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Check out this new group :iconnukenin-ocs:

:star:Frequently Asked Questions:star:

What it takes to join the group?
Just read the rules and the submition guidance which are located to our "Group Info" box ----->
and then press the "Join our Group" button in our front page and you will automatically be accepted

Does your group has any standard quality?
Anyone can join regardless their level.Either you are a beginer or a professinal you are welcome to join.We do not have standard quality levels.

Where can I find the rules?
There is a box in our front page on the right side which is called "Group Info" just press the green "more" button and you'll see them

How should I know what goes to each folder?
Well their names declare what you can be submited to each.If you are confused there is a small description once you get in a folder on the left side which says exacly what can be submited.If you are still unsure there is a Submition Guidance (but it says exacly the same things as the descriptions) here (press the "here").If you still have questions note the group / comment and an admin will answer you soon

Is fanfictions allowed?and if so, what folder would it go under?Yes we do accept Fanfictions as long as they follow the rules and Their folder depends on the characters or the original characters(Oc) that has.

Where can I submit memes?
In Other chars-stuff folder

I can't submit my deviations in your group, the folder says it's over its limits, What can I do?
The folder is full and you can't submit other deviations there.So the admins have to create a new one.Note the group / Comment on the group or contact the founder.

Still have questions?
Let us know

Gallery Folders

NEW  TEAM! by Magooode
Madara's odd dream by xlJonnyQthanlx
Genin Naruto by Magooode
Naruto And Natsu (collab) by Magooode
Group - characters folder 2
NaruTen: Captivate (Close-up) by JuPMod
Open 1/1 Auction Adopt - SB: 26 euro by HiruNao

Mature Content

Happy Milf Day Nude by CursedMadara
Naruto - Itachi and Sasuke by 00000Art00000
group- characters folder is full
Com: JuugoxKarin by Saidorak
Chapter 633 by natto-ngooyen
Tenten vs. Naruto by rossparsons
Team 7 new beginng by malengil
Team 7 folder 3

Mature Content

Giantess Hinata butt release - Naruto by nightmarexbx
SasuSaku_I'll warm you up by allics1102
Super Hinata 02-03/10(ENG) by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Harry 1,5 by gekkodimoria
team 7 folder 2 is full
A NaruSaku for my Hubby-chan by xXnessa-chanXx
Sakura by PyschadelicHippy
Sasuke Sakura - What If.. by SupremeDarkQueen
team 7 folder is full
Naruto 633 Naruto and Sasuke by KUROKOKING
Manga Naruto 633 by Kiraka-Hitomi
Naruto 632 by Melonciutus
Naruto sitting with Kurama by sianagalaxy
team gai
Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 52 Special 2/01 by gekkodimoria
Rock Lee - Naruto 5th Gate by Shoscombe
Gorgeous Tenten (Full-Ver) by JuPMod
Hinata and Hanabi Bossy office Milfs 01 by gekkodimoria
Team 8
Adopt N1 - Candy Witch [ OPEN AUCTION] by Cogamori
Hinata like Harry 0.9 by gekkodimoria
VRoid Hinata 1 by Zee-qow
Hinata like a Female Doctor Zoidberg alien race by gekkodimoria
team 10
Hinata like Mayday(G.I.JOE EXTREME) by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Sydney Cooke(WTR) 3 by gekkodimoria
Shikamaru by Ansoen-B
Hinata like Ai Shirasaki (Mai Shiranui) by gekkodimoria
Sand Village
Hinata like Sydney Cooke(WTR) 4 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 51 Extra 1 by gekkodimoria
Gorgeous Temari (Full-Ver) by JuPMod
GaaraxYuna by Kayrad95
7 Legendary Swordsmen
Hinata like Harry workingout 0.8 by gekkodimoria
3 Legendary Sannin
Hinata like Sonya Blade(Mortal Kombat) 04 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Terry Bogard Wild Wolf 03 by gekkodimoria
Your Own Characters -OC Naruto
Hinata like Milena Velba(Biker Outfit) by gekkodimoria
Uchiha Sasuke Cosplay 2 by Noctis-samaMakkusu
10 tailed-beasts
Hinata and Hanabi like Harry 5 by gekkodimoria
I can't give up on you...pg10 by allics1102
Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 50 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Denise Milani (NASCAR OUTFIT) 3 by gekkodimoria
other chars-stuff
Oni by AdriaMarina
contest entries_out of an ninja routine
The fight is over SASUKE by mdragonheartlove
Samurai Contest
Contest: Kakashi and Obito - Samurai by lilomat









