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Boruto OC Haku AizenIntroduction‭ ‬of‭ ‬Character‬‬‬Name:‭ Haku AizenReal name: Kohakku AizenAge:‭ 12Gender:‭ MaleSexual/Romantic Orientation: HeterosexualNickname‭(‬s‭)‬:‬‬‬‬HakuAlias‭(‬es‭)‬:Dark Phoenix HakuDate of Birth: January 6Status: Alive Species: Soul Reaper, human Phoenix HybridBlood Type: ABAffiliations/Organizations: Kinmochi AcademyOccupation:‭ ‬StudentThe Character‭‬s‭ ‬Appearance‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬General Appearance: Haku has Black short hair, hazel brown eyes and light skin.He wears a Shinigami black uniform, with white socks and wooden sandals.In his phoenix form he has black all over him with red eyes.Height: 6.4 7.8 Phoenix formWeight: 125 Phoenix form 150Handedness: Right‭About‭ ‬the‭ ‬Character‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Personality: Haku can be very calm like his father. Unfortunately He is short tempered attitude like his mother but has the remorseful and act of kindness from his mother. Hobbies/Interests:Drinking TeaReading booksWriting and drawing storiesGoals/Motivations/Dreams:Proving that Haku is not like his father in the past.The‭ ‬Character‭‬s‭ Relationship‭ ‬With‭ Others‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Love Interest(s): Kimi HitsugayaFriend(s):Kaien KurosakiMasaki KurosakiHanzo Mosura Reo KuchikiHasumomo Yosei Mosura KuchikiBoruto UzumakiSarada UchihaHimawari UzumakiSumire KakeiMitsuki Chōchō AkimichiDenki KaminarimonInojin YamanakaShikadai NaraKuro Rozu Ryu JaganshiMizuki ZarakiMitsu UkitakeYukiko UkitakeKota Urahara.Shiro HitsugayaEnemy(ies):Iwabee Yuino some timesPowers/Abilities:Healing TearsHealing regenerationSelf-ResurrectionAsh ResurrectionDark Fire ManipulationDark Fire GenerationAbsolute Darkness TransformationPowered FormDark Fire Combat Dark Fire Attacks Dark Fire Breath Dark Fire Bomb GenerationOrigin of Powers: He got his soul reaper and phoenix abilities at the age of ten.Zanpakuto: Kuro no Inferuno Fenikkusu meaning Black Inferno PhoenixZanpakuto Element: Black FlamesZanpakuto Spirit: she has purple hair with red butterfly hair clip, black yutakawith blue phoenix feathers, orange sandals with socks and she has black phoenix feathers on her back.Zanpakuto Personality: She very smart, kind and sometimes gets very angry with Haku doesn't listen to her.Sealed: it's black zanpakuto , with grey ribbon, has black flames and a phoenix with and butterfly wing on the sheath.Shikai : Kurohomura dansu meaning Black flame dance. Has a ability to summon a giant phoneix with black butterfly wings that attacks enemies. Special AbilitiesBankai: Kuro jigoku no hi meaning Black Hellfire. Has a ability to use cause any enemy to fall asleep, paralyzes them with dark purple electricity and burns them with black fire.Strengths: Weaknesses: IronRestrictions: His eyes turns red when he is in rageAlternate Form(s): Dark Phoenix rage: Has a ability to beserkAngel:Phoenix:Fighting‭ ‬Style:‭ ‬‬‬‬ ‬Weapon‭(‬s‭)‬:‭ KatanaKnowledge: 10/10Conceptualization Power: 10/10Motivation: 10/10Will to Act: 10/10‭‬‬Power Control: 10/10Agility:‭ 10‬/10‬‬Swordsmanship:‭ 10 ‬/10‬‬Hand-to-Hand‭ ‬Combat: 10‭ ‬/10‬‬‬‬Long‭ ‬Range‭ ‬Accuracy:‭ 10‬/10‬‬‬‬‬‬Offense: 10/10Defense: 10/10Kido: 10/10Social Skills: 10/10The‭ ‬Character‭‬s‭ Familial/Biographical‭ Information‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Birthplace: KonohaFamily:Sosuke Aizen FatherNico Jade MotherChihiro Aizen SisterKuai Liang Grand fatherFukai GrandmotherHanzo Hasashi Grand uncleKaguya Grand AuntTakeda UncleDagger AuntSora Uchiha CousinFamilial Background: Being born in the village of Konoha Haku and his twin sister Chihiro living on both villages of Majikku and Konoha. Haku gets called a monster due to that Aizen is his father. Which he hates it completely.Character Background: At the age of twelve and still being in school with his sister.Seiyuu: Yūki Kaji Voice Actor: Kyle McCarleyTrivia: The name Haku not to be mistaken by Naruto, and real name Kohakku was used in the Studio Ghibli movie of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited away.
