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Welcome to the FIRST Uzumaki Naruto Club! This Club is ONLY FOR THE CHARACTER NARUTO UZUMAKI. We don't accept other characters, so don't even try to submit other characters or it will be Denied!

if you want to rp and someone to play Naruto note

So, if you love/like Naruto I invite you to join us! We're here to make so fun and take a good moment :3 .

:star: Rules :star:

:bulletblue: Only Fanart of Naruto Uzumaki
:bulletorange: We accept pairings, but it must have Naruto on in!
:bulletblue: Don't blame our members, if we got a note with this, the member will be kick out!
:bulletorange: Only 3 submission per day
:bulletblue: Mature content is accepted
:bulletorange: Submissions must be in the correct folder, if not, it will be DENIED. Same if the deviation does not have Naruto in it.
:bulletblue: We don't accept stolen artworks, if you're not the ORIGINAL artist of the drawing, then avoid to submit it here. Even if you're the commissioner. (It is against the laws of DA)

heres some other stuff…
If you want to make a question you can send a note to the group or send a note to the founder or Co-Founders:

:iconthanysa: :iconvulpixi-misa: :iconemukcs: :iconiceveyns: :iconlilfluffy:

Gallery Folders

Naruto v Sasuke  by Maurizio1994
Merry Naruto Christmas by sumitmangela
Naruto Uzumaki || Naruto by HideakiArtReal
Family Dad by Thanysa
Uzumaki Naruto
Naruto Uzumaki by SohruKurisutaru
Swimsuit Naruto Uzumaki by SohruKurisutaru
Hokage by Maurizio1994
Nanadaime Hokage / Settimo Hokage / Seventh Hokage by Mirai-Gohan
Kyuubi Mode
Naruto Uzumaki {Mode Chakra de Kyubi} by Mirai-Gohan
Naruto Uzumaki {1 queue} by Mirai-Gohan
Naruto Uzumaki {Mode Kurama} by Mirai-Gohan
Naruto + Kyuubi by MrtViolet
Sage Mode
Naruto Uzumaki {Mode Ermite} by Mirai-Gohan
Naruto - my remake by irych7
If you give up now, you give up forever by bouncing-tomato
Naruto Sage Mode by Trusiek
Six Paths Sage mode
Powerful Naruto Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Six Paths of Light by InkArtWriter
Naruto 674: Jinton Rasengan by IIYametaII
First Burn by Anju-Nakahara
Naruto in Konoha by emukcs
naruko 2 by narutine
hey ! by narutine
Leave me alone by LacteaWay
Menma - The Last Movie by mideila
I is Swag by tomato-x-ramen
Naruto and Hinata on the missoin UPDATED by irych7
Good Morning by YametaStudio
My Poor Little Hokage by YametaStudio
Collab: Gift Exchange by deadvampire32
Naruto with friends
Work together by DemonicTenshi-ART
Team 7: The pain of their bonds by KimikoChan017
Commission Comic Boruto - color by Dave-Yerushalaim
The ninja way by emukcs
Naruto with his Parents
Back to the past by emukcs
Fourth and Seventh Hokages (Completed drawing) by Fran48
Naruto and Kushina : Mom, please protect me! by TeDeIk
Minato and Naruto - father and son by TeDeIk
Naruto with Bolt or Himawari
Naruto VS
Naruto VS Neji by Mirai-Gohan
Naruto Cosplay
Naruto by GhostFullmetal
Naruto and Erza wedding by mario-reg
Naruto with oc's
''Royalty'' - Hikari x Naruto by KyuubiVictoria
Team 7 the bells test [page2/2] by Pungpp
Stamps and Graphics
Uzumaki Symbol 2 Emoticon Naruto 6 by deidara1444
Memes and Animation
NaruSasu Dating Game by xLiLMeLo
Vectors and Manga Colors
Boruto Chapter 8: Battle of Titans by IIYametaII
Naruto happy birthday contest
happy bday NARUTO by YCHN

Newest Members


Our awesome affiliates! We will accept any and all affiliates from any fandom. But we will NOT affiliate with anti or hate groups.

All anbus and your Hokage wish you a Merry christmas 2016!

and also, we wish you a happy new year 2017  :hug:
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