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The Demon Princess's Demon Knight Ch 2Disclaimer: I do not own DC, JJBA, Naruto, Mortal Kombat, Alien vs predator, One Piece, Bleach, Inuyasha, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Punch Man and DC comics. I only own my ocsExtra warning: This chapter may contain some fanservice.Chapter Two: Jade's PastAs the three days went by, Demon princess Jade began interacting with the four demon knights and two human knights as well even though it was very difficult for her, yet she interacted with her pet xenomorph Six more. She began to gain Kars's trust and started being friends with the demon knights except Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli who are trying to get to know her and ask uncertain questions about her life but she gets very uncomfortable around them when they try to flirt with her on break or after finishing training. Kars gets mad and drags the two away from Jade to make sure that she doesn't feel uncomfortable. He punishes the two by hitting the two in the head with his hands for that.Yet after he punishes the two young knights, he and his three demon knights and two young knights go back to training while Jade and Six watch them train until they have finished the same as usual. The Demon Princess and her pet warrior xenomorph were watching Kars yelling at both Joseph and Caesar for flirting with her after they finished their training.Suddenly Suzy Q came over to her friend.“Princess, your bath is waiting for you.” Suzy Q replied as Jade got up from sitting on the large water fountain.“Oh thank you Suzy Q for that.” Jade replied as she got up from the water fountain. Joseph gets distracted when he sees the Demon Princess leaving with the handmaiden. Kars was too busy yelling at Caesar, he decides to sneak away from the Demon Knight so he can follow the Demon Princess and her handmaiden, but Kars grabs him by the collar of his blouse with hand.“And where do you think you're going Jojo?” Kars asked as Joseph got nervous since Kars knew about his plan.“Umm…just want to see what the Demon Princess and her handmaiden are up to.” Joseph answered as Kars can tell that he is lying due how his behavior is now.“Yeah right, You just want to follow the Demon Princess and her handmaiden so you can try to peep on her.” Kars replied as Caesar Zeppeli got mad at the brunette.“Jojo, Are you serious ?!” Caesar shouted.“Caesar, Stay out of this. That goes for you too, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana.” Kars replied as he pulled one of Joseph's ears with his hand.“Ow…ow….ow…Okay…Okay…I’m sorry Kars.” Joseph apologized as Kars let go of him while the young knight winced in pain due to how painful Kars pulled his ear.“Jojo. If I catch you trying to invade the Demon Princesses privacy. I’ll punish you even worse than this.” Kars warned.Suddenly Advisor Lisa Lisa enters the garden.“Sir Kars, Your Majesties wants to talk to you in his office immediately.” Lisa Lisa announced as Kars looked at his three Demon knights and two young knights.“You guys stay here until I get back from my meeting with the Demon King. You got it.” Kars replied.“Yes, Kars.” The group replied.“Wamuu, Esidisi, Santana, Please keep on Caesar, especially Joseph.” Kars replied.“Yes Kars. We’ll keep an eye on Sir Joseph and Sir Caesar.” Esidisi replied as Kars followed Lisa Lisa which they entered inside the castle. The Advisor and the Demon Knight stopped at Demon King Marcellus’s office. They heard Demon King Marcellus and Demon Queen Silvana talking to someone in the office.Lisa Lisa knocked at the office door which caught both of the Demon King and Demon Queen.“Yes, who is it?” King Marcellus asked.“Your Majesty, it's Lisa Lisa I have Kars with me.” Lisa Lisa answered.“Ahh..yes you may enter.” King Marcellus replied.Lisa Lisa opens the door which she and Kars entered in the office.The office looked very big and fancy due to how elegant the curtains as well as the large office table and some chairs, especially with shelves filled with different books that Kars never saw. The Advisor and the Demon Knight sees the Demon King Marcellus and Demon Queen Silvana and the blonde long haired man with a scar on his face who wears a fancy robe outfit similar to Lisa Lisa, is a noble named Robert E Speedwagon.“Finally you two have finally arrived during our meeting. Come sit down with us.” King Marcellus replied as Both Lisa Lisa and Kars sat down on the chairs of the office table with the Demon King and Demon Queen, especially the human noble.“Noble Robert E Speedwagon this is one of my new knights and Jade's personal bodyguard Sir Kars. Sir Kars, this is Noble Sir Robert E Speedwagon.” King Marcellus replied.“So you're one of the Demon knights that the Majesty has hired you and your knights. Very pleased to meet you.” Speedwagon replied.“Thank you for that. Very pleased to meet you too as well.” Kars replied.“So, your Majesty, what is it that you want to talk about since Kars is here with us?” Lisa Lisa asked.“Well…I actually want to talk to Kars about the Demon Princess since I noticed she started to trust him ever since he defended her from girls who bullied her in the past.” King Marcellus replied as Kars was quite surprised that Jade’s parents knew about that days ago.“Honey, are you sure that you want to tell Kars about our Daughter’s past?” Queen Silvana asked as she got concerned about Kars's reaction towards Jade's past.“Kars, if I tell you about my daughter’s past, promise yourself not to tell anyone about her past?” King Marcellus asked.“Yes, your Majesty, I will not tell anyone about you even though my past is kind of similar to mine. I can actually understand what she is going through but I will tell you about it in the future.” Kars answered.“Okay, so you actually understand what I said to you. So where to start at.” King Marcellus replied.“Ummm. Honey, let's talk about it from the beginning.” Queen Silvana explained.“Yes. Thank you honey.” King Marcellus replied the flashback of the story shows what the Demon King tells the Demon Knight.“Well back when me and my wife finally had a beautiful baby girl after we got married. We decided to name it Jade. Even though we had some meetings and important stuff going on in our lives. We had Advisor Lisa Lisa who is Jade's godmother had to take care of Jade until we finished what we needed to do. When Jade is grown into a demon child, Lisa Lisa begins educating her on the stuff she needs to learn like reading, writing, history and other school subjects which her intelligence began to develop quickly. As her personality continued to develop, especially as a demon child. She was very different from the rest of the other demons. During Royal Ball events in the past most of the demon children make fun of her due to how she is completely different from them. My Wife Silvana stepped in and got mad at the demon children for making fun of our daughter. We didn't care that Jade is a different demon, we still love who she is and this is her decision.Around the age of eight on her birthday. We adopted a xenomorph named Six due to the number six on her head. The Demon Princess adored her completely and the Xenomorph finally got along with her.During when Jade wants to go to the village. I had Speedwagon or Lisa Lisa chaperone our daughter due to curiosity and she wants to explore the village.While visiting the village with Speedwagon while Lisa Lisa is taking care of her son during her day off. She made friends with a humanoid reptilian boy who is about the same age as Jade who came from an exiled realm. His name is Syzoth but Jade likes to call him Reptile or lizard boy for short who is actually her first friend. Due to the fact he was an orphan that he had no family, shelter or food. Most of the demons, humans, Soul Reapers, angels, and other humanoid creatures don't like or fear him due to his different species. She and Speedwagon took him to our castle instead of leaving him in the cold. Jade introduced the reptilian boy to us.My wife and I asked him what was his. He told us that his name is Syzoth and told us that he was Zaterran which most were surprised that he was the last of his species. That he actually showed us his lizard form even though it was adorable during his kid form but still vicious. Plus it was even cuter