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It seems the DeviantArt Administration has decided to change how the Favorites/Collection of all groups look. If you go to the Favorites page, you will only see the last five art that was faved by the group. If anyone wants to see the *entire* collection, you have to click on the Featured folder seen on the left side column of the Favorites page.

Honestly, I do not understand why they did this. The Help Desk is not being helpful to me to explain this, given I always seen a group's entire Collection right there on the main Favorites page. This new 'look' is stupid, given what purpose does it give to only display the last five favs on a group's main Favorites page. The DA administration surely has lost their mind on this one.

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Hinata Hyuga by KimochiDraw
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- Karin Uzumaki in a bikini - by TheIllusiveMan90
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Karin Uzumaki render [NxB Ninja Tribes] by Maxiuchiha22
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Sarada Uchiha
Uchiha Sarada by Kaciquee
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Sarada's Secret! by Shonenboy123
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Samui by EroticFanart
Hetero Pairs
NaruTen: A Time for Love by JuPMod
Hetero Pairs 2
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Original-Fan Characters
Itachi and Akina by MotoFox-5
Gender Bending
Naruto Sexy Jutsu by YagamiArtt
Yuri Pairs
kintenten by chimeishou
Groups and Teams
Commission: Prima Donna in the Land of Snow by Amenoosa
Stamps and Icons
LamiaKosmos Stamp by Astrorella
Ino Yamanaka Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Comics and Doujinshi

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Naruhina Comic by zetarok
Fan Fiction
The Dark Phoenix meeting the BabiesSummary: After Fennikusu was freed from Jade and gains his body back. Fennikusu meets Haku and Chihiro for the first time.Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, One piece, Mortal Kombat and Bleach I only own is my ocsAround nighttime Jade was finally asleep in her bedroom in the Mahoukage palace while Aizen was working in Soul Society.Fennikusu who now in his human form. He is has black long hair with red, purple and blue highlights on them, light skin, and red eyes. He wears a black kimono set with hooded cloak, boots, circlet, and fingerloop gloves. He was freed from Jade two years ago that she defeated him when she was going to use his powers at the great ninja war.He was keeping on eye on Jade making sure nothing doesn't happen to her while Aizen is at work.Suddenly he heard a slight noise which it caught his attention. The humanoid phoenix came over towards the nursery room.Fennikusu walk towards a crib and sees the two babies. Haku and Chihiro saw him which they saw him.Haku began to babbling and Chihiro was gurgling. Fennikusu got a little uncomfortable when he first saw them when they are born even though they are the children of both Jade and Aizen.Fennikusu remembers that his mate Shirayuki the ice phoenix had gave a son named Kira. He is very happy that his creation Jade had given birth to two soul reaper human phoenix hybrids.Fennikusu reaches his hand towards them. Haku grabs on his finger with his tiny hand and Chihiro grabs a strand of his hair.He understands why Jade had to make sure that her phoenix blood is completely controlled and having overprotective instinct that Haku and Chihiro are born.Fennikusu vowed himself that he'll protect Haku and Chihiro but mostly important Jade from anyone who will hurt them.Owari
Hinata like Harry workingout 0.5 by gekkodimoria
Training Time - Ino and Inoichi by leaopardheart
Drawing Guides and References
Hone-Onna - Bio by PoodleJockey

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sakura by sharingandevil sakura :iconsharingandevil:sharingandevil 911 60 Haruno Sakura by mlmy24 Haruno Sakura :iconmlmy24:mlmy24 1,564 106 -sakura- by sharingandevil -sakura- :iconsharingandevil:sharingandevil 1,216 47 Sakura by kayshasiemens Sakura :iconkayshasiemens:kayshasiemens 1,810 199 Sakura by Mockingbyrd Sakura :iconmockingbyrd:Mockingbyrd 2,141 168 sakura by unhai sakura :iconunhai:unhai 1,700 69 Sakura by Mzag Sakura :iconmzag:Mzag 3,088 121 Sakura by hiperion-sama Sakura :iconhiperion-sama:hiperion-sama 1,168 79 Sakura by Amaretti Sakura :iconamaretti:Amaretti 6,460 536 Sakura by Sandfreak Sakura :iconsandfreak:Sandfreak 14,849 1,430 Konoha Girls by Lokklyn Konoha Girls :iconlokklyn:Lokklyn 3,476 256 Naruto girls by raziel86hun Naruto girls :iconraziel86hun:raziel86hun 222 6 Naruto Girls by lmbeer Naruto Girls :iconlmbeer:lmbeer 176 28 The Konoha Girls by CrimsonCobwebs The Konoha Girls :iconcrimsoncobwebs:CrimsonCobwebs 613 29 naruto girls by Xynphix naruto girls :iconxynphix:Xynphix 727 32 Naruto girls - flowers by PetiteLilen Naruto girls - flowers :iconpetitelilen:PetiteLilen 262 35
:rose: Naruto Kunoichi :rose:

Welcome to the FC!

Welcome to the Naruto Girls Fan Club! We are people who are fans of any and all Naruto Kunoichi from all across the Naruto nation.


:bulletpink: Each submission must feature a Naruto Kunoichi.
:bulletpink: Any pairings are welcome, including yuri.
:bulletpink: There is currently a submission limit of 10 deviations per day. This may go up or down depending on the amount of members.
:bulletpink: Original Characters, Crossovers, Mature Work, Gender Bending, and Alternate Universes are allowed.
:bulletpink: Do not flame any members of deviantART or clubs that do not support the same character as you.


