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Welcome + Rules!


We are a group of UK cosplayers from the anime/manga Naruto. But of course all cosplay photographers and everyone who loves Naruto series are also welcome to join!
Feel free to be a part of our Facebook page where we discuss future meetups and photoshoots!


- Please be respectful towards staff and members. Treat others with the same respect you would like. Any disrespect or insulting message in the club will be dealt with accordingly.

- Submit your picture to the right folder! Triple check all the folders before you submit so you know you got the right one!

- If you notice a folder missing, having trouble submitting or experiencing any other issues please tell us via note!


Cosplay Showcase - show off your best cosplay pictures (please note Convention photos will not be accepted here!) naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

London MCM Expo October 2013 naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

London MCM Expo May 2013 naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

London MCM Expo October 2012 naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

London MCM Expo May 2012 naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

London MCM Expo October 2011 naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

London MCM Expo May 2011 naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

Other Meet-Ups of the Group naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

Work In Progress naruto-cosplayers-uk.deviantar…

Gallery Folders

What does the Obito say? RIN RIN RIN RIN RIN RIN by Smailerz
Naruto: SasuKarin by jusnoneko
Can anyone help me find my dog? by Aqua-Monkey13
THE POSE (konoha edition) by Aqua-Monkey13
London MCM Expo October 2013
Tsunade Cosplay by anastasia-black
team huddle london mcm by Aqua-Monkey13
London MCM Expo May 2013
Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Mogwai96
Lady Hokage by TheFellenUchiha
Akatsuki by TheFellenUchiha
I'm a good boy Zetsu by TheFellenUchiha
London MCM Expo October 2012
Naruto Road to Ninja: Gangnam Style by jusnoneko
Naruto Road to Ninja by jusnoneko
Naruto Photoshoot: Tamed by jusnoneko
Naruto Photoshoot: Team Kakashi by jusnoneko
London MCM Expo May 2012
sasori deidara reach into your mind by Aqua-Monkey13
Cursed Form by KayKitsune
Dymanic Entry by KayKitsune
Naruto Group: Akatsuki Assemble by jusnoneko
London MCM Expo October 2011
Sand Village Cosplay by yasei-chan
London MCM Expo May 2011
On a bus by jusnoneko
Chilling out by jusnoneko
Madara's bEAches by jusnoneko
Naruto: Team 7 Photoshoot by jusnoneko
Other Meet-Ups
me as minato with my kushina XD by uguutora
Fifty Shades of Kakashi - Shock and Happiness by GrayIceFullBuster
Tobi cosplay! by Themaskeduchiha
Temari at LAC by uguutora
Work In Progress
minato contouring by uguutora
minato by uguutora
Tobi! by Themaskeduchiha
my first go at minato makeup by uguutora




A quick reminder about the meet we are running tomorrow together with Animeleague.
All the usual present: picnic, bowling, karaoke, gaming, cosplay, pub…

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers will be Co-Hosting and Co-Judging a small Cosplay Contest with us!
Members from the Animeleague Cosplay team will be there to talk about anything regarding upcoming LAC

jusnoneko will be running a Pocky eating contest with few surprise flavours!

The plan is:

1 - we'll meet you all at Waterloo train station from 11:30 AM (next to McDonalds exit), then heading off to Jubilee gardens at 12pm.
2 - we'll go to the park for one hour to do some introductions, play some games and catch up with everyone.
3 - we'll head to funscape where the REAL fun can begin.
4 - there's plenty of sites to see as the day progresses and your welcome to go explore or grab a bite to eat!
5 - we'll have a designated time to meet back at the pub for a chill evening and relaxation before everyone gets home.

Hope to see you all there!
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Ashleigh846309 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
I have never really cosplayed a character from naruto but this year I will be attending Mcm London expo as gaara. Do you know if there will be any meet ups? If so is anyone invited to join?
racerabbit Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
Can i post a photo from a private photo-shoot AT a convention in the "featured" folder?
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SirEgglington Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Hi, I have a question!

Where do we submit artwork taken during private photoshoots? The majority of my Naruto cosplay deviations were taken at home or during photoshoots!

Also, I have one deviation from London MCM Expo in October 2008.
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