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Autism Stamp

By NaruButt
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Requested By: :iconcelinedgd:
Stamp (c) :icondarknaruto1994:

Just because someone is different from you, doesn't give you the right to judge them. Everybody is different in some ways and nobody is perfect, we're all unique in our own ways. ♥

Sorry for just now making the stamps I was requested, been quite busy ;3;
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The only problem I have with my autism is SJWs... that REEEEE thing they do is apparently mocking a severely autistic person who can't control their outbursts, from what I understand of it's origins.
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i have a q. how do u credit people, im kinda new
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SparksInG-majorStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful stamp. Just beautiful.
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Riolugirl12Hobbyist General Artist
Bless this stamp.
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Respectful Stamp.
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The term is kind of silly.
But even if something IS caused by autism, I wouldn't say it's bad all the time.

Some say that Autism can make certain people smarter and makes me question if it should be considered a "disorder" if so.
If it 'causes' you to be different (I mean for personality without hurting anyone), but are happy with it, then again, that's not a bad thing either and people should respect it.
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SmileyTriesToAnimateStudent General Artist
I agree. My parents say my autism is a BLESSING, not a disability.
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It does; there's a difference having an autism and not having it.
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Nightly-ShadeHobbyist Digital Artist
 true very true dear ;)
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MakenMeisterHobbyist General Artist
Thanks very much for this; I can agree :D
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NancyxxxProfessional Traditional Artist
Wise words :)
Really nice work :)
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KosmicKnightmareStudent Digital Artist
I have autism (Asperger's) and it really doesn't affect me, although I do ramble on the same topic for a while. People with AS or autism shouldn't be stereotyped by "tempertantrums"or anything like that. Adults throw fits more than you think. :/
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I love this! <3
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I have two brothers with autism and they're indeed normal people :heart: (:
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NaruButtStudent Writer
Yes, that they are :heart:
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NatalieBaileyHardinHobbyist General Artist
Actually yes it does mean you're different. :confused: How doesn't it? I mean no it doesn't give anyone a right to judge, but autism DOES make you diffirent from "normal" people.
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NaruButtStudent Writer
Everyone is different. No one is the same. So therefore no one is technically "normal" either. What difference should it make what someone has? It doesn't mean that they should be classified as someone who is not "normal", if you think about it, everyone is different in their own ways. Just because someone is different from you, doesn't mean that they do not belong.
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NatalieBaileyHardinHobbyist General Artist
I meant, autism is NOT the "norm" which is general labeled the "majority". Saying it's normal is like saying ADHD/Schizophrenia/Turrets is normal. They aren't. :shrug: Deal with it.
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kakiroseHobbyist General Artist
she didn't say it was normal to have autism... just that no one should be classified as normal... none of us are. just because someone has a mental disorder, it does not give society the right to label them as "different". I would chew someone out for labeling me as "different" just because I'm bipolar.
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I would actually call it a condition.
but, either way,
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kakiroseHobbyist General Artist
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