Doujinshi Comics Folder
Naruto Shiroki: Chap20 pag1 ENG by Baztey
Love and illusions Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Bleach, Naruto, or Mortal KombatChapter One: KonohaAizen, Jade, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi heads back to Konoha village. They headed to the entrance. Which he sees a big gate opened wide. Both of the leaf ninjas named Kotetsu and Izumo saw Team Seven and the magical warrior but sees an uninvited guest along as well."What Aizen! You're not supposed to be here in this village!" Kotetsu shouted as he sees Aizen."Don't worry, Jade had put seal on him that he won't able to use Kido in the village. He'll only use it when he's outside of the village or on missions with us." Kakashi explained."Well okay. He may enter this village as long he doesn't cause any trouble. You got that Aizen!" Kotetsu shouted as Aizen didn't say a word but understands it.Jade, Aizen and her team enters in Konoha villageEveryone in the village were giving glares at the traitor and whispering at each other. Aizen knows that everyone completely hates him for betraying the Soul Society, trying to fused the Hyogoku with himself and tries to destroy Katakura Town. He was defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki when the orange haired teenager used Zangetsu's final attack Mugetsu when he was in hollow butterfly form. Aizen survives but ended up being sealed by Kisuke Urahara.After being sealed by Urahara. Aizen was sentenced to 18,800 years but he gave attitude towards Central 46 which they decided to extend his sentence up to 20,000.Two years of being prisoned in Muken. Shunsei asks him to help him defeat Yhwach which he refuses after he got out of that chair that he sat in. Yet got attached on the chair and attacks Yhwach's minions.After Ichigo killed Yhwach when he used Kyoka Suigetsu along Renji with used Sōō Zabimaru on the tyrant. Aizen and Ichigo had a conversation with each other but he ended up getting sliced by Yhwach who is still alive.The two ended up being devoured but Uryuu saved them in a nick of time.After Ichigo had finally killed Yhwach. Aizen was sent back to prison and was sealed when he went unconscious.After being kept I don't know how long. He got tired of being in Muken. Aizen had finally escaped somehow from that chair, exiting out of Muken, leaving soul society and heads into a portal that no one can't find him ever.When they headed to the Hokage's building to meet the fifth Hokage Tsunade. Jade, Naruto, Sakura and Aizen stops down in the hallway."Let me go talk to her now that you are here. Aizen." Kakashi replied as he heads into Tsunade's office and talks to here. Now Jade, Sakura and Naruto turns their heads at Aizen."Okay Aizen. You promise you'll behave in front of Lady Tsunade." Sakura replied."Why is that?" Aizen asked."Don't try to piss off Tsunade. Trust me you don't want to her mad." Jade added."Seriously. Aizen. Do not wise up against Tsunade." Naruto added."Yeah right. I'm pretty sure that Tsunade will be happy to see me that I'm here with you guys." Aizen replied."Jade! Sakura! Naruto! Please send in Sosuke Aizen." Kakashi ordered as team 7, Jade and Aizen enters in Tsunade's office. They see Tsunade with Shizune, Tonton and Kakashi."Tsunade! We're back from our mission. And guess what Jade had found." Sakura replied as Tsunade sees a man who she recognized after she heard what happened and that he tries to control both Jade and Fennikusu two years."Aizen. What the hell are you doing here?" Tsunade asked."Oh hey Tsunade. I see you became the fifth hokage. I just wanted to see you." Aizen answered as laughed nervously realizing that he is screwed."Tsunade relax. I put a seal spell on him that Aizen only uses Kido on missions or leaving this village. I found him when I was looking around the forest when Fennikusu woke me up from my slumber." Jade answered."Well we ain't letting him in our village and your village after what he had done in the past. He has to go and sleep somewhere. The hotels would not allow him there especially that power he has within." Tsunade replied."Please Tsunade. Give him a chance. I know he's a criminal for what he did. But I know somewhere Aizen will change if possible. He can just stay at my house along with Dagger. I will keep an eye on him." Jade replied as Tsunade sighed that she doesn't like doing this."Alright he can stay. I will wrote the letter to your mother about Aizen staying here. But if Aizen causes destruction in this village. He's going back to Soul Society." Tsunade replied as Aizen knew if