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Naruto Shippuden OC: Yumemi Shimizu  by karinartz
Hokume Komugi by Cheshire-Ai
Shira [Character Sheet 2018] by StupidCupidMusic
Naruto OC character sheet Gonto by Gontodoshi
OC Tournament 2018 Entries
Naruto OC Tournament - Final Round by petit-fluffy-wolf
Views of Peace: Twisted Paths by Gontodoshi
The Chase by StupidCupidMusic
OC Tourney - Round 5 - dawn of penance by PenelopeJadewing
Design Your Own Ninja 2018
Hokume Komugi by Cheshire-Ai
Kuroitsuki Hana by Hanauzuchi11
Shira [Character Sheet 2018] by StupidCupidMusic
February 2018: Valentines + Dogs
[Contest Entry] Kakashi x Obito by BagrL
Runaway Gift by SBgirl04
Kakashi's Ninken with Mina by Pungpp
CE : We All Love You by Kaiyaru
December 2017 and January 2018 Art Event
Sarada's Sharingan by LadyMid0ri
Part 1 Shino Aburame by JurokuDaisa
Chomei / Nanabi / Seventails - Winter form by StupidCupidMusic
Candy cane game by PenumbraChey
OC Tournament 2017 Entries - CLOSED
But Betrayal is so much fun! (enlarge image) by Oswaldnjenny
Final Round- Valley of the End by T4iki
[OC Tournament] Final Round - Valley of the End by Eleanor-Devil
[CE] Final Round - The Valley of the End by Konsu4
Design Your Own Ninja Fall-Winter 2016 - CLOSED
Kahoru Ai Kana Reference sheet|Contest Entry by xxpentimaticxXx
Chiyuki Dobutsu - Ref sheet by petit-fluffy-wolf
Design Your Own Ninja contest: Allia Sugiyama by alliaxandromeda
Naruto Oc: Kuroba Kohara by carnivorousGekkou
Spring Uchiha 2016 - CLOSED
Madara's New Beginning by minhquach94
Obito Tribute by Yuncumber
Restarting Uchiha by elfyjello
The Uchihas Enjoying The Cherry Blossoms by TwilightFreak8000
Last OC Challenge 2015-CLOSED
The Last Contest -- round 3 by Mela-MKA
The Last OC Challenge - round 3 by minhquach94
Round 3 - Naruto The Last OC Challenge by deidara1444
Team 7
DTIYS Lily: Team 7 Meets Again by VitaliaDi
Contemporary Sasuke by MichelleAuroraDaisy
Not a Cat Person -WIP- by KayJayComicArt
Naruto And Kurama by tigermaster22
Team 8 Team Kurenai
Kurenai Yuhi by Itachiuchihaonline
Team 9 Team Gai
Tenten: Sensual Kunoichi (Close-up) by JuPMod
Team 10 Team Asuma
Choji Akimichi {Mode Papillon} by Mirai-Gohan
Other from Konohagakure
[OC] - Don't Black-mail her, dude .:NARUTO:. by oO-Artsy-Oo
SA SO RI by MuffinMonstah
Team Taka
Hebi Team - collaboration (Team  Work) by deidara1444
Other villains
Madara - Under the rain by euphoriadOll
Temari by AriLibella
Kages and Daimyos
Tobirama Senju {Edo Tensei} by Mirai-Gohan
Families and Clans
Kushina, Boruto and Kurama by TeDeIk
Jinchuuriki and Bijuu
Kyuubi by JadiikeiR
Puppet Master by DominoPunkyHeart
Canon Couples
Peaceful by Princeline
OC x Canon Couple
NejiSaya by SayaHyuuga
Boruto NNG - Teams
Collaboration: Team Sagan by Gontodoshi
Boruto NNG - Groups
Commission Comic Boruto - color by Dave-Yerushalaim
Boruto NNG - Boys
Uzumaki Boruto by Kira015
Boruto NNG - Girls
Sarada Uchiha - colored lineart (scanned)  by deidara1444
Boruto NNG - Couples
Let's go, Borutochu! by TheZoe611
Naruto Generation - Fan Characters Fan OC
[NARUTO] Sonako Birthday 11.11 Part 2 by AlflyChan
Boruto NNG - Fan Character Fan OC
:Inktober Day 12 - Request_3: by DarkyShines
Doujinshi Comics Folder
A BORUTO Tale: Forging the sharpest Blade (Page 2) by Gontodoshi