when our daughter was petting him and didn't get scared of him. We decided to let him stay in our castle since he is Jade's first friend. We provided a home that he can stay in, food that he’s able to eat, and provide him clothes he can wear.During his stay with the Demon Princess at the age of ten. I had Lisa Lisa or Speedwagon to babysit the two even though she made more friends with Princess Hinata, Prince Neji, Prince Ichigo, Sakura Haruno, Izuku, Prince Josuke, Okuyasu Nijimura, Prince Luffy, Princess Nico Jade, Kagome, Tanjiro, Princess Sayuri, Prince Hiei, Prince Katakuri, Prince Sabo, Prince Sanji and Prince Ace.At the age of eighteen, She is still friends with them ever since and still has visited times especially Syzoth since he is able finally got a home that he'll be able to stay in the village. And made friends with her handmaiden named Suzy Q when she got hired to be the Demon Princess's handmaiden.After Jade's birthday, Me, my wife, Speedwagon and Lisa Lisa had decided to have The Demon Princess to have an arranged marriage in order to keep our bloodline going. We started out with the first Demon Prince that Speedwagon chose but said no that he will not marry a different demon. So we tried again on the second prince but the same thing again.Jade was rejected numerous times from the demon princes from the different demon kingdoms that Speedwagon provides. None of the demon princes rejected her due to her personality. After Numerous rejections, The Demon Princess went to her bedroom and cried. My wife and Iheaded to her chambers to confront her. While Our daughter was still crying on the bed and asking why most of the demon princes didn't want to marry her.My wife told her that it's not her fault even though she is different. Most of the Demon Princes decided to not to choose her and make their decisions. She told her that someone else will accept her for who she is.It took effect on Jade that she had self esteem issues, Trust issues, and rejection, during the Royal Ball last year. A princess from a different kingdom named Malty and her group made fun of the Demon Princess that she’ll be a burden to the Royal Demon family. Of course I had confronted her father that Malty is being a complete spoiled bully towards my daughter even though Jade has problems going on. I watch when her and her family leave the Royal Ball. Malty looks at my daughter and sticks out her tongue towards Jade and calls her a burden.Hopefully Jade can find someone that actually loves her.As the flashback of the story ended. “Now you can see why Jade is like this right now.” Queen Silvana replied.“I'm sorry that you told me about her story. I can see why most of the Demon Princes don't want her.” Kars replied.“Kars, you keep on protecting her, Interacting with her and hanging out with her. Maybe she'll start to trust you even more and open up her feelings towards you.” Queen Silvana replied.“If that actually happens. Then I don't mind that you have a relationship with my daughter.” King Marcellus added as Kars began to realize that they want their daughter to return to her normal personality that she used to have years ago after she turned eighteen. Demon King Marcellus looks at the window outside and sees that the sun is setting.“Well….Kars since tomorrow is the Royal Ball, you should train your knights on being a respectful gentleman. My wife and I gave you permission that you and your knights can use the bathing chambers now since your training is over. The bathing Chambers is at the West Wing hallways where the Demon princess’s chambers are a couple blocks away.” King Marcellus replied.“Thank you, your Majesties, for letting me and the rest of my knights that we’ll able to stay here and use the bathing chambers. Hopefully I’ll make sure to tell my knights about that important day tomorrow.” Kars replied as he got up from the office table. “Kars, one more thing before you headed back to your knights. Do you actually tell us about your past first before telling it to the Demon Princess in the future?” Queen Silvana asked.“Maybe but not now. But I will tell you about my past later on in the future.” Kars answered as he bowed towards both the Demon King and Demon Queen, especially towards the advisor and the noble.Kars exits out of King Marcellus’s office and heads back towards the garden where his three demon knights and his two young knights are at.Meanwhile in the garden Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana, Joseph and Caesar are waiting for Kars to get back to the garden. Joseph began to complain about it.“What is taking Kars so long during his meeting? That shouldn't take that long that I'm now complaining about it.” Joseph whined.“Jojo, will you just shut the hell up!” Caesar shouted.“You two knock it right now. Kars is coming right now.” Esidisi replied as Kars entered the garden.“Alright guys. I'm back from the meeting.” Kars replied.“Finally.” Joseph replied.“Listen up knights, Tomorrow is a very important day because there is going to be a Royal Ball. I know you guys, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana will behave during the Royal Ball, but you Jojo and Caesar, you two better behave yourself because the Demon Princess and especially mostly all the ladies and princesses.” Kars replied.“Oh please. We're not children anymore. Kars. “ Joseph replied as he got hit in the head softly by Kars.“Ow…Why did you do that?” Joseph asked.“For talking back to me like that.” Kars answered as he turned around.“Alright guys since our training is over. Follow me, that we're heading to the bathing chambers and probably relax there for a while.” Kars replied as he exited out of the garden while his three demon knights and two young knights followed him where they headed to the West Wing.Meanwhile In Jade's Gothic bedroom Jade is lying on her Queen sized gothic themed bed wearing her black long sleeve nightgown after she had finished her bath and eating dinner with her parents. Suzy Q hangs up her gothic princess dress in the closet, her gothic accessories in the drawer and her Gothic jewelry placed in the jewelry drawers. “Alright Princess, I finished washing and drying your outfit during laundry while you were in your bath. Hopefully tomorrow you'll be prepared for the Royal Ball.” Suzy Q replied.“Yeah Suzy Q, but I'm still worried about it tomorrow since Princess Malty and her group are going to make fun of me just like last year. I won't be able to find someone and call me a burden again.” Jade replied.“Princess, I’m pretty sure that your new bodyguard Sir Kars will probably take care of that problem plus I noticed something today while being outside of the garden that you are began to trust him after couple of days that you told me the other day that Kars took care of the bullies that you two encountered after exiting the village you two visited. Kars will probably know and understand what you're been going through.” Suzy Q explained.“I don't know how my childhood friends and my friends will be towards him even if he got hired days ago?” Jade asked.“I'm pretty sure your friends will probably accept him during the Royal Ball. Most of them will probably get along with him due to how loyal he is especially towards you and your parents.” Suzy Q answered as she put the black queen size blanket on Jade while the Xenomorph warrior Six jumped on the bed and started to nudge her head towards Jade's hand.“Well. Tomorrow you’ll rest fine, Please let Kars handle your problems especially during the Royal Ball. Hopefully I'll get you ready when you're awake. Goodnight Princess.” Suzy Q replied as she exited Jade's bedroom. While the Demon Princess and her pet xenomorph went to sleep.In the bathing chambers were a large pool with a fountain and some fish statues with water pouring out from their mouths. The same clothes were folded and sat on the shelves along with bath towels.Kars, his three demon knights and the two young knights are now relaxing in the bathing pool after their training and taking off their clothes. The warm clean water and bubbles had covered part of their chest and the rest of their bodies. He had his purple long hair tied into a ponytail to make sure that his beautiful long hair doesn't get wet. The purple long haired demon knight relaxed while he sees Caesar getting mad at Joseph for splashes water at him. Kars began to get annoyed by the two young knights/ princes.