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Vale-City - The Return of the Goddesses (Release!)

The time has come! The latest and final update for Vale-City is ready for an official release. I put a lot of effort into it this time so that it lives up to your expectations. Let me know what you think about the new and last update for the game!

Game designer: :iconnarukami92: Game artist: :iconvale-city:
Voice actors Intro and Ending: MissNilla and Tofutehsurvivor

Straw Poll: VOTE

Game Trailer: Youtube

Note!!! You have to unzip the game after downloading it, so that the save function in the game works properly.

Normal version of the game:

Windows Download (Version 3.30)
Mirror 1: Mega
Mirror 2: Google Drive
Mirror 3: MediaFire

MacOS Download (Version 3.30)
Mirror 1: Mega
Mirror 2: Google Drive

Linux Download (Version 3.30)
Mirror 1: Mega
Mirror 2: Google Drive

For those who have performance problems or a particularly high number of game crashes with the normal version, here are other versions of the game with less graphic effects.

Lite version of the game:
This version is completely without light effects at night or in the cave. Try this version if you get the following error message "TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined“ or if you have strong performance issues with the game.

Windows Download (Version 3.30 lite)
Mirror 1: Mega
Mirror 2: Media Fire

MacOS Download (Version 3.30 lite)
Mirror 1: Mega

Linux Download (Version 3.30 lite)
Mirror 1: Mega

Stable version of the game:
This version does without some performance boosters but has the lighting effects at night or in the cave. Try this if you have a lot of crashes, for example in fights or the picture gallery. Or if the game is distorted or cut off.

Windows Download (Version 3.30 stable)
Mirror 1: Mega
Mirror 2: Media Fire

MacOS Download (Version 3.30 stable)
Mirror 1: Mega

Linux Download (Version 3.30 stable)
Mirror 1: Mega

Join the Discord to get support:

Full resolution Artworks of the game on :iconvale-city: Patreon:

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wishing there was a mode without a time limit tbh

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why there are things called mirrors?

do I have to download all three of them?

Incredibly late reply, but they're hosting the same file. The mirrors are there in case you're having issues with one of the other sites.

I've been looking for a way to open it but can't find it can you help me how to open the gallery page 15,30,45,48,49,61,73,85,169,170,173,175,176,206,211.

Hello I have an issue , maybe i don't understand how to save , but i have unzip the files and my progression is not automatically saved ? do you know what can caused this ?

i try today and the game is really fun but i can't continue my progression :(

im having an issue where most of the screen isnt visible and the map goes off screen and the camera dosent follow the characters anyone know what the cause could be?

So I downloaded the game on Mac through google drive but when I try to play I get stuck on verifying

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Please read the how to install on mac text file included with the download. This should solve your problem if you haven't figured it out yet.

how do you unlock pictores 130 and 131?

There are two different final bosses in the game. If you do Zoey's quest you face the New final boss at the final day, but if you don't do Zoey's quest you face the Normal final boss (130 and 131) at the final day.

so there’s an NPC called linda in the top right of the factory, that when interacting, she says “...”. Does she do anything, or she is just there? Also can you unlock Sandra in the picture gallery?

I don't know that Linda does or what she's there for, but she's been around since previous versions.

As for Sandra, yes and no. You do unlock the picture used in her cutscene in your picture gallery, but not her regular picture.

So I wanted to know about two things:

  1. Is the "Unknown Girl" with Claire actually Mimi? (I don't see why Jessica would comment about Mimi's fighting seeming familiar to her otherwise.)

  2. Why is Jemyco unaffected by the Dragon Pill? I get why she's unaffected by the 3 "normal" Pills, but she can be affected by the Ultimate Pill, proving that she can be affected by Pills. So why not the Dragon Pill?

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Point 2 is easy to explain. The Dragon Pill idea wasn't part of the game and was added on the fly. Therefore there is simply no picture for Jemyco and therefore it doesn't work. But if you had to justify it, I'd say because the mixed genes of the three simply don't respond to the pill.

So I went back to check and not only does Jessica suspect that they've fought Mimi before, but Mimi's small form and the Unknown Girl both have the same stats.

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how do you fight team blackmetal? i have beaten the game in hard mode, got the good ending, but i didnt cross with them. do i need to do anything?

There are two ways to fight "Team Blackmetal". The original way is just advancing trough the ranks, but VC3 added a new way that overwrites the old one. If you do Sandra's Quest, unlock her gambling house, borrow money from her AND fail to pay it back within the allowed time, she sends "Team Blackmetal" to "remind" you about your debt. But if you go up in ranks high enough without doing Sandra's Quest, then as soon as you leave the hotel, they'll be outside waiting for you.

(In the original way you have 3 fights with them at different sizes at higher ranks, but in Sandra's way their size will scale with your level so if you face them for the first time while too high level, you permanently miss the Small and Medium size of them for that playthrough.)

In VC2 you could also fight them as one of the Mayor title challengers, but I think that was removed in VC3.

ok, but have passed the game in normal, hard, and got to rank 14 in extreme yet i haven’t faced them once, so is there something I need to do to summon them again or should I reinstall the game, or what?

Like I said the new way overwrites the original way. Just start a new game, any difficulty, and DON'T do Sandra's Quest (at least not until you face their Big Size versions).

Ok I’ll try this thanks

Is pregnancy in this game? I remember that they ask you about it in the game.

No, I don't think so. At least I haven't seen any of it so far.

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