he messed up in village. He will be sent back to Muken."Thank you Tsunade. For this." Aizen replied."You know I'm still mad at you. But I'm giving you a chance that you can prove yourself better than what you did in the past. If I hear from Jade that you actually prove yourself. I will tell Fukai that you can visit her in Jade's village." Tsunade informed.After meeting Tsunade. Jade and Aizen heads to Jade's home. He follows the to her home which is just two story house. Her mother Fukai had to stayed at Mahō village in order to keep it maintain. So Dagger decides to take care of Jade while she's over there.Jade transform back into her normal outfit. She is wearing a dark purple kimono like dress, with black arm covers, stockings, flat heeled boots and her black long hair tied into a dolphin tail ponytail."So this is your home now right?" Aizen asked."Yeah me and my sister Dagger having been living in that house since I was fourteen years old. I took me a long time to get used in this village. Now I got used to it." Jade answered as she heads to the door and opens it with a key to the house which Aizen enters in."Dagger. I'm back!" Jade shouted as Aizen looks inside the living room, seeing nice furniture, decorations, and objects. A twenty year old woman wearing the same outfit like Jade's except it's Dark blue named Dagger came out of the kitchen."Jade it's great to see you." Dagger replied as she sees Aizen."Ummm why is Aizen here you with Jade?" Dagger asked."Sis let me explain." Jade answered as she told Dagger everything that Aizen got here in the first place."So he's going to be staying with us? Not happening." Dagger replied."Dagger. Tsunade is going Aizen chance that he prove himself. If he doesn't then he'll go back to Muken. Please sis." Jade begged."Fine he can stay he as long Aizen understands the rules of this house." Dagger replied as Jade hugs her."Thank you Dagger." Jade replied as she lets go of Dagger. The humonoid Xenomorph looks at Aizen."Okay there are rules you have to listen while being in the house that you're staying." Dagger replied."Go ahead. I'm listening." Aizen replied as Dagger explained all the rules towards him. Which he actually gets it."Now then. Now is over. We should probably have dinner." Dagger replied as she, Jade and Aizen heads to the dinning room to eat dinner.After having dinner. Jade and Dagger headed up stairs to their bedrooms that they can sleep but Aizen has no where to sleep at."Aizen you're sleeping on the couch." Jade replied."What now I have to sleep on the couch after being sealing my Kido powers." Aizen complained."Aizen you know you can just sleep outside in the cold. Now do you want that or not?" Jade asked as she was about to beat up Aizen for controlling her and Fennikusu."Fine I'll sleep on the couch." Aizen replied as Jade grabs a pillow and blanket for Aizen to sleep on and places it on the couch."Now Aizen. Hope you have great sleep tomorrow because you and I have to do some things. Unless you want to be back on that stupid chair that you sat in while being in Muken." Jade teased as Aizen gets mad at her but decides leave it be. He went to sleep on the couch with his Muken outfit.In Jade's bedroom Jade gets dressed into her nightwear clothes went on the bed and tries go to sleep."I see your making progress on Aizen that you sealed his Kido abilities, convincing Tsunade to let him stay in this village and you're letting him sleep on the couch in your house. You're not in love with this man aren't you?" Fennikusu asked as Jade tries to sleep."You're starting to piss me off." Jade warned."Ah yes I can see you're in love with Aizen. Even though he didn't noticed that. That man had used you and I as his lab rats for his experiments to kill your friends in the past. You may have kindness in your heart but do you think it is possible for Aizen to fall in love with you." Fennikusu replied as Jade finally went to sleep. Hoping tomorrow for a new day and that Aizen will change.
NaruTen (Naru/SW): My Weapon is Better! (Colored) by JuPMod

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In any case I want to open a discussion regarding Boruto.
Do you think the only way the new generation ninja will have a character development is if the series kills off their parents?
I mean even in Inuyasha sequel, Inuyasha and Kagome are nowhere to be seen so we can assume their dead, they've been kidnapped or something else.
For anime sequel which involve children. Should the parents disappear before the children shines?
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