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The Staircase Enigma - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 - Gone
The old cliche says that men aren't supposed to cry. And for the most part, he didn’t. The last time he really let himself cry was at the funeral, all those years ago. It truly felt like the world itself had shattered that day, and he was slipping through the cracks, falling headfirst into a completely different reality. He learnt to adapt to the uglier world beneath, if nothing else for Gumi’s sake. And yet there were still times when lack of forethought left him nursing a new ache and fighting to keep the tears at bay.
On those occasions, he would sit in his room and stare at the wall, feeling a curious sense of detachment from his own rage. It almost felt like he could physically extract it from his body and bury it inside a drawer. Yes! Bury it, drown it, burn it away. Never let anyone know how much it hurt. He tried his very best on that front, in any case. He smiled all the time, no matter what his uncle or aunt ever said or did to him. He watched him
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Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 89 (Esp) by Narumo Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 89 (Esp) :iconnarumo:Narumo 6 2 Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 89 by Narumo Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 89 :iconnarumo:Narumo 13 1 Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 88 by Narumo Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 88 :iconnarumo:Narumo 12 5 Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 87 (Esp) by Narumo Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 87 (Esp) :iconnarumo:Narumo 5 2 Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 87 by Narumo Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 87 :iconnarumo:Narumo 8 1 Rose Girl by Narumo Rose Girl :iconnarumo:Narumo 21 3
The Staircase Enigma - Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - Home
As promised, Luka and Gakupo took the subway to visit Miki once classes were over. Her gated apartment complex was located in a busy thoroughfare, only a few minutes away from Lorentz Station. Luka had visited her a couple of times already, when her friend needed help studying for a particularly difficult test, so the guard at the front gate buzzed her and Gakupo in with a jovial greeting.
Once inside the high-ceiling lobby, Luka called the elevator while Gakupo approached the sliding door at the back. Gakupo gave the lush gardens and pool past the glass an appreciate look. “Very fancy,” he commented.
“Fancy or not, I prefer houses to be honest,” Luka replied, her eyes fixed on the elevator display.
“I don’t know, I might enjoy having more people around these days. Sounds safer.”
Luka smiled humorlessly. “Or maybe more people around just means more strangers that won’t help us.” The elevator dinged and the doo
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Luka by Narumo Luka :iconnarumo:Narumo 23 5 Gakupo by Narumo Gakupo :iconnarumo:Narumo 24 2 Four Fates by Narumo Four Fates :iconnarumo:Narumo 23 0 Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 86 (Esp) by Narumo Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 86 (Esp) :iconnarumo:Narumo 8 0 Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 86 by Narumo Rosa y Romero - GxL Comic Pg 86 :iconnarumo:Narumo 13 6
The Staircase Enigma - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - Pyrgi Street
Luka sat on the living room couch with her hands resting on her lap. Her eyes were glued to the pink scarf on the coffee table. Gakupo was standing next to her, eyes going from his classmate to the garment and back.
Yuu came through the door. “Ok, they’re sending someone tomorrow to fix your window. You should use the guest bedroom for now.” She sat across Luka and crossed her arms. “And now you’re going to tell what’s going on. You turned white as a sheet when you saw that scarf.”
Luka pressed her lips together for a few seconds. She gave Gakupo a quick glance, without even knowing what she expected to gain from it. He gave her a reassuring smile.
The rose-haired girl suppressed a sigh in response to her mother’s impatient tone. “It’s nothing. I just thought…” Luka paused for a couple seconds, trying to find a plausible lie. Nothing convincing came to mind. “I thoug
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The Staircase Enigma - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - Canopus Circle
Luka rested her arms on the windowsill and absently watched the tepid landscape outside. A steady stream of cars filled the street beyond the school gates; many drivers were still on the way to work or other obligations. It was a familiar sight, just something to focus her eyes on. Up above, the sky was pearly grey and completely covered by clouds. Privately, she always considered those chalky, empty skies more depressing that rain or snow. But she was the only one in a melancholy mood that day. Behind her, her classmates were chatting in small groups, waiting for the start of the day without a care in the world.
Luka glanced at her phone in her left hand. No messages. She wasn’t really expecting any, really. Her mother was probably going to sleep until late in the afternoon. And Miki was comfortably resting in the guest bedroom with a bottle full of painkillers and a nice ice packet on her ankle.
I’m so stupid. Surrounded by daylight and h
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Endling - Chapter 14
By the time Gakupo and Kaito went down to the cave claimed by the seamstresses at ground level, IA was already trying out an elaborate white and pale pink outfit. Her hair and ears were covered by a silken robe and hood, so radiant and pristine that it was hard to believe it was merely cloth and not a spell of some kind. The delicate fabric of her flower-shaped skirt had been embroidered with intricate patterns that could only be seen from certain angles. Then, the thin threads shone like fresh dew in the light. It was quite a sight to behold, and Kaito couldn’t help but wonder about the origin of all this luxury. The cavern was modestly furnished with some ancient-looking tables, benches and cupboards, but had nothing in the way of looms or vats of tincture. Clearly, the fabric had been woven and treated somewhere else. He had always thought the old tales about the majestic fae court were greatly exaggerated to arouse the greed of humans and stir anti-fae sentiment, but apparent
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Welp, I didn't get chosen for the Official Gackpo Illustration Contest. Time to play Komm Susser Todd in a loop 
I'm starting to get a little nervous at the lack of entries for the Gakucollab art contest. On the other hand, I guess choosing a winner will be pretty easy ;_;
I haven't updated the activity status in ages, wow. I'm promoting this year's Gakucollab and trying to finish some of the stuff I have dangling, like the fics and comic. Maybe I can finish everything this year, as a tribute to Gakupo's 10th birthday? *cross fingers*

Gakupo's 10th anniversary is close...

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2018, 6:41 PM

This time around we are doing a Costume Contest, so if you like designing outfits or drawing in general, do participate! We have a gift card for the winner, so go to and check the rules. It's not really about the technical mastery aspect of drawing, more of a creativity thing, so even if you don't think your art is BEST, do give it a try!!


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