars answered.“Okay, so you actually understand what I said to you. So where to start at.” King Marcellus replied.“Ummm. Honey, let's talk about it from the beginning.” Queen Silvana explained.“Yes. Thank you honey.” King Marcellus replied the flashback of the story shows what the Demon King tells the Demon Knight.“Well back when me and my wife finally had a beautiful baby girl after we got married. We decided to name it Jade. Even though we had some meetings and important stuff going on in our lives. We had Advisor Lisa Lisa who is Jade's godmother had to take care of Jade until we finished what we needed to do. When Jade is grown into a demon child, Lisa Lisa begins educating her on the stuff she needs to learn like reading, writing, history and other school subjects which her intelligence began to develop quickly. As her personality continued to develop, especially as a demon child. She was very different from the rest of the other demons. During Royal Ball events in the past most of the demon children make fun of her due to how she is completely different from them. My Wife Silvana stepped in and got mad at the demon children for making fun of our daughter. We didn't care that Jade is a different demon, we still love who she is and this is her decision.Around the age of eight on her birthday. We adopted a xenomorph named Six due to the number six on her head. The Demon Princess adored her completely and the Xenomorph finally got along with her.During when Jade wants to go to the village. I had Speedwagon or Lisa Lisa chaperone our daughter due to curiosity and she wants to explore the village.While visiting the village with Speedwagon while Lisa Lisa is taking care of her son during her day off. She made friends with a humanoid reptilian boy who is about the same age as Jade who came from an exiled realm. His name is Syzoth but Jade likes to call him Reptile or lizard boy for short who is actually her first friend. Due to the fact he was an orphan that he had no family, shelter or food. Most of the demons, humans, Soul Reapers, angels, and other humanoid creatures don't like or fear him due to his different species. She and Speedwagon took him to our castle instead of leaving him in the cold. Jade introduced the reptilian boy to us.My wife and I asked him what was his. He told us that his name is Syzoth and told us that he was Zaterran which most were surprised that he was the last of his species. That he actually showed us his lizard form even though it was adorable during his kid form but still vicious. Plus it was even cuter when our daughter was petting him and didn't get scared of him. We decided to let him stay in our castle since he is Jade's first friend. We provided a home that he can stay in, food that he’s able to eat, and provide him clothes he can wear.During his stay with the Demon Princess at the age of ten. I had Lisa Lisa or Speedwagon to babysit the two even though she made more friends with Princess Hinata, Prince Neji, Prince Ichigo, Sakura Haruno, Izuku, Prince Josuke, Okuyasu Nijimura, Prince Luffy, Princess Nico Jade, Kagome, Tanjiro, Princess Sayuri, Prince Hiei, Prince Katakuri, Prince Sabo, Prince Sanji and Prince Ace.At the age of eighteen, She is still friends with them ever since and still has visited times especially Syzoth since he is able finally got a home that he'll be able to stay in the village. And made friends with her handmaiden named Suzy Q when she got hired to be the Demon Princess's handmaiden.After Jade's birthday, Me, my wife, Speedwagon and Lisa Lisa had decided to have The Demon Princess to have an arranged marriage in order to keep our bloodline going. We started out with the first Demon Prince that Speedwagon chose but said no that he will not marry a different demon. So we tried again on the second prince but the same thing again.Jade was rejected numerous times from the demon princes from the different demon kingdoms that Speedwagon provides. None of the demon princes rejected her due to her personality. After Numerous rejections, The Demon Princess went to her bedroom and cried. My wife and Iheaded to her chambers to confront her. While Our daughter was still crying on the bed and asking why most of the demon princes didn't want to marry her.My wife told her that it's not her fault even though she is different. Most of the Demon Princes decided to not to choose her and make their decisions. She told her that someone else will