:bulletred:Featured--Any art featuring a GROUP of canon Naruto Kunoichi.
:bulletorange:Sakura--Any art featuring Sakura Haruno ALONE.
:bulletyellow:Ino--Any art featuring Ino Yamanaka ALONE.
:bulletgreen:Hinata--Any art featuring Hinata Hyuga ALONE.
:bulletblue:TenTen--Any art featuring TenTen ALONE.
:bulletpurple:Temari--Any art featuring Temari ALONE.
:bulletpink:Karin--Any art featuring Karin ALONE.
:bulletred:Konan--Any art featuring Konan ALONE.
:bulletyellow:Sadara--Any art featuring Sadara Uchiha ALONE.
:bulletgreen:Himawari--Any art featuring Himawari Uzumaki ALONE.
:bulletorange:Other Girls--Any art featuring a single Naruto Kunoichi that does not fit into the above categories. (Tsunade, Kushina, Karui, Anko, etc.)
:bulletyellow:Original-Fan Characters--All female Original Characters from the world of Naruto go here, regardless whether they are paired with a male character or are in a group with canon characters.
:bulletgreen:Gender Bending--Any gender-bent MALES from the Naruto universe go here. This includes Naruto's Sexy no Justu.
:bulletblue:Hetero Pairs--Any pairing between a Naruto Kunoichi and a male. Canon-characters only. Canon males with Female OCs go into the Original-Fan Characters folder.
:bulletpurple:Yuri Pairs--Any pairing between two Naruto Kunoichi/a Naruto Kunoichi and another female.
:bulletpink:Groups and Teams--Any canon Naruto teams artwork (i.e. Team 7) goes here.
:bulletred:Stamps and Icons--Animated icons or stamps featuring support of a kunoichi or coupling.
:bulletorange:Cosplay--Any Cosplay pictures.
:bulletyellow:Comics/Doujinshi--All comics or Naruto Kunoichi Doujinshi goes here.
:bulletgreen:Fanfiction--Any piece of literature featuring a Kunoichi.
:bulletorange:Crossovers--Naruto girls (and guys) crossover with other anime characters or series. Art of only non-Naruto characters dressed as Naruto characters are not allow given this group is focus on Naruto girls.
:bulletblue: Family--Anything depicting two relatives of the opposite gender together. This includes Family/Children related pictures.
:bulletpurple: Drawing Guides and References--Any drawing guides, references, and tutorials that can help artists draw characters. Bases are not allowed.

:star: We do NOT accept:
:bulletpurple:Art showing only male characters. This is the NarutoGirlsFC. If the art have one or more girls along with the guy(s), it can be accepted.
:bulletpurple: Art showing only non-Naruto girls. Characters of other manga/shows/movies are welcome alongside Naruto girls in Crossover art.
:bulletpurple:Quick and messy sketches.
:bulletpurple:Motivational posters.
:bulletpurple:Traces or reproductions of Masashi Kishimoto's original work.
:bulletpurple:Manga scans or anime screenshots.
:bulletpurple:Low quality/blurry photos of cosplay or artwork.
:bulletpurple:Artwork that used Bases or Dolls.
:bulletpurple:Artwork of any of the teenage kunoichi naked or even semi-naked or in any sexual explicit situations.
:bulletpurple:Role-playing blogs. These are not fanfiction.
:bulletpurple:Anti- artwork of any kind. This group accepts all pairings, characters, etc.
:bulletpurple: Weird fetishes, some are highly sexual in nature - like foot-licking, heavy bondage, vore, etc.
:bulletpurple: Any advertisement art mentioning open commissions, adoptables, YCH's, or any other means to make money. This is a gallery for art, not a place to generate business for artists. It's okay though to mention one is open for commissions in an art's description section.
:bulletpurple: Blood and gore, including extreme violence of any kind.
:bulletpurple: Art created by 'games', so-called art creation engines. These are not drawn art and can be easily created by anyone.
:bulletpurple: Watchers-Only art. Not fair to force people to watch an artist in order to see his/her art. All art here should be viewable to everyone regardless whether they watch artists or not

:star: EVERY deviation submission is reviewed, and if it is not put in the correct folder, we will NOT accept it!

We will accept any and all member and affiliation requests.
As long as they are not anti- groups.







Attention Affiliates! If you have a contest or event you want NarutoGirlsFC to advertize, drop a Note or Comment with the information and your contest or event will be displayed in the Affiliates Contest & Events blog. :)…


We will accept any and all affiliates from any fandom, especially groups supporting Naruto Kunoichi.
As long as they are not anti- groups.



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GodzilaZeven Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2021  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi everyone!
I want to show you my works, cause I suggest to do commissions in the future.
Here're some
Valentine's Day by GodzilaZeven   [CM] Sorrow Goddess by GodzilaZeven   [CM] Naughty Bun Bun by GodzilaZeven  
NarutoPiece89 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2021

I am doing a Naruto Remake project (…). I am actually searching artists for two volumes,  artists who accept open requests and/or collabs, and artists who made  linearts, digital arts, sketchs and/or doujinshi. It's a fan project, it's not a paid project but I created a donation pool especially for the artists who participate in this project.

Here is an overview of the project:…

Thank you.
repinscourge Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
thank you for accepting my submittion. happy cry XD 
himeRra Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi guys!Heart Animation  

Anime commissions are OPEN!
I can draw your OCs!

More examples and info:

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Look 1 - Yokai by himeRra   Cutie by himeRra   Black cat by himeRra  
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Hello! I would be glad if you visit my gallery. There are many interesting photos. Do you want to relax a little? by horridness88  
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How do I join the group?
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Just press the 'Join Group' button seen on top of front page.
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