“Jojo, would you please stop splashing water on us?!” Caesar shouted“Oh my God! Will you two please stop acting and fighting like children?! Kars shouted as both Caesar and Joseph stopped arguing when the purple long haired demon knight yelled at them.“Well if you guys don't like getting splashed by water then maybe I’ll do it to Kars instead.” Joseph teased as Esidisi freaked on that part.No! Don't do it on Kars, you idiot. He’s going to be” before Esidisi stops Joseph Joestar instead the young knight splashes water towards Kars's face and hair by using his hand which the Demon knight reacts very irritated now that Kars pulls Joseph in the water and almost tries to drown him in the bathing pool. The young Joestar prince was screaming for help.“Caesar, Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana! Please Help me!” Joseph shouted as Kars grabbed him and pulled him in the water. While Wamuu and Santana decided not to deal with this. Until it went a little too far that Caesar and Esidisi had to step in and stop Kars that Joseph almost died from drowning. Joseph gasped for air while he was drenching wet.After they finished their bath. They got dressed back into outfits. Esidisi and Caesar continue laughing at Joseph.“I can't believe that Kars almost drowned you.” Esidisi teased.“That's not funny.” Joseph replied.“Oh yes it was.” Caesar added.After they finished bathing and eating dinner. Most of Kars's knights went to their rooms and fell asleep while Kars was in his room laying in bed, began thinking of Jade's past, he began to feel sympathy towards the Demon Princess that he had a similar past like her. He remembered that his ex-girlfriend named Tala dumped him that he was a lesser demon and she had an affair with a Highest ranking demon lord named Asmodeus.Kars went to sleep thinking that tomorrow is the Royal Ball.Bonus part/OmakeJoseph Joestar sees Kars eating dinner in the dining room along with Caesar, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana.“Is he still mad at you?” Wamuu asked.“Yes. He is.” Joseph answered.“See this is why you shouldn't pissed off Kars during his bath with us.” Esidisi added.“Shut up Esidisi.” Joseph replied.“Now Kars is definitely holding a grudge against you right now.” Santana replied.
The Demon Princess's Demon Knight Ch 1Author's notes: As I continue writing my Demon knight Kars x Demon Princess Jade story. I decided to reveal the names and voice actors of Jade's parents. Their names are Demon King Marcellus, voiced by John DiMaggio and Demon Queen Silvana, voiced by Julia Fletcher.Disclaimer: I do not own DC, JJBA, Naruto, Mortal Kombat, Alien vs predator, One Piece, Bleach, Inuyasha, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Punch Man and DC comics. I only own my ocsChapter One: First day on the JobKars woke up in the morning when he was interrupted by Joseph Joestar knocking on the door loudly."Hey Kars! Wake up! The Highnesses have breakfast for us in the dining room! Joseph shouted as Kars got up while groaning due to how tired the demon knight was. He gets off the bed, puts on his boots and black armor and exits out of his bedroom.Kars, his three demon knights and two human knights headed to the dinning room where they saw the Demon King and Demon Queen sitting at the dining table with breakfast on the long table."Please sit." The Demon King replied as the four demon knights and two human knights sat down on the dining table but Kars said something first from his mouth."Please forgive me. Your majesty about this so what are your names then since me and my knights introduced ourselves yesterday." Kars replied.Oh your right. Sir Kars, Sorry about that yesterday, I am Demon King Marcellus." Marcellus replied "And I'm Demon Queen Silvana." Silvana replied."Speaking of which you Highnesses. Where is the Demon Princess right now?" Kars asked.Sir Kars, will you please go find the Demon Princess so she can eat breakfast with us?" Marcellus asked as Kars got up from his chair."Yes your Majesty." Kars answered."The Demon Princess is probably in the library in the East Wing." Queen Silvana added as she sipped on her tea in her tea cup.Kars exited the dining room and headed in the east wing of the hallway. When the demon knight got to the East Wing, he opened the two doors in which Kars entered the Library.In the library room which is a huge room with dozens and dozens of books with very large shelves placed in each room that has reached towards the ceiling.Kars looked around the library. He was both surprised and amazed at the same time that the Kingdom has more books than the library in the village that Kars went to when he was a demon child.The Demon Knight sees the Demon Princess sleeping on the large fancy couch which he approaches over to her and sits on a fancy cushion chair next to Jade."Princess, wake up. Come on, your parents are waiting for you. Please get up." Kars replied as Jade began waking up due to his voice.Jade groaned that she was still tired from last night after reading numerous books that the Demon Princess can find, that she kept reading all of the books until she fell asleep on the large fancy couch. She gets up from the couch and sees Kars waiting for her."Princess. We're leaving the library now. Come on, let's go." Kars replied as he got off the chair. Jade gets off the couch while the Demon Princess and the Demon Knight exits out of the library.When they entered the dining room, the two sat down on the dining table.The Royal Demon family and his knights began eating their breakfast until there was a knock at the door."Enter!" Marcellus shouted as the demon guard entered the dining room."Sorry for interrupting your breakfast. Your Highnesses, but Advisor Lisa Lisa is back from her trip." The Demon guard announced."Good...I want to introduce her to my new knights and bodyguard that I hired yesterday." Marcellus replied as a young woman with dark brown hair who is about the Demon Queen Silvana's age wearing a dark purple dress with black robe and boots came over to them."Ahhh. Lisa Lisa. You are finally back from your trip. Please sit down with us" Marcellus replied as their advisor sat down on the dining table."Good, I went to a different kingdom that was quite different from yours." Lisa Lisa replied."Is it the Uzumaki Kingdom or the Kuchiki Kingdom?" Silvana asked."Both actually. They were both pretty interesting. That their politics are completely different from yours." Lisa Lisa answered as Kars, the three demon knights and two young knights saw her."My Knights. This is my Advisor Lisa Lisa." Marcellus replied as Joseph freaks out that his mother is here."Mom, what are you doing here?" Joseph asked."Oh I just came here to see You and Caesar are up to your training with Kars ever since you joined as a knight." Lisa Lisa replied as she looked at Kars."So Kars, how was Caesar and Joseph's training so far?" Lisa Lisa asked."Yes Lisa Lisa. Caesar's training with me shows that he's actually getting used to it....well.....your son....on the other hand....he...his training.....with him is horrible." Kars answered"What..Kars why are you telling my mother about this?" Joseph asked as Kars sipped his tea from his tea cup."Jojo, you complained to me yesterday that I was hitting too hard on your wooden sword training even though I was hitting it softly." Kars answered."I didn't say that!" Joseph shouted."Yes you did. Do you think I can remember that." Kars replied as he and Joseph began to argue until the Demon King spoke to them."Alright you two that's enough." Marcellus replied as the demon knight and the young knight stopped arguing."Yes your majesty." both Kars and Joseph replied.Months ago Advisor Lisa Lisa brought the young princes from two separate kingdoms who are Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli in order to become knights like their grandfathers Johnathan Joestar and Will Zeppeli used to be knights became kings. Lisa Lisa became an advisor when she made friends with Lady Silvana who was Demon Noble's daughter when they were children. As the two grew up together, Silvana fell in love with the Demon King named Marcellus. The two demons eventually got married, becoming Demon King and Demon Queen and had a beautiful baby demon girl named Jade where Lisa Lisa became the godmother of the Demon Princess. She got married to Prince George Joestar II and had a son named Joseph Joestar. Even though Lisa Lisa used to be a princess after she got married sadly her husband Prince George Joestar II died from the war. Lisa Lisa had been taking care of her son and babysitting her goddaughter at the same time. But when her son hit at the age of Twenty. She resumes back as the Demon King and Demon Queen's advisor when Kars began both training her son and Caesar to be knights.After the Royal Demon family and their knights finished eating their breakfast. They headed outside of the garden.In the large garden filled with trees, grass, flowers and decorations throughout. Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana, Joseph and Caesar are in training right now while Demon King Marcellus, Demon Queen Silvana, Demon Princess Jade and their advisor Lisa Lisa sit at the patio table eating desserts and drinks and drinking earl gray tea."It seems that Kars's training with his knights is pretty good. Except for Sir Joseph Joestar complaining." Marcellus replied."Yeah...I just hope my son improves on his training." Lisa Lisa replied."Alright men. You can take a thirty minute break now and then we'll train." Kars replied as he, his three demon knights and two young knights started on their thirty minute break.On their thirty minute break Esidisi was sleeping on the grass in a shade where a large tree provides. Santana is exploring the garden to see various things of flowers. Wamuu fed the white doves with seeds that Demon Queen Silvana gave him earlier before his training started. Kars was keeping an eye on Jade to make sure she's okay.The Demon princess sat on a large water fountain and began petting the demon koi fishes. Kars began to realize something about Jade which he got interested in the first place when they first met. He noticed that she started interacting with the demon koi fish in the water fountain more than the rest of the knights.Suddenly Kars sees Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli approaches towards the Demon princess. Kars began to see that Jade began to act very shy and bashful towards them when they began flirting with her. Before Kars approaches the two young knights.Out of nowhere a warrior xenomorph who had a branded number six on her head. She is wearing a spiked collar and a pentagram harness named Six began making hissing at the two young knights. He heard the Demon princess speak for the first time."Six calm down. These are my knights that are my father. Please Six I know you don't like new people but I'm sure you'll get used to them. I hope you probably like one of the knights." Jade replied as Six looked at her and began walking away from both Joseph and Caesar.Six looks at Kars at a moment and enters the castle."Jojo! Caesar! Stop flirting with my daughter! Apologize right now! '' Silvana shouted."We're sorry your Highness for flirting with the Demon princess." Both Joseph and Caesar apologized."Alright, our thirty minutes are over. Back to training." Kars replied as he, his three demon knights and two young knights resumed back to training.After hours of training, Kars taught his knights. He decides to stay there for a day."Alright guys that is it for today on our training. Tomorrow we will continue the same as usual." Kars replied."Finally, what a relief." Joseph replied as he, Caesar, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana put their wooden swords away in the shed.Jade approaches towards her parents in the patio and speaks with them"Mother, father, is it okay if I can go to the village to see my friends and then come back home?" Jade asked."Of course Jade. You can, but Kars is going with you for obvious reasons." Marcellus replied as he looked over at the purple long haired demon knight."Kars, will you please come over?" Marcellus replied as Kars approached over towards the Demon King and Demon Queen."Yes your Majesties." Kars replied."Please Sir Kars, do keep an eye on the Demon princess. Just make sure anyone does not lay a hand on the Demon Princess." Silvana replied."Yes your Majesty. I will keep a very close eye on the Demon Princess." Kars replied as he and Jade headed to the horse stables where Akuma the dark demon horse is. Kars opens the gate where Akuma walks out of the stable.The Demon Knight grabs the saddle, saddle pad, and bridle. After he puts the accessories on his demon horse. Jade approaches towards the two. "Cool horse....Can I pet your horse?" Jade asked. Kars got concerned that his dark demon horse Akuma hated everyone except him since he had him when Akuma was a demon foal."Careful Princess. Akuma doesn't like people, especially children." Kars warns as Jade places her hand near the dark demon horse.Akuma moves his head towards her, he begins sniffing her hand and nudges his head on Jade. Kars was surprised that Akuma started liking the Demon Princess."I'm surprised that Akuma started liking you all of a sudden. I remembered the last time when Jojo tried to pet him. He almost lost his hand." Kars replied as Jade stroked Akuma in the head with her hands. The Dark Demon horse began to neighing at the Demon Princess."Come on. Princess. We can ride on Akuma until we get to the village." Kars replied as Jade gets on the demon horse's back first and Kars gets on last.Surprisingly Akuma is able to carry two people at the same time than an ordinary horse that Joseph and Caesar have in their horse stables. The Demon Princess and her Demon Knight stand in front of the castle when the demon guards open the gates. Akuma began walking out of the castle as they headed to the village.Jade and Kars went to the village with Akuma the Dark Demon horse which he stopped at the entrance of the village.When they got to the village. Kars gets off of Akuma first, he grabs her hand gently to make sure that Jade doesn't hurt herself from the fall."Careful Princess. Try not to hurt yourself when you land." Kars warns as Jade gently lands on the ground."Alright Princess, shall we?" Kars asked."Of course....yes. Let's go find some friends." Jade answered as she, Kars and Akuma entered the village.As they continued walking in the village, Jade and Kars saw one of the villagers begin whispering and talking to each other about Kars and his knights being hired yesterday by the Demon King Marcellus.Suddenly two twelve year old boys named Gon and Killua came over the Demon Princess, Demon Knight and the Dark Demon Horse."Jade. There you are." Gon replied as he and Killua saw Kars."Umm...Jade, who is this guy?" Killua asked."Gon, Killua. This is my new bodyguard Kars. He was hired yesterday." Jade replied."I really hope. He won't be that previous bodyguard that you had." Gon replied."I know that Gon. Hopefully you like him in the future. By the way, Gon, Killua. Are you thinking of going to the Royal Ball this week? Since my father invited you and your friends too?" Jade asked."Of course me, and my friends are going to the Royal Ball this week. I'll make sure I'll remind my friends about it." Gon replied "We'll see you at Royal Ball then." Killua added."Okay you two. See you there." Jade replied as Gon and Killua went to go somewhere in the village.The Demon Princess began visiting her friends such as Izuku, Yusuke, Hiei, Saitama, Tanjiro, Kagome, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, and her other friends in the village and talked about the Royal Ball that will be here this week.Some of Jade's friends are starting to get to know Kars even though most of them try to be neutral with the Demon Knight.Kars recognized one of the knights that he remembered when he was in the training grounds yesterday. The knight wearing his casual clothing now is a nineteen year old who is very cute with black long braid named Bankotsu. The Young knight continues walking by the purple long haired Demon Knight and the Demon Princess until Kars finally catches him."Hold it!" Kars shouted as he grabbed onto the knight's wrist. Jade and Akuma looked at him."Bankotsu, what are you doing here today and why are you not at the training grounds?" Kars asked."Oh that. Well I just finished off training very early." Bankotsu answered."Who is that knight that you're talking to?" Jade asked."Princess, This is Sir Bankotsu, one of the knights that