accept her for who she is.It took effect on Jade that she had self esteem issues, Trust issues, and rejection, during the Royal Ball last year. A princess from a different kingdom named Malty and her group made fun of the Demon Princess that she’ll be a burden to the Royal Demon family. Of course I had confronted her father that Malty is being a complete spoiled bully towards my daughter even though Jade has problems going on. I watch when her and her family leave the Royal Ball. Malty looks at my daughter and sticks out her tongue towards Jade and calls her a burden.Hopefully Jade can find someone that actually loves her.As the flashback of the story ended. “Now you can see why Jade is like this right now.” Queen Silvana replied.“I'm sorry that you told me about her story. I can see why most of the Demon Princes don't want her.” Kars replied.“Kars, you keep on protecting her, Interacting with her and hanging out with her. Maybe she'll start to trust you even more and open up her feelings towards you.” Queen Silvana replied.“If that actually happens. Then I don't mind that you have a relationship with my daughter.” King Marcellus added as Kars began to realize that they want their daughter to return to her normal personality that she used to have years ago after she turned eighteen. Demon King Marcellus looks at the window outside and sees that the sun is setting.“Well….Kars since tomorrow is the Royal Ball, you should train your knights on being a respectful gentleman. My wife and I gave you permission that you and your knights can use the bathing chambers now since your training is over. The bathing Chambers is at the West Wing hallways where the Demon princess’s chambers are a couple blocks away.” King Marcellus replied.“Thank you, your Majesties, for letting me and the rest of my knights that we’ll able to stay here and use the bathing chambers. Hopefully I’ll make sure to tell my knights about that important day tomorrow.” Kars replied as he got up from the office table. “Kars, one more thing before you headed back to your knights. Do you actually tell us about your past first before telling it to the Demon Princess in the future?” Queen Silvana asked.“Maybe but not now. But I will tell you about my past later on in the future.” Kars answered as he bowed towards both the Demon King and Demon Queen, especially towards the advisor and the noble.Kars exits out of King Marcellus’s office and heads back towards the garden where his three demon knights and his two young knights are at.Meanwhile in the garden Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana, Joseph and Caesar are waiting for Kars to get back to the garden. Joseph began to complain about it.“What is taking Kars so long during his meeting? That shouldn't take that long that I'm now complaining about it.” Joseph whined.“Jojo, will you just shut the hell up!” Caesar shouted.“You two knock it right now. Kars is coming right now.” Esidisi replied as Kars entered the garden.“Alright guys. I'm back from the meeting.” Kars replied.“Finally.” Joseph replied.“Listen up knights, Tomorrow is a very important day because there is going to be a Royal Ball. I know you guys, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana will behave during the Royal Ball, but you Jojo and Caesar, you two better behave yourself because the Demon Princess and especially mostly all the ladies and princesses.” Kars replied.“Oh please. We're not children anymore. Kars. “ Joseph replied as he got hit in the head softly by Kars.“Ow…Why did you do that?” Joseph asked.“For talking back to me like that.” Kars answered as he turned around.“Alright guys since our training is over. Follow me, that we're heading to the bathing chambers and probably relax there for a while.” Kars replied as he exited out of the garden while his three demon knights and two young knights followed him where they headed to the West Wing.Meanwhile In Jade's Gothic bedroom Jade is lying on her Queen sized gothic themed bed wearing her black long sleeve nightgown after she had finished her bath and eating dinner with her parents. Suzy Q hangs up her gothic princess dress in the closet, her gothic accessories in the drawer and her Gothic jewelry placed in the jewelry drawers. “Alright Princess, I finished washing and drying your outfit during laundry while you were in your bath. Hopefully tomorrow you'll be prepared for the Royal Ball.” Suzy Q replied.