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Please read these rules before submitting:

:bulletpink: We are a Naruto OC group—AT LEAST ONE OC MUST BE IN YOUR SUBMISSION. Any fanart of Canon characters with no OC will be instantly denied/deleted from the gallery. We also do not accept journals.

:bulletpurple: Respect all admins and members. If you do not respect our staff or other any other artist, we will happily ban you from our group. Take the “dArama” somewhere else.

If someone is bothering you, or is being disrespectful, please notify either the Founder or Co-Founders immediately. Please provide evidence of harassment.

:bulletred: No traces/edits/bases. Traces/edits are copyright infringement, and we will not stand to have it in our gallery. Not only will you get in trouble with dA, we will, too. We no longer allow bases because, often, bases are traces/edits of copyrighted work.

We encourage everyone to draw for themselves and not rely on mimicking other works. Referencing is perfectly fine, though stealing is not only against dA rules, but is also against the law.

:bulletorange: We do not accept WIPs. If you plan on colouring a piece, submit the coloured version. Collab linearts are allowed, as well as “Colour-Me” lineworks.

:bulletyellow: We are only accepting 5 submissions per day. We love to see everyone active and submitting their work, however, it’s annoying when people try to submit their entire gallery all at once. 5 deviations a day is a reasonable number, please do not go over the limit.

And, of course, have fun! Any suggestions are more than welcome. If you have any questions, please notify group staff.