was in the training grounds that I was with. Even though I tried numerous times to get him to be one of my knights, Bankotsu refused due to my teaching methods being too strict on him. " Kars replied as he is still mad at Bankotsu for that incident."So this is the Demon princess that the Demon King hired to be her bodyguard." Bankotsu replied."Yes...Why are you asking me about the Demon Princess?" Kars asked."I mean. She's kind of a looker." Bankotsu answered as Kars gets a little mad at him. which Jade looks at him awkwardly."Really Bankotsu. You really have to say that in front of the Demon Princess?" Kars asked."What?! It's kind of true." Bankotsu replied."So anyway did Sir Imperious and all the other demon knights and knights get the invitations that the Demon King and Demon Queen received? Kars asked."Yes, they got the invitations. I guess you and your knights are invited to the Royal Ball too." Bankotsu answered."Well hopefully I see you there then Me and the Demon Princess have to do stuff in the village." Kars replied."Well then see you at the Royal Ball then." Bankotsu replied as he left right away.After the Demon Princess and the Demon Knight began to leave the village with two baskets filled with fruits and books that Akuma was carrying that they brought.Suddenly out of nowhere after they left the village. Jade and Kars are encountered by the bullies that Jade has."Oh great. And now this." Jade replies as she and Kars see three girls who are about the same age as Jade when they approach her. The Demon Princess gets scared when she sees them."Well we'll if it isn't the cowardly Demon Princess." Flampe teased as Kars gets a little pissed that she began bullying Jade."Look who's talking." Kars sassed back as Yura looked back which steps back and Loly did the same as well."Keep out of this. You nosey demon." Flampe replied as Kars glared at her intensely."Tch.Whatever." Kars replied."Just ignore him. Flampe. He's just one of those demons who are not Highest or average in my own opinion." Loly replied."Do you think I already know that? So the Demon Princess. I heard from your previous bodyguard that he got drunk and got killed in the accident is the best thing." Flampe replied as Kars walked towards her."Do you have some sort of a problem or something? From my point of view, you are pretty much acting more like a bigger bully than the rest of my bullies in my childhood." Kars replied."NANI?! Flampe shouted."I think you and your friends should leave right now. Because you're not laying a finger on the Demon Princess especially not a strand of hair on her head." Kars replied."You're wasting my time. Lesser Demon. Get out of my way." Flampe replied.Before Flampe was about to push Kars out of the way."You asked for it then." Kars replied as he punched Flampe in the stomach so hard that she coughed some of her blood in her mouth."Oh my God!" Loly shouted."Flampe are you okay?" Yura asked."Now run along you vultures before you guys are next!" Kars shouted as Flampe, Loly, and Yura ran away from the Demon Knight."Umm.....Thank you for doing that." Jade replied."You're welcome. Princess. I had the same situation as you did in the past. Now come on, let's go home." Kars replied as they got into Akuma and headed back home.Once they headed back to the castle. Jade and Kars place the baskets filled with fruits and books after Akuma returns to the horse stables where he stays."Oh...Sir Kars...Can I show you my bedroom please?" Jade asked."Of course. Princess. I never got a chance to explore your castle except the library that you were in. It was pretty nice that your parents are able to afford a library like that." Kars replied as Jade gently grabbed his hand and they both headed over to Jade's bedroom. Once they get to her bedroom, the Demon Princess opens the door to her bedroom which both her and the Demon Knight enters in.Jade's bedroom was a beautifully elegant and gothic theme. Kars was amazed that her bedroom has much more luxurious and custom that Jade had picked."I really love your bedroom. Princess." Kars replied as he saw the same xenomorph that he saw earlier. Six is laying on Jade's Queen size bed and sees Kars but doesn't hiss at him.This is my pet xenomorph Six." Jade replied as Six continued sleeping on the bed. While Kars looks around at her bedroom and explores the decorations that Jade has.Suddenly there was a knock at the door."Jade! It's Suzy Q. May I come in?” Suzy Q asked.“Yes. Of course. You may enter.” Jade answered as the blonde handmaiden opened the door and entered her bedroom. She sees the Demon Princess and the Demon Knight.“Welcome back, Princess. So this is your new bodyguard that your father hired, am I correct?” Suzy Q asked.“Yes. Suzy Q. This is Sir Kars, my new bodyguard.” Jade answered.“Very well. Nice to meet Sir Kars. I am Suzy Q, Jade’s friend and handmaiden of the castle.” Suzy Q replied.“Nice to meet you. Suzy Q.” Kars replied.“So Princess, what was your day with your bodyguard like?” Suzy Q asked.“It was fine at least. All we did was go to get books and fruits and no one didn't bother me.” Jade answered.“Very nice that Kars is able to be your new bodyguard. Now I can see why your father chose him to be your bodyguard.” Suzy Q replied as Kars was about to exit Jade’s bedroom.“If you need anything Princess, I’ll be in the library and try to find some books to read.” Kars replied as he left the bedroom leaving the Demon Princess with her handmaiden.“You know you are starting to like him. Princess.” Suzy Q teased as Jade blushes a little.“Suzy Q. Really, he and I are just friends.” Jade replied.“I can see how you are starting to trust him.” Suzy Q replied as Jade sat down on her bed. Six wakes up and places herself near the Demon Princess. The Demon Princess began to feel different about her feelings towards Kars when he defended her from the bullies she had. It would probably take a lot for her to trust the Demon knight.Inside the Library of the castle. Kars was sitting on the large fancy couch and began reading some of the books he chose during his free time. He had finally taken off his black armor only wearing his white long sleeve blouse, black pants and leather boots. While he was drinking earl gray tea and continued reading until he was interrupted by his childhood friend Esidisi who sat next to him."What is it? Esidisi." Kars asked"So Kars. How was the first day with the Demon Princess?" Esidisi asked."Pretty fine. I encountered Sir Bankotsu in the village. He got off of training earlier. I'm guessing that Sir Sesshomaru decides to earn his training early." Kars answered.“Is that so?” Esidisi replied."So did Wamuu and Santana interact with the Demon Princess at all?" Kars asked."Surprisingly, yes. Wamuu and Santana began interacting with the Demon Princess when she began to speak with them outside of the garden.” Esidisi answered."What about you?" Kars asked as he read his book.“Well, The Demon Princess started interacting with me after she talked to Wamuu and Santana.” Esidisi answered.“It seems that the Demon Princess is starting to trust all of us except Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli.” Kars replied as Esidisi gets up from the couch and stretched.“I better go. Hopefully the Demon Princess will probably hang out with you tomorrow.” Esidisi replies as he exits out of the library and leaves Kars alone so the Demon knight continues reading his book.Kars continues reading and begins to realize that Jade is starting to trust him. He noticed something that his feelings started to develop towards the Demon Princess but decided to tell her not now until it was the right time to express his feelings towards her.