Mature Content

Collection of Colleen Characters by Destron23
Naruto Storm 2 -Icon by VigorzzeroTM
Crafts and Misc.
Naruto - Sasori of the Red Sand Pendant v2 by craftsbyblue
In the night... by Arashi-Matoi
*Konoha's Yellow Flash* by Yurusen
Naruto Thank You by Momoroo
OC Tournament 2014-Closed
Leon VS Mirai by epicShadowdragon
Design Your Own Naruto Character Contest '13
Hazuki Kurobara by Natsuki-Kazumitsu
Summer 2013 Contest-Closed
Naruto Hinata - Summer Time by SupremeDarkQueen
Epic Battles Contest Entries-Closed
Naruto vs Ichigo by GoLD-MK
Christmas Contest Entries-Closed
Christmas in Konoha by AlexFera
Design your own Ninja or Missing Ninja-Closed
DYON and DYOMN Winners 09 by narutofanclub
OC Vs Canon Apr-May 2018 Contest
Sons of Naruto by airbender01
Boruto NNG - Villains
Boruto and Itachi by TeDeIk

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Welcome to narutofanclub!


This is the first and oldest Naruto fan club in deviantart where you can share your interests with other members.

Please read the rules below before joining us:


:bulletblue: Do not bash other members.
:bulletblue: Do NOT SPAM, tags or mass forward notes about viruses to the group. You WILL be blocked.
:bulletblue: You can only submit anything related to Naruto. Crossovers are nice but must have Naruto characters in it.
:bulletblue: No art thief, submit your 100% work only.
:bulletblue: Enjoy your stay. ;)

:star:Join the group
All you need to do is click the "Join our Group" button. No need to to write anything.


:bulletgreen: Pick on the appropriate folder in our gallery and click "+" button to contribute your deviations.
:bulletgreen: Submission limit is 1 deviations per WEEK per member.

:star:Submission Categories:

:bulletyellow: Fanart >>> General Folders for fanarts not belonging to any sub category.

:bulletyellow: We Have sub folders per team and per Narutoverse continent please make sure you submit to the proper category for ease of use.
:bulletyellow: FanFiction >>> for your literature work such as Fanfiction or poems related to naruto
:bulletyellow: Cosplay >>> for your cosplay pics.
:bulletyellow: Crafts/Misc >>> for your naruto fanworks which do not apply under fanarts or cosplay.
:bulletyellow: Fan Characters/ Fan OC >>> For Fan made characters

If your deviations are declined, then read what we DON'T accept:

:bulletred: Wrong folder
:bulletred: Hentai, explicit Gore and other offensive materials
:bulletred: Bad quality pics (Such as blurred photos or pics drawn in bad quality paper, like notebook)
:bulletred: Memes
:bulletred: Wallpaper Screen-shots
:bulletred: Manga rip-off
:bulletred: Screencaps
:bulletred: Motivational/Demotivational Posters
:bulletred: Wips (work in progress) and doodles
:bulletred: Anti-character themes

You may suggest a fave but must not your own work, submit in the gallery instead for your own work.

Go to the "About Us" page and click on "Affiliate" button. Don't forget to add description about your group.

If there's anything else you wish to ask, feel free to send us a note about it. Try to make it polite though. =)
Since entry turn out wasn't as much as we expected, we'll have the usual 1st to 3rd place and 2 special awards :)

Send a note to narutofanclub with the subject "vote" the body of the note will contain your list of winners. You can vote one person per battle.

