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Ok, I think this club is being a little inactive as of late, SO, I am going to be looking for contributors. If you want to have your hand in, please say, and tell me why you should be a contributor, and show that you have plenty of Naruko artwork in your gallery :)
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Fans of Naruto's female form and character. Please submit pictures and stories!
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May 27, 2010


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247 Members
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Aquarion ninja chapter 1 Aquarion reborn
Aquarion ninja chapter 1 Aquarion reborn
Jiraiya pov
I knew after the Uchiha did the forbidden jutsu to revive the shadow angels all over again, I had to get Naruto to the ruins of Hidden Eddy Village for removal and preservation of the seal on Aquarion. I wasn’t sure what Aquarion was, just that this little girl’s parents and the man named Zen Fudo told me to keep her safe and at Uzu to protect her until the time was right for her to revive the wings of the sun. I started, by summoning a few toads to help me take what materials I could to build an underground base to train and raise the seven-year-old girl for whatever destiny awaited her. I then remembered what the eldest toad said to me “those you train will bring change, destruction and salvation to the world. your last mentor will revive the sun itself.” I wasn’t sure what he meant on most of those points but I knew I need to train her to use her tailed beast and whatever other power she had, especial
:iconmichelous:michelous 12 3
Nonary Game Jinchuriki Edition Prologue
Prologue: Early November
Late one November evening, a young blonde woman was climbing up the stair of an apartment complex in Sendai, Japan. She was a strikingly beautiful lady, with long hair done up in two large pigtails on either side of her head, held together with red hair ties. The young woman wore an orange and black tracksuit with matching shorts and black open toed sandals. Her tracksuit was unzipped, revealing a fishnet undershirt and a pair of very striking assets. Her skin was silky smooth, her legs long and slender, and her eyes a deep, shimmering blue. But what were possibly the most striking feature of this lovely individual were the trio of whisker-like birthmarks on both of her cheeks.
What was the name of such a pretty woman, you might ask? She went by Naruko Uzumaki.
Eventually, Naruko had reached the top of the stair and stood in front of an unassuming door marked #701. Pulling her house keys out of her shorts pocket, she unlocked the door and shuffled into her one
:iconarchsage328:archsage328 7 0
Strange encounter - Naruto ver. by devixenrox85 Strange encounter - Naruto ver. :icondevixenrox85:devixenrox85 18 4 Paint It Orange by GirlQueen Paint It Orange :icongirlqueen:GirlQueen 26 0
Naruto: Dimensional Union Chapter 3
Naruko, Sasuko, Sakura, and Ino were walking through the village when Ino started to notice that Naruko was staring at her.
"Hmm. . . what's up Naruko?" Ino finally asked.
"Oh sorry, it's just sortof well werid seeing a female version of Inou." Naruko said.
"Inou? The male me?"
"Yeah." Naruko then did a handsign and transformed into a muscular teenage boy wearing purple with blonde hair. "See whst I mean?" She said in Inou's voice.
Ino stood looking at her male self with an awkward look on her face. "Damn I'm hot as a guy!" Inner Ino screamed out.
Sakura then looked at Naruko in Inou from and also got a werid look on her face as Naruko then turned back to normal. "Wow if that's what male Ino looks like then. . . what does male me look like?" she asked.
Unfortantely Naruko overheard her and then transformed into a musular teenage boy wearing red who also had pink hair.
"Yup. . . this is awkward." Sakura said.
"Tell me about it." Sasuko said.
Naruko then quickly turned back to normal aga
:iconjgresidenevil:jgresidenevil 48 8
Naruto: Dimensional Union Chapter 2
(A week later after Naruko and Sasuko were sent into Naruto's Dimension)
Naruto, Sakura and Hinata were going to visit Naruko and Sasuko before they're realesed from the hospital.
"Jeez! What's that Naruko's problem!?" Naruto complained leaving the hospital with Sakura and Hinata.
"Hey remember, she's a female you! Its clear that she is exactly like you." Sakura said.
"Don't remind me." Naruto said dropping his head.
"Aw come on Naruto, them living with you won't be so bad. Lady Tsunade even gave you a new house to fit all three of you." Hinata said.
"Well maybe it won't be so bad." Naruto said.
(Naruko and Sasuko's hospital room)
"Jeez! Why do we got to stay with that copycat that's based of my Stud No Justsu! Dang it!" Naruko complained as she was putting her clothes on.
"Oh be quiet dobe and get over it, you don't see me complaing about it." Sasuko said as she put on clothes as well.