The Demon Princess's Demon Knight Prologue Summary: Demon Knight Kars is hired to be Demon Princess's Bodyguard from a demon kingdom in Earthrealm. While the rest of the knights became the Demon King's knights.Disclaimer: I do not own DC, JJBA, Naruto, Mortal Kombat, Alien vs predator, One Piece, Bleach, Inuyasha, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Punch Man and DC comics. I only own my ocs.This story is rated T for Teens. It may contain Course language, Fantasy violence, some nudity, crude humor, and suggestive themes. Prologue: Hired as New Knights and Bodyguard In the village of a huge kingdom in Earthrealm.Somewhere at the training grounds, A purple long haired demon with three black horn and red eyes who is wearing his white long blouse with black pants and leather boots named Kars is sword training with a young twenty year old knight named Joseph Joestar who is lacking in his training but Kars is actually trying to improve his training with wooden swords."Damn it JoJo. Focus on your sword while I'm hitting at it!" Kars shouted as he hit his wooden sword on Joseph's sword."I'm trying okay. but you're hitting too hard" Joseph whined."How am I hitting hard if you keep on lacking on your training. Have you ever learned anything yet?" Kars asked as they continued sword training.Sir Imperious who is the highest ranking demon knight sees Kars and Joseph are still sword training."Great job you two. You guys can take a break and I brought a messenger to announce your mission." Sir Imperious replied as the Messenger opened the letter and began announcing it."Here he, Here he, Sir Kars, Sir Caesar, Sir Joseph, Sir Esidisi, Sir Wamuu and Sir Santana are invited to the kingdom and hired to be the demon King's knights and the demon princess's bodyguard. You guys will be leaving in two hours." The messenger replied as he left the training grounds.'Well great. Now I have to deal with these two idiots at least. Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana don't give me an attitude.' Kars thought.It's been four years since Kars joined to become a demon knight when he was eighteen. Even though his life was horrible especially born as a Lesser Demon. Demons mostly have rankings in generations the same as humans, Soul Reapers, Angels, vampires and other humanoid creatures during the medieval times. They have the highest, average, and lesser rankings. Kars had a rough childhood as a demon child that his father was an alcoholic and his mother died from a terminal disease. Due to being bullied constantly, a demon child the same age as him who is an average named Esidisi befriends Kars after Esidisi beats up the bullies. Kars gets mad whenever someone calls him a lesser demon and gets very violent.His demon ranking is now Average demon. Kars is now twenty two. He just finished training a new knight named Joseph Joestar who has recently joined the same as twenty year old knight named Caesar Zeppeli did too as well. But of course Kars gets really annoyed by the two when it comes due to lack of training and flirting with women in general that Kars gets so irritated very easily that he had to walk over to them and drag the young knights by their collars of their blouses away from the lady. He does this to them numerous times.Yet the only people who can calm down Kars due to how bad Kars's temper is his childhood friend Esidisi and his colleagues Wamuu and Santana. Yet the two young demon knights who are the same age as the two young human knights that are more mature than Joseph and Caesar.Kars is dressed in his black armor and his group of knights are getting ready to depart and headed to the kingdom where he and his group are invited and hired.As Kars and the group gathered all their things that they needed for the castle. They got on their horses and demon horses began traveling to the castle that they were summoned to. As the four Demon knights and the two human knights continue traveling to their journey. Sir Joseph Joestar began complaining about how long they are on their journey even though Kars tends to ignore him most of the time. Same with Sir Caesar Zeppeli, Sir Esidisi, Sir Wamuu and Sir Santana too as well."Are we there?" Joseph asked."No, we're not there yet. Jojo. Will you stop complaining about it." Kars answered."Come on Kars. I'm getting really bored on this." Joseph whined."Will you just shut up Jojo. We're almost at our destination. If I hear one more from your big mouth. I'm cutting your tongue off." Kars threatened as the young human knight immediately stopped talking right away when the Demon knight threatened him.Meanwhile at a beautiful large kingdom in a very beautiful bedroom a beautiful young twenty year old demoness and her human handmaiden are at the vanity area getting ready to meet the knights.The Demon Princess named Jade. She has black long hair with dark blue , light brown skin and turquoise blue eyes.The outfit that the demon princess is wearing is black long lace corset with sleeves, off shoulder long sleeves, a pentagram harness, long one slit skirt with black knee high leather boots, and a black cape. Black lace set of finger loop gloves, nylon stockings underneath and black lace sheer sleeve upper arms cuffs . Including black onyx gem jewelry set of pentagram tiara, lace choker with chains on it, a necklace with an upside down cross, and upside down cross earrings. On both of her hands is a black rose ring attached to a chain onto a black lace onyx bracelet with chains and herLastly, her make-up is that she wears black eyeshadow, eyeliner liner, mascara, black lipstick, two black lines on each side of her eyelids, with dark gray crease and white on her entire eyes.Jade was nervous and worried at the same time to meet the new bodyguard and knights. Her handmaiden and friend named Suzy Q is making sure that Jade is neat and prepared to see the knights. She was concerned about her."What is it, Princess?" Suzy Q asked."Oh it's just what if the new knight becomes my new bodyguard. I don't know if he doesn't like me, especially when meeting him for the first time?" Jade asked."Calm yourself princess. Don't be hard on yourself. I'm pretty sure the knight who will be your bodyguard. he will probably like you in a few days." Suzy Q answered."I hope so. The previous bodyguard I had was rude to me. Hopefully he won't be like that to me when I meet him." Jade replied.Suddenly they heard horses coming through the window while the knights were finally here."I guessed they arrived here a little earlier than your father expected." Suzy Q replied as Jade got up from the vanity chair and ran to the window to see what was going on.The Demon Princess sees four demon knights and two human knights which Jade can tell due to their appearances. The huge gate opened for the knights to enter the castle."Well Princess, are you ready to meet them in the throne room?" Suzy Q asked."Yes." Jade answered as the two exited out of Jade's bedroom to see the new knights The four demon knights and the two human knights came inside the castle. Kars gets off of his dark demon horse named Akuma while his group did the same thing too that they got off of their demon horses and horses.A demon guard leader approaches him and his group."Are you Sir Kars and his knights?" The Demon Guard Leader asked."Yes I am and we're here to see the Demon King, Demon Queen and the Demon Princess." Kars answered."Okay you are like what the highness told me. My guards will take your horses to the stables and your stuff to your bedrooms." The Demon guard leader replied."Thank you, Sir. Now can we actually see the Demon King, Demon Queen and the Demon Princess?" Kars asked."Of course. Follow me." The Demon guard leader answered as he led Kars and his knights to the castle.The other demon guards grab their demon horse and horses as well with their stuff."Alright guys. Please behave yourself when we see the Demon King, Demon Queen and the Demon Princess. And that goes for you too Jojo and Caesar. You two had better behave yourself, especially towards meeting the Demon Princess." Kars replied The huge castle doors opened for the Demon Guard leader and both knights and demon knights entered. When they arrived at the throne room where the Demon King and Demon Queen were sitting."Your Majesty. Sir Kars and his knights have finally arrived here." The Demon guard leader replied."Good. You may now leave. I want to speak with them." The Demon King replied as the Demon guard leader leaves the throne room."Welcome to my kingdom. please, I want to know your guy's names since you're here." The Demon King replied Kars and his knights bowed at the Demon King and the Demon Queen."Your Highnesses, I am Sir Kars and these are my demon knights and knights. Sir Esidisi, Sir Wamuu, Sir Santana, Sir Joseph Joestar and Sir Caesar Zeppeli." Kars announced."Very nice to meet you and your knights. Sorry that the Demon Princess is running a little late to meet you." The Demon King replied."There's no need to