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Naruto oc sheet: Minori Takahashi

Minori Takahashi's Infos~

  • thanks to  KnightleyArcher's journal [Naruto Oc Maker] that halped me a lot!
  • Mai Ringo/Minori Takahashi/Ai Nekoboshi/Nohara Yuuto/Fuka Hyuga/Airi,Kenshin Takahashi © Me
  • Art © me (Naruto setteis were used as reference for this)
  • Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
  • I referenced from several setteis and did my own poses so credit goes to studio pierrot as well~

Full Name: Minor Takahashi
Part I: 12-14
Part II: 15-17
Species: Medic-nin
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Birthday: november 22  

Background: minori was raised by a caring and loveable family and have been raised well, and she was her daddy's girl. she was so attached to her father and he was always there for her~ her grandfather is an iwagakure nin and minori's father have learned a lot of earth release jutsus but ever since he married airi he moved to konoha becouse she is living there and sothey had minori, and as her father in order for her to become a good shinobi he decided to teach her as much jutsus she can take, and since he's not a ninja in konoha he was spending most of his time with minori so she was and still so attached to him, she tryied her best to make her father proud of her but she was too stupid to handle it at once so it took her a bit to learn few jutsus but still improving her chakra control. but the main reason of her hard-working is not only for her father, it was after she met mai and saw how لbrave and honest she is and really wanted to be even better than her so ever since there she have been working hard on improving her jutsus. she's a caring person and likes to take care of others and herself, she's also a slow-minded that it was hard for her to learn and realize things , even mai have been able to realize ai's feelings toward minori but still even after mai tried to hint about it she still realize it until mai told her directly that ai had feelings for her, she did'nt know what to do but waiting until he confess but she fell for him before realizing it so when he confessed she accepted him without hesitation, and since she likes love novels and stories it was like a dream for her tohave someone to like her like this. mai hated the idea of minori going out with someone else worriyng she would careless about her since she got someone else and thatmade menori get mixed up about what to do but in the end she will get married of ai and had a beautiful daughter heh :D

Good: Affable, Ambitious, Blunt, Caring, Cheerful, Clever, Considerate, Dependable, Efficient, Emotional, Faithful, Friendly, Generous, Hospitable, Logical, Merciful, Organized, Outspoken, Polite, Respectful, Sensitive, Supportive,

Good Habit(s): patient, caring
Bad Habit(s): can't control herself when she's so angry..she might get violent as well so be careful...

Like(s): minori likes flowers a lot so she likes yamanaka's flower shop and visits it often, she also enjoy reading books about flowers,she likes children as well but not the naoughty ones because they made her loses her temper lol

Dislike(s): people who thinks they're totally perfect..well she don't believe in perfection it self.

Hobbies: planting

Likes and Dislikes:
- spicy food
likes: blue, white
dislikes: yellow
likes: singing
dislikes: writing
likes: fall
dislikes: summer
likes: Ai Nekoboshi, mai ringo
dislikes: yuuto nohara
likes: love stories, novels
dislikes: history books
likes: warm
dislikes : hot
        Time of Day:
 likes: morning
dislike: noon
        Day of Week:
like: saturday
dislike: wednesday
likes: march
dislikes: may
likes all kind of flower
likes: mai's house
dislikes: dark and scary places
Weakness(es): being untrusted or unuseful for her team

Family and Friends

Mother: Airi Takahashi
Father: Kenshi Takahashi
Sibling(s): N/A

Best Friend(s): mai ringo, her childhood friend and the ones that mai considered as a sister

Ai nekoboshi, kiba inuzuka, neji hyuga, naruto uzumaki, sakura haruno, ino yamanaka, shino aburame, choji akimichi, hinata hyuga.

Ai Nekoboshi, at first it was a one sided fro ai and she did'nt dicover his feeling until mai told her when they were 14 but she did'nt sayanything to ai because she was waiting his confession and she fell for him before he confess so she surely accepted his confession.

nohara yuuto
Enemies: anyone who causes danger to konoha.

Ninja Information

Birth Village: konohagakure

Current Village: hidden village in the leaves

Part I: Genin
Part II: Chunin

Teammates:  Mai Ringo - Ai Nekoboshi

Sensei: fuka hyuuga

Missions Experience:

Chakra Element: Earth, Water

Learned Jutsu:
(you can click the jutsu to learn more about it and how it's used)

Weapon(s): kunais, shuriken, throwing stars (shuriken). 

Strength in Jutsu: see below

Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: 9/10
Medical Ninjutsu [medical ninja techniques] 8/10
Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: 3/10
Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 7.5/10
Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]: 2/10
Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]: 9.5/10
Kenjutsu [sword techniques]: 6/10
Senjutsu [sage techniques]: ?/10

Strength in Missions:
Accuracy: 8/10
Weaponry: 7/10
Stealth: 6/10
Speed: 7.5/10
Traps: 8/10
Tracking: 8/10
Chakra Control: 8/10
Analytical Skills: 7.5/10
Strategy: 5/10
Leadership: 4/10

Clan: Takahashi clan

a little About Takahashi clan:
a clan that moved from iwagakure to konohagakure so they're mos found in konoha than iwa, so they're known as they're good earth chakra control.

Looks and Appearance

Blood Type:
Part I: 146.3 cm - 147.3 cm
Part II: 159.5 cm
blank period: 161 cm
Part I: 36.6 kg - 37.2 kg
Part II: 44.5 kg
Scars: N/A
Hair Color: bright orange
Hair Length: under her back
Style: tied down as pigtails
Accessories: -
Eye Color: green
Hitai-ate Location: N/A
Clothes: as shown in the reference, normal and not too coplicated also not showing a lot skin.
Shirt: a white cap sleeved shirt with zipper.
Pants: dark blue short.

Next Generation | Team Asa!
Yep! This is my sweetheart nui's team~ i drew this last month i guess...don't remember :d
Members: from right to left
- Asa Takahashi [Aya's younger brother, he's 9 years younger]
- Yoshito [belongs to Haruka-yama ]
- Nui Takahashi [Mai and Aya's daughter and  Asa's Niece]
- Uta Sarutobi [also belongs to Maymunah]

Asa | Nui Takahashi © MaiRingo
Uta Sarutobi © Maymunah 
Yoshito © Haruka-yama 
Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto


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