Subject: Vote


Special Award 1
Special Award 2

Voting Deadline: December 10, 2019

Also give Baztey lots of love for maintaining this group while IRL is eating me


Entries so far:

Mature Content

Warming hearts by Gontodoshi
Sasusaku spring by Lenepott SakuKarin Summer (and Suigetsu :P) by TakkaRULZFanArt Spring FestivalThe breeze blew gently through the forests surrounding Kusagakure, caressing the leaves as it went, and heralding the arrival of Spring. Kazō was oblivious to this transition of nature. He had just completed an annoying mission the day before, and now lay strewn across his couch in lazy defiance of taking another.
Kazō’s mother came over to where he lay. “Your sister’s out having fun at the festival with her friends. Why aren’t you doing the same?” she asked.
“It’s just a festival,” he said. “I’ve been to it before.”
“Well, where’s Kasumi?”
Kazō shrugged, “How should I know?”
Kazō sighed heavily. Did she really think locking him out of the house would do anything? Hell, he had a key. He wasn’t even sure how she knew about them in the first place. They had been “together” for about a year, but neither of them had enough backbon
SasuKayn - Autumn/Fall [CONTEST ENTRY] by shadethecb

Deadline: September 30th (Possible to extend if it will help garner more entries)

Comment below for Prize Donations.

We Accept, points, features, artworks, etc.

There will be five Categories:

1.) Summer
2.) Winter
3.) Spring
4.) Autumn/Fall
5.) Fanfiction - To give our writers a chance. The Fanfiction can choose between any of the 4 seasons (Or do all seasons...after all everyday is a season for love? LOL).

One deviant can have a maximum of 5 entry (1 entry per category)

Couples can be Straight or LGBT. Can be more than 2 people too. I mean I'm open minded I'm sure there are Poly-Relationship out there ;)
BTW This is a relationship/couple theme and not necessarily love. You can draw all feelings people go through when in a relationship.


1.Your art should have Official Naruto/Boruto Characters on it

2. OCs are allowed but the main focus of the picture should be the Official Naruto/Boruto Characters


4.Traditional or Digital Media is allowed. Cosplays are also allowed to join~

5.Your art must be made especially for this contest and the date must be after this journal announcement.

6.No R18/Hentai Keep your art PG 13 please for the children

7.Don't forget to link our group in the artist comment!

8. To Send your entry make sure to include the theme and story you chose in the artist comments.

9. Submit your entries in this folder:…


Donors so far!

half body picture in color like this one Art trade for 16Akatsuki by Baztey for 1st prize

This kind of artwork (DGrayMan) Happy Belated Birthday Tao Fa - 1/2 by AlflyChan from AlflyChan

head shot sketch+color and a colored chibi for prizes. Kimberly concept by Scribble2

full colores couple bust to the contest prizes! Would probably look like this :
[r] Tae and Shisui by Jennuzu

1 simple felt pen character on note paper size (with one choosable color)

bust like these: ,
An icon like this:
A lineless bust like this:

SBgirl04 fullbody colored digital drawing of any character of choice for each winner.
More Journal Entries


Icons by Shadowcancer

Kyuubi Naruto Anim by ShadowcancerGroup Patrons Kyuubi Naruto Anim by Shadowcancer

:iconmomoroo: :iconluckydragonfly: :iconla-minx: :iconleader-akatsuki: :iconturbok1000: :iconminhquach94: :iconkabukirabbit: :iconcheersart: :iconmute-630: :iconsilentalexandria::iconepicshadowdragon: :iconmarcinha20: :icongalaxianista: :iconkitamikichi: :iconchezzyem:









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Kimimaro Kaguya Female by BoneGore
BunnyMonarchy Featured By Owner May 2, 2019  Student General Artist
How delightful! I was really excited to find at least one active group revolving around magical ninjas ♥ ! I'm trying this out soooooo late in the game.  Hopefully I can contribute one of these days and actually make some artsy friends.  Ooh look, a 2019 comment has been added! 
moonlight-fox Featured By Owner May 3, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Hiiii!! What kind of contest and activities do you want to see in this group?

We're actually finishing up the 2018 run of our OC tournament...we'll probably have 1 or 2 contest in between before I launch the 2019 OC tournament if we have a demand for it ;)
BunnyMonarchy Featured By Owner May 4, 2019  Student General Artist
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 Can't wait to see what there is in store!~ 
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