Gallery Folders

NarutOC-Collection Logo by zeTobii
Sakura Haruno by AmiraAhmed1997
[Naruto OC] Kogiru by KazuoHogo
The pure diamond by MiacrystalMoon
Midnight by Just-Jes
Naruto Oc || Akiyoshi Kuromiya by 0RozeGarden0
Naruto Settei: Kechi (Character Reference Sheet) by Michael-Madlock
Boruto: The Isogi Clan's Curse and Sickness by Michael-Madlock
The young diamond by MiacrystalMoon
Winter holidays by himeRra
[Naruto] Team after mission by Eliza-Frost
Naruto Oc' : My Friends by caractrer-manga
[Commission 71] Naruto OC with his team by Eliza-Frost
Family or Clans
Sakuya's family by Tommorello16
COMMISSION | Byakuya and Amaya Uchiha by himeRra
Like Sun and Moon by k0l0rless
Naruto and Sasuke Family by AmiraAhmed1997
Akari's Parents by SpiritAmong-Darkness
231220 by meloggy
[HFV] She is here again... by KeiARTx
[HFV] Akio and chibi Iku by KeiARTx
Ichika and Itachi by Yumi-Ho
Day 2 - Cuddling somewhere by ValiChan
Commission_halfbody_Chojuro and Karatachi by xRavenniax
Commission_halfbody_Sarah and Orochimaru by xRavenniax
Pre-gen OCs
[naruto oc] uzumaki princess by mananeez
Kushina great stone face by Tommorello16
Mortal Kombat OC FennikusuIntroduction of Character Name: Fenikkusu Age: 2000Gender: Male Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Hetero Nickname(s): Fenni called by ScorpionBrother called by Enjo Alias(es): The Dark Phoenix Demon KingDate of Birth: December 22 Date of death: January 2 Species: Phoenix formally Demon Phoenix Blood Type: A Affiliations/Organizations: Phoenix Clan, Earthrealm, Edenia, Akuma ClanOccupation: Guardian and Earthrealm protected formallyRuler of Netherrealm formallyVengeful spirit inside Jade The Character’s Appearance General Appearance: In his human form he had black long hair with red, purple and blue highlights on them, light skin, and red eyes. He wears a black kimono set with hooded cloak, boots, and fingerloop gloves. In his phoenix form he has black all over his body, red eyes, his mane, wings and tail were highlighted purple, blue and red, and his beak and talons were a light tan.In his Demonic Phoenix form Fennikusu has black all over his body and wings. His mane, and tail which has red highlights on it, blood red eyes, beak and talons in a light black. He wears a dark grey armor piece on his head, with chestplate that has a dark bird symbol on it and leg gauntlets on his legs. In his demonic human form Fennikusu has black long hair with red highlights, blood red eyes, and light skin. He wears black kimono set with dark grey chestplate, boots, black feathered cloak, arm gauntlets, and a silver grey crown like circlet on his head.Height: Human: 6'4 Phoenix: 3.5 ft 106 meters Weight: Human: 254 Ib Phoenix: 550 Ib 250 kilograms Handedness: Right About the Character Personality: Fennikusu can be wrathful due to his temper. He can hold a grudge on someone that he hates. Fennikusu also has hatred towards humans when his parents got killed. Hobbies/Interests: Hanging out with his brother, Shirayuki, Scorpion and Sub-zero. Feasting on blood of humans.Killing anyone he gets in his way. Goals/Motivations/Dreams: Defeated Read to avenge his mate and his baby. Succeeded Help Tanaka to heal Olivia and Jade Succeeded The Character’s Relationship With Others Reputation: (Describe how others view your character.) Love Interest(s): Shirayuki Friend(s): Byakuya JerrodRaiden Fukai Fusei Chikyū Kaze Sandā Kori Mizu Nico Tanaka Elder gods Kitana Jade Scorpion Sub-Zero Kenshi Kurtis Stryker, KaguyaJax Briggs Sonya Blade Liu Kang Kung Lao Bo Rai ChoJohnny CageFujinNight wolfSmokeCyraxShujinko Reptile Erron Black Ermac Kotal KahnSheevaSindel Formally Enemy(ies): Marshall D Read Shao Kahn Shang Tsung Quan ChiSektorNoob SaibotBarakaSkarlet Reptile Formally Mileena Rain KanoFrostD'vorah Ermac Formally Sheeva Formally Shinnok Onaga TanyaKintaroBaal Diablo MephistoSindelThe Character’s Abilities Powers/Abilities: Dark flames Healing blood Tears of Healing Steel wings Steel feather blade dance Cyclone Shape-shiftingImmortalitySuperhuman StrengthSuperhuman SpeedSuperhuman StaminaEnhanced sensesFlightSuperhuman durabilityFast healing factorDark MagicWeaknesses: Iron Magical warrior spells- Due that he is a demon that he can get injured.Lose of blood- fennikusu can go unconscious due to the blood he can lose. Restrictions: Fennikusu uses his blood rage when he revived himself from getting killed.Alternate Form(s): Dark Phoenix formDemonic Phoenix form Weapon(s): Talons Claws Steel feathers, Katana, DaggerFighting Style: Knowledge: 10/10 Conceptualization Power: 10/10 Motivation: 10/10 Will to Act: 10/10 Agility: 10/10 Magic Control: 10/10 Swordsmanship: 10/10 Hand-to-Hand Combat: 10/10 Long Range Accuracy: 10/10 Offense: 10/10 Defense: 10/10 Social Skills: 10/10 The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information Birthplace: Skyworld Family: Unnamed Father Decreased Unnamed Mother decreased Enjo Brother Shirayuki Wife/Mate Decreased Kira Son Decreased Nico Jade Blood descendant/Host Familial Background: Born as the Dark Phoenix he and his brother had been raised by their parents. Both his parents were killed by poachers which he began to despise humans. Both he and Enjo had escaped from them and his somewhere in the woods. A couple of guards found the two baby Phoenix chicks and took them to Edenia. Fennikusu and Enjo were taken to the palace which Jerrod decided raise them as guardians and protectors.He became friends two ice phoenixes named Shirayuki and Kori.Years later when Edenia was being taking over by Out world, Jerrod told the phoenixes to leave that Shao Kahn will find them so Fennikusu, Enjo and his Phoenix friends flew away to find a safer place. When he encountered the same poachers he kills them in complete cold blood and they flew towards Skyworld.Character Background: Fennikusu and his companions had become a member of the Phoenix Clan. His clan were chosen in a Mortal Kombat tournament. He and others had win the tournament but was ridged by Shao Kahn. So Fennikusu had defeated Shao Kahn but still alive. When Sindel was about to kill Fennikusu's friends, he defeated her with his dark Phoenix rage.When they arrived at the temple Shao kahn became powerful was about to kill Fennikusu and his friends. All the phoenixes combined their elemental powers on Fennikusu that he can fight Shao Kahn which had defeated him.After defeating Shao Kahn Fennikusu marries Shirayuki and had a son named Kira. Fennikusu left on a mission, a man named Marshall D Read kills both Shirayuki and Kira. When he arrived home he found out that his mate and his offspring was murdered which he ends up killing all his read's crew but ended up being shot which he survives.After weeks Fennikusu quit being in the phoenix clan and left Skyworld when he was turning into a demon. He headed into a village that he hides but ends up being kidnapped by the Celestial dragons.When he got taken to Majoris. Fennikusu had killed a Celestial dragon by tearing his throat off with his beak. He began feeding on blood which he needs it that his demon instincts grew and escapes. Kitana, Scorpion and Sub-zero found him they were horrified that Fennikusu was turned into demon, telling him what happened. He tells them 'it turn me into this. Guys they let me live and suffer. Never forget that.' Which he left.Raiden went to confront him. Fennikusu began to attacvkl him until Raiden was wounded badly. Fennikusu didn't kill him but left Raiden to die. Raiden told him that his brother will defeat him which Fennikusu responds death can't stop you and flew somewhere.Fennikusu began invading Skyworld which Enjo, Kaguya, Scorpion and others try to defeat him but was too powerful to stop.When Kaguya, and Fukai combined their magical powers on Enjo which turns him into a Daylight Phoenix. Enjo uses his combined powers on Fennikusu which he ends up falling into a ocean. He woke on a deserted island Fennikusu took a couple of days to heal and find ReadWhen he found Read. Out of complete rage he used all of his elements and attacks Read and his crew.After defeating Read, He went to Ohara and made a grave bed filled with roses. A man named Nico Tanaka sees him and tells him that he needs to help him cure his pregnant wife Oliva and his unborn baby named Jade. So he agreed to help Tanaka by taking his blood to heal Olivia and Jade. After healing Olvia and making Jade into a human phoenix hybrid, Fennikusu die, his body was turned into ashes and his soul was transferred into Jade. Legacy: Although Fennikusu is dead but his blood and spirit runs through Jade who has his abilities and powers that he held in her. Seiyu: Kazuhiko Inoue Voice actor: John DemitaTrivia: In human form is based on Kars from Jojo's adventure.Both of his demonic forms is based on Nightmare Moon and King Sombra from MLP.
Mitsu Uchiha smile 2 by Tommorello16
Next-gen OCs
Commission_Character reference_Lees daughter by xRavenniax
Moyasano Character Info by SpiritAmong-Darkness Header by Michael Madlock by Michael-Madlock
It is just a cigarette by himeRra
Videos, Animations, Flash
ART Summary|2020 by himeRra
Comics or Doujinshi
Fighting for my conviction-part3 by Astrorella
Literature Fan Fiction

Mature Content

HG : before the war.. by Slaizen

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Hello everyone! I just want to point out that bases are no longer allowed in our gallery. Since bases tend to be indirect traces/edits of copyrighted work (which is illegal and against dA rules), they will no longer be accepted. However, bases for adoptables are still allowed, since usually they are original, free-to-use works by other dA artists.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a note!
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