apologize. Your Highness. I'm pretty sure that the Demon Princess will arrive now." Wamuu replied.Suddenly the door opened revealing to be the Demon Princess who entered the throne room. "Ahh Jade. You finally arrived. We have knights who will be staying here in our kingdom.Jade, this is Sir Kars, Sir Esidisi, Sir Wamuu, Sir Santana, Sir Joseph Joestar and Sir Caesar Zeppeli." The Demon King replied as Jade saw the four Demon knights and the two human knights."This is Demon Princess Jade, our beloved daughter and heir of our kingdom." The Demon King replied as The four demon knights and two human knights looked at the Jade.Kars noticed that Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli began drooling over the demon princess due to how beautiful she is. He rolled his eyes in disbelief and that they were embarrassing themselves in front of Jade and her parents.The Demon Knight guessed that the demon princess is twenty years old due to how young she looks and guesses she probably even acts more mature than Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli. Hopefully to Kars, Jade will not be annoying as much as these two. Due to how stressful Kars is, he'll probably get away so he can spend time with the Demon Princess in the future."Anyways You guys will be staying here in our kingdom for the time being. Sir Esidisi, Sir Wamuu, Sir Santana, Sir Joseph Joestar and Sir Caesar Zeppeli. You'll be my knights in my kingdom." The Demon King replied.'I wonder what position Kars will get even though Me, Caesar, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana got?' Joseph thought."And Sir Kars you'll be guarding the Demon Princess wherever Jade goes so please keep on her. She's very rebellious." The Demon King replied as Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli were shocked that Kars is positioned as bodyguard for the Demon Princess "What whyyyy,?!" Joseph shouted."How come Kars always get the princess while we get nothing as new knights for this!" Caesar shouted."Maybe there's a good reason why the Highness chose Kars instead of you two because of obvious reasons especially with the ladies." Esidisi replied."I can agree with you on that. Esidisi." Wamuu added as Santana didn't say anything about it."Your Highness. Why did you choose Kars to be your daughter's bodyguard instead of me? I would've done better protecting the Demon Princess." Joseph replied."Please, your Highness. Tell us why you choose Kars to be the Demon Princess's Bodyguard?" Caesar asked."The real reason I chose Kars to be my daughter's bodyguard is because he acts more mature and acts more of a gentleman than you two even though one of Jade's friends spread rumors mostly on you two when it comes to trying to flirt with women in general." The Demon King answered as he looked at time."Head over to the dining room then, one of the chefs had prepared dinner for all of us." The Demon King replied as he, his family and his knights headed to the dinning room to have dinner.In the dining room Jade and her family are eating dinner with Kars and his knights until Esidisi talks to the Demon King about something."So Your Highness, can you please explain to me what happened to the previous knights and bodyguard that you had before you hired Sir Kars and the rest of us?" Esidisi asked as the Demon King sighed."Well....Sir Esidisi the previous knights and bodyguard that I have......well.....they died from a horse carriage accident after they got drunk. Jade's previous bodyguard that she hates was completely drunk and was driving the horse carriage under the influence that they ended up killing themselves in the accident." The Demon King answered as Kars, and the rest of his knights were shocked that the previous knights died of doing something stupid."I'm so sorry that happened to you." Kars replied."That's fine, they were being reckless and not doing their jobs, especially the previous bodyguard that Jade truly hated. Hopefully you guys won't be like them." The Demon King replied.After dinner Kars and his knights headed to their bedrooms. He sees his knights go into the rooms after the journey that they went through to go to the castle.The Demon Knight enters his bedroom where Kars took off his black armor and boots wearing only his white long sleeve blouse and black pants. He lays himself on the bed and pulls the covers on himself.'Hopefully the Demon Princess won't be a problem towards me on the first day of being her new bodyguard.' Kars thought.Kars went to sleep wondering if the demon princess wants him to be her bodyguard on his first day tomorrow.
Ichigo and Rukia the Babysitters Part OneSummary: After Aizen and Jade had both their kids Chihiro and Haku. They decided to take a break while Rukia and Ichigo takes care of the babies. Find out what happens?Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, One piece, and Bleach I only own is my ocs.Warnings: This story is rated PGIn the Mahoukage palace in Mahō village Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are now married and they decided to visit both Jade and Aizen after they had two beautiful twin babies named Haku and Chihiro. As the two standed at the palace doors."Okay Rukia so why are we visiting them?" Ichigo asked."Well Aizen wants to talk us about something that we wanted us to do." Rukia answered as she knocked on the palace doors. Which the palace opens widely for them. They headed to the living room where told them to meet at."So where is Aizen at exactly?" Ichigo asked."Jade said that he's having tea right now after what he had last night." Rukia answered as a long haired brunette wearing a white kimono named Aizen. He had dark circles underneath his eyes, his hair was messy and was a cup of tea in his hand."Aizen what happened to you?" Ichigo asked."I couldn't get much sleep last night." Aizen answered."Did you woke up on the wrong side side of the bed?" Rukia asked as Aizen took a sip from his tea."No. The reason why I had to messaged you two because the babies woke me last night." Aizen answered.Shows flashback storyAround midnight In Aizen and Jade's bedroom. The two were sleeping in their bed.Suddenly Aizen heard a huge scream coming from the nursery room. He woke up and heads over to the nursery.The nursery room was a Butterfly and phoenix themed room. There was baby toys such as stuffed animals, wooden blocks, rocking horse and others that the babies got from Jade's friends when both Jade and Aizen had a baby shower.The two cribs had mobile on there which Nel and Grimmjow got during their wedding. One was a phoenix crib with a mobile of butterfiles and the other was a butterfly crib with a mobile of phoenixes on it.Aizen picks up the two crying babies in his arms."Did you two sweeties had a nightmare or just hungry?" Aizen asked as the two calmed down.The boy named Haku. He looks like his father but has the black hair and hazel brown eyes from his mother. The girl named Chihiro looks like her mother but has the dark brown hair and dark brown eyes from her father.Jade wakes up when Aizen wasn't on the bed. She gets off the bed, while wearing her white Yukata with dark butterflies on it that Rukia got her.Jade heads over to the nursery room and sees Aizen taking care of the babies."Are they hungry again, Aizen?" Jade asked."Yes actually. Jade. Could you please some formula for the little ones?" Aizen replied."I guess so. I'll be right back." Jade replied as she heads downstairs to the kitchen and put formula in their bottles by using her magic. After that Jade heads upstairs and enters in the nursery to see Aizen and the babies."Aizen. Hand me Chihiro. While you take Haku in your arms." Jade replied as Aizen puts Chihiro in her arms while Aizen holds his baby son in his arms.Jade and Aizen began feeding their babies with the bottles filled with formula.When both Haku and Chihiro had finished eating. They both fell asleep. Jade and Aizen puts them back on the cribs."I'm glad that is over." Aizen replied."Aizen. I think you should probably talk to both Ichigo and Rukia tomorrow about both Haku and Chihiro." Jade replied."I guess I can talk to them about it tomorrow." Aizen replied as he sees his son and daughter sleeping peacefully. The flashback story ended"So is that why you actually called us Aizen?" Rukia asked."Yes. And Jade getting us some tea and food