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:iconau-naruto: AU-Naruto :icondeutschedichter: DeutscheDichter Alle Texte sind Willkommen! :iconaburame--clan: Aburame--Clan Aburame Clan Fans!!! :iconshino-x-ino: Shino-x-Ino Shino x Ino ~ ShinoIno :iconunappreciatedninja: Unappreciatedninja :iconmeganimefangroup: MegAnimeFanGroup ~All Anime Fans are welcome! :D :iconkillerbeexyugito-fc: KillerBeexYugito-FC KillerBee x Yugito Fanclub :iconshounen-readerinsert: Shounen-ReaderInsert :iconanutdraws-fanclub: AnutDraws-FanClub :iconasumakurenai-fc: AsumaKurenai-FC

Group Info


HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (1)(<---press this)

HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (2)(<----press this)

:below::star:RULES AND SUBMITION GUIDANCE:star::below:
:bulletgreen:First be nice to others
:bulletgreen:Second submit your art to the right folder ,If a member submit to the wrong folder,will get informed,{ so please keep the correspondence items(art/gallery requests)} and have to resubmit their own deviation to the right folder
:bulletblue:Admins of the group should let the members know why their deviation got rejected (usually wrong folder) and tell them where to submit if there is a wrong submition
:bulletblue:IF you want to join as an admin please contact with the founder.If admins are needed you will probably be accepted , if no more admins are needed you will be rejected.However we will be glad to join as a member.
:bulletgreen: You can submit to this group only if you are a member.
:bulletgreen:No porn, hard sexual deviations,nudity deviations
:bulletgreen: Cosplays are welcome
:bulletgreen: Have FUN
:bulletgreen: There is a limit on deviations (1 per week!)
:bulletgreen: You allowed to submit only your own work here
:bulletgreen: If you have any questions you can note the group

Right Submission's Journal(<-----press this)

Group-characters folder 2
Team 7
Team 7 folder 2
Team Gai
Team 8
Team 10
Sand Village
7 Legendery Swordman
3 Legendery Sannin
Your Own Characters -OC Naruto
10 tailed-beasts
Other chars-stuff

The Founder: :iconinsolem:
Founded 11 Years ago
Jul 27, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

9,307 Members
7,453 Watchers
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Hello everyone, this is your new and current founder.
I hope you are doing well, keep up the good work with your lovely artworks.
I am so glad to see that you're all willing to contribute in our group's gallery.
I am proud of you all.

I wanted to apologize for being absent for a while. I had no access to the internet unfortunatelly.
Fear not, I have returned, and I'll help as much as I can.
I would like to request from the members whose deviation submission requests expired to re-submit if possible and of course if they feel like doing so, I am not forcing anyone, I am merely mentioning that your artworks are absolutely welcome here.

I'll see you all around very soon.
Take care until then.
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Red-Zephyr Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2021  Professional Digital Artist

Mature Content

Sasusaku - Under the moonlight [CENSORED] by Red-Zephyr
Sasusaku 4 ever <3
 uncensored on my page ^^ 
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Happy Birthday Minato! by dlkanka  
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I am doing a Naruto Remake project (…). I am actually searching artists for two volumes,  artists who accept open requests and/or collabs, and artists who made  linearts, digital arts, sketchs and/or doujinshi. It's a fan project, it's not a paid project but I created a donation pool especially for the artists who participate in this project.

Here is an overview of the project:…

Thank you.
Inkhov Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
Gaara of the Sand by Inkhov ahh...Shukaku come to me!!! (my new original fan art)
Azores-1994 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2020
I've got a few OC Character designs that I'd really like to haven drawn for one of my stories on Would like for an artist to bring them to life and flesh them out. (Can't draw worth a damn myself, lol.)

If anyone is interested, feel free to message me. (I'll pay for commission if necessary.)
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Halloween Elsa - fear by AkuAmi  
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I have open commissions, check journal

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