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Lord of Nightmares and Lei Magnus, visiting all the four worlds of the Slayers multiverse - Black, Blue, White, and finally Red, where the Slayers' story is set!

This huge piece I drew as a celebration of the release of the Slayers novel sequel, volume 16!

Suddenly, a sequel after many years!
And with another volume come more afterwords with L and her subordinate S, so I had to draw them!

So yeah, L dragging S around her universe... without any warning... and turning him into a crab (again).

Tried more or less canon outfits and appearances for both of them! They should really get more fanart and recognition, they're my favorite characters along with the main cast!

Feeling like garbage
First attempt at drawing space, as an experiment. Colored pencils and correction fluid splatter.

Frisk Dancing Emoticon Dancing Chara Emoticon Napstablook Icon

Why did I even draw Undertale when I just wanted to practice drawing space... I blame INK SANS ICON 

Undertale red soul bead pendant
*The fact that you finally finished working on this little pendant and now can wear it fills you with determination.

Undertale SOUL - Red  Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited Frisk Dancing EmoticonFrisk 

It took a lot of time to make it, around 8 hours, that's the same as a large thing like this… should take, but I did it!

Frisk Dance Emoticon

My other Undertale bead work: - Frisk & Blooky necklace - Chara Bracelet - Sans bracelet - Flowey bracelet

Huichol motif style bead jewlery
That's what I've been up to lately, some will be presents and some I'll keep for myself. Surprisingly satisfied with teh result even with bad quality beads.

All tutorials from this Youtube channel:…
There is also a channel translating the tutorial videos to english with permission…
Though it doesn't have these conrete tutorials.

The tutorials:

The 3 necklaces on the left:

2 center necklaces:

Braclet on the bottom center:

Earrings on the right:…
VVVVVV Anomaly bead bracelet
Took about 6 hours to make.

Based on the Anomaly location in the game VVVVVV.
Portal bead bracelets
Two Portal-themed bead bracelets for both hands. Portals and Emote
Took around 10 hours to make each one.Flick: Portal Lover

We did it.
And after that no one ever saw the strategist anywhere.

Eliwood, Lyn and the strategist from Fire Emblem.


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