as well. We probably sit at the living room." Aizen replied as he, Rukia and Ichigo went to the living room and sat on the couch. Jade came over to them with a food serving cart.She was wearing her Mahoukage outfit which is a beautiful black kimono like Hanfu that her mother Fukai wore. She wore boots, fingerless gloves, cloak, a ice blue crystal necklace and a dark blue circlet. On the cart was a porcelain tea set with Earl grey tea in the tea pot, on a huge plate vanilla bean cream cake and on a small plates was a couple of macaroons and steamed pork buns."Hi Jade." Rukia replied as Jade sat down next to next Aizen which she pours each cup of tea."So Jade what is it you want to talk us about Chihiro and Haku?" Ichigo asked."Well Ichigo, me and Aizen having been taking care of the babies all the time that we can't stop." Jade answered."Geez you two did you guys have someone to babysit the little ones?" Rukia answered."Actually yes. We have Dagger and Fukai but their busy today. Dagger is taking care of Sora who is sick and Fukai I don't know what she's does exactly." Jade answered."So do you two don't mind if we can babysit Chihiro and Haku while you two can take a break for today." Rukia replied as Aizen drinking his tea and stops at the moment."Yes please. Me and Jade never got to have a break from the kids. We only got a break when the two are asleep." Aizen replied as he began to cry that he was completely stressed out. Rukia and Ichigo were surprised and looked at each other. "Jade you should probably hug him." Ichigo replied as Jade sets down her cream cake slice and hugs her husband. "There. There. Aizen. We can actually have a break today. So don't cry please." Jade replied as Aizen stops crying."Okay. Jade. I'll stop." Aizen replied.Suddenly there was crying coming from the nursery room."It's Chihiro and Haku. I'll get them." Jade replied as she heads to the nursery room and picks up the twin babies in her arms. The Mahoukage heads over to the living room with the babies in her arms.Chihiro wore a purple butterfly hairclip on her hair that she wore when she was born. With a purple onesie with a butterfly on it. While Haku was wearing a black onesie with a dragon on it."Chihiro and Haku woke up from their naps." Jade answered."Jade. Can I hold Chihiro?" Rukia asked."Yeah sure." Jade answered as she hands Chihiro to Rukia. Chihiro began cooing and began playing Rukia's long hair."Jade. Aizen. You guys can take a break while me and Rukia take care of the twins for you." Ichigo replied as Haku tries grabbing a steamed pork bun from the plate which Jade was eating earlier."No Haku. You can't eat that yet. Not until you have teeth." Jade replied."Okay. Let me get dressed and me and Jade will leave in a few minutes." Aizen replied as he finishes drinking up his tea and heads upstairs to Jade and his bedroom to get dressed. When Aizen was finished getting dressed. He wears the arrancar outfit in the past except it was black all over and has a dark red sash around his stomach. "Okay Jade. I'm ready to go. I already put out a list for Rukia and Ichigo have to do when me and you went somewhere." Aizen replied."That is great then." Jade replied as she hands Haku to Ichigo which he held onto him. Jade kisses both Haku and Chihiro on the foreheads."Chihiro. Haku. Be good towards Rukia and Ichigo while me and Daddy had to go somewhere. Okay." Jade replied."Don't worry. We'll take care of them while you two are gone." Ichigo replied."Okay we'll return here around 7 pm. Remember read the list that Aizen wrote on." Jade replied as she and Aizen exits out of the Mahoukage palace leaving the twins with Ichigo and Rukia.Haku and Chihiro looks at the both Rukia and Ichigo."Well. You two are going to be taken care of by us while your parents are on a break. Me and Rukia are going to take care of you." Ichigo replied as the babies began to cry that their parents left them."Oh boy." Rukia replied.To be continued
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Boruto OC Chihiro AizenIntroduction‭ ‬of‭ ‬Character‬‬‬‬Name:‭ Chihiro AizenAge:‭ 12Gender:‭ FemaleSexual/Romantic Orientation: HeterosexualNickname‭(‬s‭)‬:‬‬‬‬ChiLittle butterfly called by her fatherAlias‭(‬es‭)‬:Magical Warrior ChihiroDate of Birth: January 6Status: Alive Species: Soul Reaper, human Phoenix HybridBlood Type: AB Affiliations/Organizations: Kinmochi AcademyOccupation:‭ ‬StudentThe Character‭’‬s‭ ‬Appearance‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬General Appearance: Chihiro has dark brown long with brown eyes and light.She wears Shinigami black uniform with white socks and wooden sandals. A red ribbon hair piece on the back her of hair.In her Magical Outfit She wears a black and purple kimono like dress with purple ribbon hair piece, tights, gloves, and boots.In her Phoenix form she has black all over her but has purple highlights on her hair, wings and tail.Height: 6.4 7.8 Phoenix formWeight: 125 Phoenix form 150Handedness: Right‭About‭ ‬the‭ ‬Character‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Personality: Chihiro has her mother's kindness and spunk. She is not short tempered like her brother. Her temper is from her father.Hobbies/Interests: Drawing and paintingGoals/Motivations/Dreams:The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ Relationship‭ ‬With‭ Others‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Love Interest(s): Kaien Kurosaki Friend(s):Masaki KurosakiHanzo Mosura Reo KuchikiHasumomo Yosei Mosura KuchikiBoruto UzumakiSarada UchihaHimawari UzumakiSumire KakeiMitsuki Chōchō AkimichiDenki KaminarimonInojin YamanakaShikadai NaraKuro Rozu Ryu JaganshiMizuki Zaraki Mitsu UkitakeYukiko UkitakeKota UraharaKimi HitsugayaShiro HitsugayaEnemy(ies):Powers/Abilities:Healing TearsHealing regenerationSelf-ResurrectionAsh ResurrectionTransformationPowered FormMirage ManipulationIllusionsButterfly Physiology Psychic PersuasionButterfly ManipulationAbsolute IllusionIllusion Generation Butterfly EffectIllusory CombatIllusionary EnvironmentIllusory Power Link Selective Illusions Illusory Symbiosis Illusive Appearance Butterfly Swarming Origin of Powers: Got her powers of soul reaper and phoenix abilities at the age of ten.Zanpakuto: Murasaki no cho meaning Purple ButterflyZanpakuto Element: Illusions of ButterfliesZanpakuto Spirit: he has dark blue kimono with purple butterflies ,red sandals/with socks ,black hair that is , he has one dark purple phoenix wing and one black butterfly wing on his back.Zanpakuto Personality: he's soft spoken, brave ,smart and happy, gets frustrated when somebody dodges his attacks. Sealed: it's purple zanpakuto, with black ribbon and has phoenix and butterfly on the sheath.Shikai: Chō no shinkirō meaning Butterfly mirage. Has a ability to create butterfiles that have purple flames.Special Abilities:Bankai: Batafurai kōka meaning Butterfly Effect. Has a ability to creates illusions with black phoneix feathers and butterflies that glow light purple when it's healing. If both combined it causes the opponent to be in illusion and ended up being sliced wounding the enemy badly.Seiyu: Akira TakaradaVoice actor: Jonathan FreemanStrengths: Weaknesses: IronRestrictions: Her eyes turns red when she is in rageAlternate Form(s): Dark Phoenix rage: Has a ability to beserkAngel:Phoenix:Fighting‭ ‬Style:‭ ‬‬‬‬ ‬Weapon‭(‬s‭)‬:‭ KatanaKnowledge: 10/10Conceptualization Power: 10/10Motivation: 10/10Will to Act: 10/10‭‬‬Power Control: 10/10Agility:‭ 10‬/10‬‬Swordsmanship:‭ 10 ‬/10‬‬Hand-to-Hand‭ ‬Combat: 10‭ ‬/10‬‬‬‬Long‭ ‬Range‭ ‬Accuracy:‭ 10‬/10‬‬‬‬‬‬Offense: 10/10Defense: 10/10Kido: 10/10Social Skills: 10/10The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ Familial/Biographical‭ Information‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Birthplace: KonohaFamily:Sosuke Aizen FatherNico Jade MotherHaku Aizen BrotherKuai Liang Grand fatherFukai GrandmotherHanzo Hasashi Grand uncleKaguya Grand AuntTakeda UncleDagger AuntSora Uchiha CousinFamilial Background: Chihiro and her twin brother Haku living on both villages of Majikku and Konoha. Chihiro Character Background: Seiyuu: Satomi SatoVoice actress: Brianna KnickerbockerTrivia: The name Chihiro was used in the Studio Ghibli movie of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited away....
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