“Yeah Suzy Q, but I'm still worried about it tomorrow since Princess Malty and her group are going to make fun of me just like last year. I won't be able to find someone and call me a burden again.” Jade replied.“Princess, I’m pretty sure that your new bodyguard Sir Kars will probably take care of that problem plus I noticed something today while being outside of the garden that you are began to trust him after couple of days that you told me the other day that Kars took care of the bullies that you two encountered after exiting the village you two visited. Kars will probably know and understand what you're been going through.” Suzy Q explained.“I don't know how my childhood friends and my friends will be towards him even if he got hired days ago?” Jade asked.“I'm pretty sure your friends will probably accept him during the Royal Ball. Most of them will probably get along with him due to how loyal he is especially towards you and your parents.” Suzy Q answered as she put the black queen size blanket on Jade while the Xenomorph warrior Six jumped on the bed and started to nudge her head towards Jade's hand.“Well. Tomorrow you’ll rest fine, Please let Kars handle your problems especially during the Royal Ball. Hopefully I'll get you ready when you're awake. Goodnight Princess.” Suzy Q replied as she exited Jade's bedroom. While the Demon Princess and her pet xenomorph went to sleep.In the bathing chambers were a large pool with a fountain and some fish statues with water pouring out from their mouths. The same clothes were folded and sat on the shelves along with bath towels.Kars, his three demon knights and the two young knights are now relaxing in the bathing pool after their training and taking off their clothes. The warm clean water and bubbles had covered part of their chest and the rest of their bodies. He had his purple long hair tied into a ponytail to make sure that his beautiful long hair doesn't get wet. The purple long haired demon knight relaxed while he sees Caesar getting mad at Joseph for splashes water at him. Kars began to get annoyed by the two young knights/ princes.“Jojo, would you please stop splashing water on us?!” Caesar shouted“Oh my God! Will you two please stop acting and fighting like children?! Kars shouted as both Caesar and Joseph stopped arguing when the purple long haired demon knight yelled at them.“Well if you guys don't like getting splashed by water then maybe I’ll do it to Kars instead.” Joseph teased as Esidisi freaked on that part.No! Don't do it on Kars, you idiot. He’s going to be” before Esidisi stops Joseph Joestar instead the young knight splashes water towards Kars's face and hair by using his hand which the Demon knight reacts very irritated now that Kars pulls Joseph in the water and almost tries to drown him in the bathing pool. The young Joestar prince was screaming for help.“Caesar, Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana! Please Help me!” Joseph shouted as Kars grabbed him and pulled him in the water. While Wamuu and Santana decided not to deal with this. Until it went a little too far that Caesar and Esidisi had to step in and stop Kars that Joseph almost died from drowning. Joseph gasped for air while he was drenching wet.After they finished their bath. They got dressed back into outfits. Esidisi and Caesar continue laughing at Joseph.“I can't believe that Kars almost drowned you.” Esidisi teased.“That's not funny.” Joseph replied.“Oh yes it was.” Caesar added.After they finished bathing and eating dinner. Most of Kars's knights went to their rooms and fell asleep while Kars was in his room laying in bed, began thinking of Jade's past, he began to feel sympathy towards the Demon Princess that he had a similar past like her. He remembered that his ex-girlfriend named Tala dumped him that he was a lesser demon and she had an affair with a Highest ranking demon lord named Asmodeus.Kars went to sleep thinking that tomorrow is the Royal Ball.Bonus part/OmakeJoseph Joestar sees Kars eating dinner in the dining room along with Caesar, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana.“Is he still mad at you?” Wamuu asked.“Yes. He is.” Joseph answered.“See this is why you shouldn't pissed off Kars during his bath with us.” Esidisi added.“Shut up Esidisi.” Joseph replied.“Now Kars is definitely holding a grudge against you right now.” Santana replied.
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:rose: Naruto Kunoichi :rose:

Welcome to the FC!

Welcome to the Naruto Girls Fan Club! We are people who are fans of any and all Naruto Kunoichi from all across the Naruto nation.


:bulletpink: Each submission must feature a Naruto Kunoichi.
:bulletpink: Any pairings are welcome, including yuri.
:bulletpink: There is currently a submission limit of 10 deviations per day. This may go up or down depending on the amount of members.
:bulletpink: Original Characters, Crossovers, Mature Work, Gender Bending, and Alternate Universes are allowed.
:bulletpink: Do not flame any members of deviantART or clubs that do not support the same character as you.


:bulletred:Featured--Any art featuring a GROUP of canon Naruto Kunoichi.
:bulletorange:Sakura--Any art featuring Sakura Haruno ALONE.
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:bulletgreen:Hinata--Any art featuring Hinata Hyuga ALONE.
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:bulletyellow:Sadara--Any art featuring Sadara Uchiha ALONE.
:bulletgreen:Himawari--Any art featuring Himawari Uzumaki ALONE.
:bulletorange:Other Girls--Any art featuring a single Naruto Kunoichi that does not fit into the above categories. (Tsunade, Kushina, Karui, Anko, etc.)
:bulletyellow:Original-Fan Characters--All female Original Characters from the world of Naruto go here, regardless whether they are paired with a male character or are in a group with canon characters.
:bulletgreen:Gender Bending--Any gender-bent MALES from the Naruto universe go here. This includes Naruto's Sexy no Justu.
:bulletblue:Hetero Pairs--Any pairing between a Naruto Kunoichi and a male. Canon-characters only. Canon males with Female OCs go into the Original-Fan Characters folder.
:bulletpurple:Yuri Pairs--Any pairing between two Naruto Kunoichi/a Naruto Kunoichi and another female.
:bulletpink:Groups and Teams--Any canon Naruto teams artwork (i.e. Team 7) goes here.
:bulletred:Stamps and Icons--Animated icons or stamps featuring support of a kunoichi or coupling.
:bulletorange:Cosplay--Any Cosplay pictures.
:bulletyellow:Comics/Doujinshi--All comics or Naruto Kunoichi Doujinshi goes here.
:bulletgreen:Fanfiction--Any piece of literature featuring a Kunoichi.
:bulletorange:Crossovers--Naruto girls (and guys) crossover with other anime characters or series. Art of only non-Naruto characters dressed as Naruto characters are not allow given this group is focus on Naruto girls.
:bulletblue: Family--Anything depicting two relatives of the opposite gender together. This includes Family/Children related pictures.
:bulletpurple: Drawing Guides and References--Any drawing guides, references, and tutorials that can help artists draw characters. Bases are not allowed.

:star: We do NOT accept:
:bulletpurple:Art showing only male characters. This is the NarutoGirlsFC. If the art have one or more girls along with the guy(s), it can be accepted.
:bulletpurple: Art showing only non-Naruto girls. Characters of other manga/shows/movies are welcome alongside Naruto girls in Crossover art.
:bulletpurple:Quick and messy sketches.
:bulletpurple:Motivational posters.
:bulletpurple:Traces or reproductions of Masashi Kishimoto's original work.
:bulletpurple:Manga scans or anime screenshots.
:bulletpurple:Low quality/blurry photos of cosplay or artwork.
:bulletpurple:Artwork that used Bases or Dolls.
:bulletpurple:Artwork of any of the teenage kunoichi naked or even semi-naked or in any sexual explicit situations.
:bulletpurple:Role-playing blogs. These are not fanfiction.
:bulletpurple:Anti- artwork of any kind. This group accepts all pairings, characters, etc.
:bulletpurple: Weird fetishes, some are highly sexual in nature - like foot-licking, heavy bondage, vore, etc.
:bulletpurple: Any advertisement art mentioning open commissions, adoptables, YCH's, or any other means to make money. This is a gallery for art, not a place to generate business for artists. It's okay though to mention one is open for commissions in an art's description section.
:bulletpurple: Polls of any kind. Again, this is a gallery for art, not for anyone to conduct polls or ask for votes to win any art contest, etc.
:bulletpurple: Blood and gore, including extreme violence of any kind.
:bulletpurple: Art created by 'games', so-called art creation engines. These are not drawn art and can be easily created by anyone.
:bulletpurple: Watchers-Only art. Not fair to force people to watch an artist in order to see his/her art. All art here should be viewable to everyone regardless whether they watch artists or not
:bulletpurple: Subscribe-Only art. Like Watchers-Only, it's not fair to force people to buy a subscription in order to see the art. Do not submit art and then later place a Subscribe-Only block on it. Such art will be removed. DA should not become Patreon.

:star: EVERY deviation submission is reviewed, and if it is not put in the correct folder, we will NOT accept it!

We will accept any and all member and affiliation requests.
As long as they are not anti- groups.







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