"By the way, there is something I've been needing to ask you." Naruko said as stopped putting on her
:iconjgresidenevil:jgresidenevil 48 13
Naruto: Dimensional Union Chapter 1
(Naruko Uzumaki's Dimension)
Naruko Uzumaki (Age 16) and Sasuko Uchiha (Age 16) were once again about to face each other at "The Final Valley", both of them were standing on the statues of the female founders of the Leaf.
"Sasuko, its time to end this." Naruko said calmly as she activated her Sage mode.
"Yeah. . . lets finish this." Sasuko also said calmly activating her Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.
The two then began to charge at each other with full force.
Naruko made multiple clones to attack Sasuko, but she stopped the clones with her Chidori armor.
Sasuko then took out her sword and quickly dashed into Naruko with her Chidori razor-spear, it hits Naruko but she quickly heals thanks to the fox's power.
"So. . . still using the fox's power huh?" Sasuko sarcastically said charging a Chidori.
"Yeah so what!?" Naruko said making a Rasengan.
The two then started to charge at each other at full force with their signature attack ready.
"NARUKO!!" Sasuko cried out.
"SASUKO!!" Naruko sc
:iconjgresidenevil:jgresidenevil 107 30
Sexy no Jutsu -SxN- by RainbowRagDoll710 Sexy no Jutsu -SxN- :iconrainbowragdoll710:RainbowRagDoll710 90 15 Naruto's Period Christmas by Enock Naruto's Period Christmas :iconenock:Enock 399 38 Naruko-Fans icon by mattwilson83 Naruko-Fans icon :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 43 25 Random Drawings by AyumiChannn Random Drawings :iconayumichannn:AyumiChannn 0 3 Naruko 1 by TG-MM Naruko 1 :icontg-mm:TG-MM 130 2 Naruko by PaniMajor Naruko :iconpanimajor:PaniMajor 257 15 Naruko x Konan? by Kit-chii Naruko x Konan? :iconkit-chii:Kit-chii 183 14 Naruto and Naruko by AkIrA843 Naruto and Naruko :iconakira843:AkIrA843 214 15










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In a dark place deprived of all that is light, two teens who looked like twins were talking, some how they could see each other as if it was broad daylight, but there was dark fog the followed their every movement.
Naruko: "Why do you protect those idiots, Naruto? They don't appreciate it, they don't thank you, they don't even waste a glace at you, so why? Why do you choose to suffer when taking revenge is so much easier?Protecting people is fun and all but why would you even bother? Taking revenge is much more fun and it's really rewarding~."
Naruto:"Forget it! People hate me enough as it is and if you think I would take revenge than your not a part of me!"
Naruko: "HAHAHA! Not a part of you? I am the manifestation of all the tears you cried, of the bad thoughts and hatred you once held and you tell me that I am not a part of you? Face it we're both part of the same coin. You always talked about being alone and not wanting some one to shove you in the corner right?!" she yelled the last part at him.
Naruto:"Well yeah but how can I not have some one do that when the nine tailed fox is inside me?"
Naruko:"Shut up you ass hole!"
Naruto:"HUH? What did I do?!"
Naruko:"You always talk about how you don't want some one pushing you into a dark corner. Well what did you do to me you asshole! You shoved me aside as if I was some sort of challenge for you to over come. Is that all you think I am! SOME GOD DAMN CHALLENGE! You pushed me into the darkest corner of you heart and you left me there!" at this point, Naruko was crying. "I cried a lot in that dark corner alone! I never let you cry alone, so why did you let me cry alone? And after all of that I forgive you, I am nice to you and this how you treat me!*SOB* You deserve to be alone!" she fell donw on her knees and continued crying.
Naruto:"Naruko...I'm-I'm sorry to have done that to you but I revenge is never the answer. You never understood that. I knew hat if did get revenge, it would only destroy me. I want t be happy, not for a short period of time but for long one. Revenge only satisfies that need for the moment, its not long term. I want to spend time with some one who could make me happy no matter how sad I get." he walked over to Naruko and offered her his hand.
Naruko looks up in surprise. a light to their left shines bright in the shape of a door, all the darkness seems to vanish, Naruko looks up to see Naruto giving her one of his warm smiles.
"Come one lets go, maybe this time things will be different instead of being friends or imagination we can be brother and sister?"
Naruko smiled, she grabbed his hand was pulled by him as Naruto interned the light...
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